How NOT to Summon a Demon


Lesson One:  Before you ever decide to summon a demon to do your bidding, make absolutely sure you know exactly who and what you're summoning.


--Copyright 1999 Michael J. Hansen


          I really didn't learn too much from my mother, but one or two of her lessons stayed with me.

          That last sounds like a slight against her, but it's not, really.  Just the way lives are, when you're a demon.  I was luckier than most, truthfully--Father was able to use his power as a Demon Lord to keep me with the family (inasmuch as any group of demons can be called a 'family') until I was around four or five, as mortals measure time.  So I was able to absorb some knowledge from my succubus parent before I was taken away to start my studies.  Most young demons start the cycle of beatings, torture and so forth mixed with some actual lessons--primarily of the 'do this or die' variety--that we call 'school' as soon as they can survive away from their mothers' breast.  But Father kept that from happening to me for a while, using his great political power among the hierarchy of demons to keep me until I was taken (against his wishes and protests).

          Oh, don't mistake Father's actions as altruism.  It wasn't for my sake that he kept me, and it certainly wasn't for Mother's.  He just wanted to keep using me as a sex-toy himself.

          At any rate, one lesson of Mother's that stuck with me was, 'When you're a minor demon, you have little power compared to the major demons.  But a little showmanship can compensate for that.'  I'm not a terribly minor demon, with a Lord for a father, but I couldn't argue with the wisdom.

          So, when a mortal summoned me for the very first time, I laid it on thick.  I had no idea who had called me forth, for that matter how my True Name had been found (not Chessia, the name I use, but the True Name we demons never reveal if we can help it, the one that can allow mortals to summon us and give them power over us), when I'd had no dealings with mortals, but I planned to find out.  First a demonic wind, smelling of cinnamon, vanilla (odd, I know, but it was my natural scent), with just a hint of brimstone spicing it, replete with my powerful pheromones made the ebony candles flicker.  Then a whoosh of emerald flame appeared in the magic circle prepared for me, gradually shading to red as the flames seemed to resolve into my form.

          Another little touch was what I was wearing--or, rather, not wearing.  I've never understood mortal nudity taboos, especially among the furry-folk (when one is covered with fur, is one ever really nude?) but I could still make use of them.  They were even worse at this time; this was several hundred years ago, perhaps as long ago as a millenium or two.  I'm afraid mortal time-sense is still a little mysterious to me, how they divide up something infinite and never-ending into hours, minutes, days, years, and so forth.  But at this...Parochial time, even showing one's midriff and calves was enough to make others call a femme-type a slut, or worse.

          So my rabbit-like form was completely skyclad, nothing covering my four large, weighty breasts, both pairs standing proudly up from my chest, a little creamy milk dripping from each chocolate-brown nipple.  The scarlet lips of my feminine sex were parted slightly in an unspoken invitation to be filled, they perpetually are, and a trickle of my glowing silvery nectar dripped down one digitigrade leg.  As well as over the weighty, almost ponderous sac holding my testicles, a match for the massive sheath holding my unaroused penis.

I also let a steady flow of my pheromones escape from the glands beneath my short bunny-tail, making my lusty scent almost palpable in the still air.  My feminine/masculine wiles probably wouldn't distract my summoner enough to make him (at least, from the 'feel' of the calling my would-be Master was male) forget just what I was.  My fur was still mostly a deep, rich red color, shaded to reddish-pink over my chest, belly and inner thighs.  Even redder were the cloven hooves that replaced my bunny-feet, my long, sharp claw-like fingernails, and the short devil's-horns poking through my obsidian hair above my hairline, all a glittering hue reminiscent of spilt blood.  Still, if I could inflame his lust, he might get careless...and no fiend could provoke lust as an incubus or succubus could.  And I was both.

With an air of bored detachment, I stifled a yawn with a paw as I looked about, my eyes finally landing on the robed red fox.  I knew he was my summoner, of course, as soon as I appeared in the wards I was aware of the mystic imperative to obey him.  But he didn't have to know that.  Looking him up and down, taking in the potbelly his robes couldn't conceal, the youthful, moderately attractive form, as well as the mystic sigils covering his garments and the magical talisman around his neck, I gave a snort.  "So, you're who called me?" I ventured, my voice a seductive churr.  I cocked my head, making one long rabbit-ear flop over sideways.  "You hardly seem old enough to have that kind of power."

