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More antelope-bunnies!  Yipe! Stories (yay, stories!) They're everywhere, they're everywhere...

And now, and at last, the most important part of our show...I think, anyway. What would a writer's web page be without some writing examples? Hopefully I'll eventually have gobs and gobs of the things, enough to make readers get totally sick of me. While hopefully not making them sick from the actual writing. If that makes a lick o' sense...

Here, as much as the pics page, perhaps even more so, the warnings about adult material apply. Personally, I think 'more so,' but that's just me. I'll try and include some warnings as to content, whether violence, adult situations, or something other, but I'll warn you now: I'm not in the habit of pulling punches. Violence may well be heads getting lopped off, entrails being pulled out, and adult situations are more likely to be involved things with spooge flying everywhere instead of gentle romantic scenes--though you never know, I'm perverse enough to throw in some of that sort of thing, too.

Whether I'll include others' writing here, I dunno yet, but unless otherwise noted, all stories are copyright me. Any other peoples' characters I may use remain the property of their owners. On with the show...

How NOT to Summon a Demon

The first of the Chessia stories, and it won't be the last! Promise. How one sorceror's summoning of the WRONG demon for his purposes turned out remarkably well, all things considered. Contains intense sexual themes, transformation, bunny virgin sacrifice, and other such fun things.

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Lesson 7


This one's kind of a fan fiction...for whatever silly reason, Doug Winger's pic, 'Sharing', kinda stuck in my head. Kept thinking there should be more to the story. One good thing about being a writer...if you think there should be more to a story, you can write it! Spooge ahead, wear your rubbers.


The Groupie

Work in progress, still rough thus far, fair warning (there're probably mistakes literally everywhere, I'll clean 'em up later). Just a little tale involving a tigress of my acquaintence, Melody Tyger, part-time magic user, part-time singer with her own rock band (Melody Tyger and the Misfits), full-time very sexy feline. I may rename this tale 'The Audition' for reasons that won't be immediately apparent. No kittens were harmed in the making of this story.

Part 1

Sex Among the Murines

A little story I should've uploaded earlier, I've been lazy, I admit it. This is the literary equivalent of a sketch, created (including editing) in under two hours, just to see if I could do it. Pretty much stars a giant mouse I know...though this is an 'earlier' tale, from before she became a giant. I might have to write about her stomping on cities another time, but for now...let's just say a part of her history, involving time spent with her sisters back home...a very close family...stuck in my head and wouldn't leave. All characters copyright their respective creators, and warning, contains incest, anal sex, incest, oral sex, incest, mousie orgies, incest, herm-herm sex...oh, and I think there might be some incest contained herin, you have been warned.

Sex Among the Murines

Messaging Morning*

Another 'sketch', this one a good one, I think at least. A little slice of life from back in Chess's early days, as a young demon going to Catholic school. Yes, Catholic school. Hey, don't believe me, just read the thing ;3 I think I'll turn it into a short (and very spoogy) series, hence the 'to be continued' at the end. Give a look, maybe you'll enjoy! Personal note: The idea of a demon I play online in a text-based world, using an instant messenging proggie, just has to be part of the thrill here :3 Oh, there'll be a good many fetishes contained herein, many of which I'm just thinking of for inclusion, so reader discretion advised. On with the show!

Messaging Morning*

Messaging Morning*, part 2

Messaging Morning*, part 3

Messaging Morning*, part 4

Sex and the Single Superheroine

Let's face it, the 'superheroes meet up, immediately start fighting' riff, so common in the comic books, while rather exciting (don't get me wrong there, I've enjoyed reading far more than my share of those!), is kinda silly. These're people in the same business, and a rather unusual business at that. You don't see two doctors, two lawyers (well, maybe two lawyers), two whatevers in the same field meet, and start trying to kill each other? 'Sides, wouldn't it be more interesting to see the heroes do something else, like, well...fucking maybe? Merely a thought!

On a more serious note...I almost screwed this story up royally. When a story's turning out well, sometimes it seems to write itself...and this one was turning out VERY well, but I tried to force it to go where I wanted it, instead of where it wanted to go. Yah, I know, it's really my subconscious moving my fingers and so forth, but I don't care, it feels like the story's writing itself, so that's how I think of it. Anyway...I'd wanted this to be a single-parter, but every schtick I tried for cutting it off failed, so...I'm letting it write itself! I hope it'll just be three parts, but if it winds up being more, who cares, right? Probably just as well, with a tale involving a sexually insatiable superheroine and a partner who can fulfill her needs, there just ain't no cutting such a thing off until everybody's exhausted. Re: the dedication, the character of Summer comes from a DC Comics-derived RPG Oni's been running for us. I'll post pictures of her later, for now, here's the story, as for content...expect lots and lots of messy sex before it's through! Could be worse, huh?

Part One

A Matter of Vision

This is the way we fix our screwups, fix our screwups, fix our screwups... Yah, I screwed up. Thanks to Baron of FurryMUCK for pointing this out to me, somehow or other, I managed to eliminate the link to this story. Story was still here, hadn't gone anywhere, but nobody could get to it. Ah well! Anyways...this is an origin story of sorts, as well as something I'm tempted to turn into an unofficial series, ordinary situations turned a little more extraordinary. And as somebody who wears glasses, there's not too much less remarkable than going to the optometrist (if I'm spelling that word right) to get my eyes checked 'n get fitted for glasses. This is also definitely an appointment that the eye doctor won't soon forget.

A Matter of Vision

The Personals

Annnnd we're back. Sometimes, honestly, it's just plain super-tough to write those two magic words...I'm referring of course to 'The End'. Why, what'd you think I was talking about? I'll confess my writing schedule's been more than a bit erratic of late. Hopefully things'll settle down ere long. Anyway. While I don't endorse them in any way (if you do ever use these, please be careful, all I'll say on the subject), personals ads have really come into vogue in the last few years. The internet may be partly to thank/blame for that...along with the large number of desperate, lonely people in our world. I'll confess I've read the personals in various papers a time or two, more for a laugh than anything else (let's face it, a good many of 'em are downright hilarious!), though I've never felt the need to answer any of 'em. With my often-warped view of the world, I just had to wonder what would happen if this increasingly commonplace event, two people meet via 'The Personals' and the meeting becomes...quite extraordinary. No demons or furries in this story, sorry (awwww!), giving equal time to humans for this'un, though whether one of the characters is completely human, I ain't saying...why screw up possibilities for a sequel exploring that'un's origins if I ever decide to write it? Submitted for your approval, your next stop...the Hermie Zone.

The Personals

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