For his part, he frowned, confusion showing on his face.  His first mistake, showing me that bit of weakness; a true archmage would've known exactly what and who he was summoning.  "A woman?  I summoned an incubus, not a succubus!"

I giggled girlishly, and spread my legs, making my ballsac swing freely between my thighs, and stroked my sheath to make the crimson tip of my maleness poke through its vent.  "You summoned both," I informed him, grinning wickedly at his shocked expression.  "Not a woman, but male and female in one, succubus and incubus in one."  Then I frowned at him, the tiny silver motes in my emerald eyes whirling--not hypnotically; I couldn't hypnotize him through the wards.  That kind of direct magic use was prevented from escaping the mystic cage I was in, though I still had hopes for my pheromone-mist.  "Who did you think you were summoning?"

To his credit, he shook his head, and didn't answer, not giving me more to use against him.  One point for him.  "Never mind.  Is the offering I prepared for you acceptable?"  He made a gesture, and a blonde-haired figure came closer, out of the shadows.  She looked my way vacantly, not seeing me, obviously charmed by the fox's magic.  A very lovely white-furred bunny-femme, I could see, and fertile, though untouched--don't ask me how I could tell, it's a demon power, I could practically see her ripe ovaries full of promise, smell the innocence on her breath, taste the virginity I would soon take from her.  My 'Master' had known he was calling up a demon in rabbit shape, at least; point two for him.  At a silent command from him, she dropped the white robes she was wearing to the floor, showing her small, pert breasts, and the golden-haired area between her legs that no male or female had ever used.  "Will you accept her?" he demanded.

If he cared to look down, to where an inch or two more of my cock had slid free of its protective housing, he might not've needed to ask.  "Very comely," I churred, my forked tongue flicking over my muzzle as I examined her with my eyes.  "All right.  Let her come into the circle, so I can take her, then ask whatever it is you summoned me to ask."

I half expected him to make a fatal error, and have her simply walk toward me, breaking the warding and freeing me, letting me be on him in an instant, tearing him to shreds and sucking every last drop of blood from his body.  Well, probably not, that would be rather gauche, and I could think of more entertaining ways of dealing with him, then taking the bunny at my leisure.  But instead he removed an athame from his robes, and used the ensorceled dagger to cut a path in the invisible barrier of the magic circle, a one-way path for the woman alone, which he quickly closed as soon as she was inside.  Score three for the clever boymage.

Her nostrils flared, no doubt taking in my charged scent, the pheromones making her chest heave and her breasts bounce prettily.  I greeted her with a soft kiss on the cheek when she drew near, and hooked my sharp nails into something mortal eyes couldn't see, tearing off the charm overlaying her aura, freeing her from the mage's power.  "Innocence lost is sweeter when the mind can recognize its loss," I murmured as she blinked, shaking her head as if awakening--which she was, in a way--and got her first true glimpse of me.  Her eyes widened in shock, and perhaps a little fear, though the growing lust I could smell in her odor helped her.  "Good evening, dear," I churred softly, seductively.  "What is your name?"

"Wh-what?  I'm D-Dianella," she stammered, her blue eyes almost saucer-like as she looked me over--her surprise turning to wonder when she looked down, seeing my penis sticking partway out of my sheath.  "Ohmygods," she breathed.

"Dianella.  A beautiful name," I praised, smiling, careful not to show my sharp teeth, or the long fangs that pressed down from the roof of my mouth.  "Call me Chessia."

Her eyes flicked up to my breasts, down to my female sex, then back to my male sex, a combination her mind couldn't seem to deal with.  One of her paws moved toward me as if of its own volition, touching her fingertips to one of the purplish veins throbbing along my cock's length.  Teasingly I flexed the muscles of my crotch, making the organ jerk and slide another few inches from my sheath.  Snatching her paw back, she breathed again, "Ohmygods..." Blinking furiously, she looked into my eyes, then.  "Are you--"

"I am," I murmured to her, cupping her chin with a paw as I kissed her lips, "whatever you need me to be.  Male or female, whatever is required."  I kissed her again, deeply this time, my forked tongue flicking into her opened mouth to stroke hers.  "I can, and will, fulfill your dreams," I promised when I broke the kiss, my smile broadening when I saw her eyes begin to glaze over again, a different kind of sorcery clouding her mind this time.  "I am Chessia, succubus and incubus.  And you, are what I need."

"Oh..." she whispered softly, then gave another, louder "OH!" when I went on one knee before her, my hands closing around her buttocks while I pressed my muzzle to her cleft, which was already moistened sweetly with her need.  I bathed her outer labia with my tongue first, flicking up some of her nectar, a churr rolling in my throat as I tasted her innocence.  Then I began working inwards, my forked tongue wriggling inside her gradually, spreading her folds open, stretching them a little even as they reddened and swelled with the blood rushing to them, the flowing of her delicious lubricating fluids growing more pronounced.

At first her paws went to my forehead, trying to push me away from her, then simply rested on my head.  Both sets of fingers rubbed the bases of my ears gently as I manipulated areas inside her that no one had ever touched, that she likely didn't even know existed.  She shrieked suddenly, and I felt her inner muscles flex around my tongue as she had what may have been her very first orgasm.  I was barely in time to open my mouth to catch a new rush of her sweet nectar and let it run down my throat; I wasn't about to let the delicious stuff go to waste.

"Godsssss..." she fairly purred when I kept licking inside her, very deeply, throughout her climax and the afterglow following it.  I resisted a snort of amusement; godly, me?  Hardly.  My grip on her rump helped steady her as her knees nearly buckled from the pleasure my ministrations gave her.  Her eyes widened as she looked down at me, seeing my mouth a couple of inches from her body, while continuing my explorations of her.  "H-how long is your tongue?" she gasped.

Withdrawing for a moment, I grinned up at her, not bothering to hide my sharp teeth this time.  "Long enough," I murmured, and pressed my muzzle against her again, sending my tongue right to the flap of skin guarding her maidenhood, rubbing it with the tip while slithering the rest even faster.  More shrieks came from her as her orgasm built again, and I had to steady her once more as she swayed, nearly falling.  I listened as her cries rose in pitch, choosing my moment carefully; when her vaginal muscles trembled, trying to clutch at me, I pulled back partway, stiffening my tongue like a spear, and lanced the twin points right through her hymen just as her orgasm hit.  My tongue isn't sharp, no, but it didn't have to be to burst that thin wall.  Churring, I greedily drank my reward, a gushing of her fluids mixed with some of her coppery-tasting blood, sweet wine to my senses, while holding onto her tightly as she screamed, the pain possibly not even registering in her mind but still intensifying her orgasm until she nearly passed out.

Gently I removed myself from her innards and helped her sit down in the center of the circle when she was moaning through the last of this latest climax.  I nuzzled up to her, rubbing my muzzle against hers, while she licked my lips and chin in gratitude, tasting herself on my dripping chin in the process.  Clutching me to her chest, she churred softly at me, still moaning a little as tiny aftershocks from that huge climax rocked her.  "That was..." she breathed in one of my ears "...I don't have the words for what that was...  Thank you..."

Giggling, I kissed her firmly, churring, "Oh, we've only just begun, darling," as I shifted back, holding her at arm's length--calling attention to what jutted upwards between us, fully erect and throbbing, my pre-seed dribbling from the wide slit at its end to coat the angry-red flesh with streams of soft-glowing white.

Her eyes widened until the whites shone, ringing her irises.  I expected another 'Ohmygods,' but all she managed was a soft "Oh" when her mouth popped open finally.  I didn't know if she'd ever seen a cock before, but I doubted that it could've prepared her for the sight of mine.  Tentatively she reached out, closing her paw around my shaft--not quite, actually, her middle finger and thumb were separated by more than an inch.  It hardly seemed possible, but her eyes widened even further when she felt my hardness, my heat, the tingle as my precum dripped over her fingers.  "It-it's longer than my forearm--thick as-as my wrist!  Thicker!  It c-can't be real!" she cried.

"Oh, it is," I chuckled.  "I told you, I'm a succubus, _and_ an incubus.  Proof of that is in your hand."  I leaned forward, making her lean back reflexively until she was laying on her back before me.  "You will feel this everywhere.  You will have my seed in you everywhere.  You'll drink it like mother's milk.  And you'll enjoy it as you've never enjoyed anything before."  I knelt between her legs, nodding in satisfaction as she instinctively brought her knees up, spreading herself nicely for me as my maleness loomed over her.  "That's perfect," I praised silkily.

"It-it-won't--" she gasped, shaking her head with her gaze locked on my cock.

"It _will_ fit," I insisted, and set about proving it.  She was already amply wet, I knew--evidence of that still clung to my chin-fur--so I wasted no time in pressing my cocktip against her outer labia, and began pushing it into her.  She mewled as my thickness spread her, biting her lip against the pain as her soft tissues stretched around the firm, heavy, blunt object sliding further and further into her, a hair's-breadth at a time, the tapering head of my cock gradually forcing her open.  Dianella's head thrashed back and forth, her mewls rising in volume--

--then with a 'POP' that could be heard across the room, I'm sure, her outer sphincter's resistance was exceeded, and my cock-head entered her tight inner channel.  She raised herself up on her elbows, looking down the length of her body, where we were joined, now.  "It fit?" she panted unbelievingly, then sagged back down on the floor.  "Oh, thank the gods..."

Grinning, I barely kept myself from laughing.  Did she think the worst was over?  Chuckling wryly, I grasped her by the hips, swiftly taking away any relief she might feel with my first _thrust_, the strong muscles of my thighs rippling at my first forceful shove, and the next, and the next, and all those after that.  She gasped, crying "No!!" as I pounded my way into her, defeating her inner muscles' attempts to force me back out with my short, hard strokes.  Tail twitching back and forth, aerating more of my tainted scent, I sank my cock into her, hearing her moans and each soft "no...." but only being driven on by them.  She didn't know it, of course, but my magic helped her, helping her inner folds stretch.  My magic would keep her from splitting open--at least at first.  A hidden danger to coupling with an incubus might well make itself known, if I chose to let it...

But for now, I was enjoying making her my toy, starting a pattern of rough, long strokes, sliding myself out almost to the tip each time, and ramming back in just a little farther each time.  Her cervix soon felt the pressure of my shaft attacking it, the doorway to her center putting up a fight to keep me out, but proving to be no barrier; I soon bashed my way through, causing more pain for her, though it soon ebbed.  A steady flow of my precum trickled into her, going right into her soft womb, a great deal dripping back out of her with her own fluids, aiding her wetness and thrilling her with the mystic tingling of my pre.  Something no mortal could duplicate, the magic lacing it heightening her pleasure-sense.

Before long she was feeling ecstasy, not agony, and her "no"s had become soft cries of "Yes!" as she came over and over.  I murred as I felt the flexing of her muscles around my plunging cock, enjoying the feeling of her losing all control.  My own control was far greater, obviously--I had been doing this sort of thing all my life, literally.  I was young, as demons go, but still had a millenia of experience over her at the very least, so I had a ways to go before I absolutely had to come.

I gave a start when I felt her hands at my hips, clutching me and urging me on, then grinned and gave her what she wanted, thrusting harder and faster, bottoming out in her womb each time.  I could almost hear my compatriots in the nether worlds, my father among them, complaining about how gently I was using this weak creature--yes, plundering her in this way was gentle, truly.  But never mind.  This was what I wanted.  Let other demons use mortals against their will, rape them and use them up, killing them with their lust.  That was easy, I could do that with no trouble at all, any fiend could, an incubus easiest of all.  Inspiring lust in mortals, though, making them my willing slaves, making them _want_ me to do what I did to, that was sweet, that was power.

Wet squishing noises came from her sex, more coming from her buttocks as I continually pressed them down into the puddle of precum and vaginal secretions she lay in.  Just as my thrusting reached a feverish pitch, she gasped, "You're--it's--ohgods, it's GROWING!"  Which it was, bit by bit my already-massive cock was becoming even more huge, growing longer and thicker, spreading her tight inner tunnel almost cruelly as it grew from wrist-thick to even greater dimensions, its length and girth taxing her body's ability to take it, even with my powers helping her.  She whimpered and moaned, even as she kept having orgasm after orgasm, while I laid my ears back against my skull and continued as I was, feeling my climax build.  She didn't have to know I was keeping tight reign over that demonic power.  I could literally destroy her by letting my maleness grow until it burst its way out of her, lancing up inside her until it impaled her, my cock eventually thrusting out through her mouth.  Or else my cock could grow too thick for her body to contain, splitting her open like an overripe melon.  But I wanted this delightful flesh-toy to last a while longer, at least.

"It's tearing me apart!" she cried (it wasn't, though I'm sure it must have felt that way to her) a few moments before the column within her shuddered.  The urethral channel under my member swelled thickly as it filled, and I gave a keening cry as the floodgates within me collapsed.  Warmed by my hotter-than-mortal body, the first abundant stream must've felt like someone had poured almost a quart of heated oil into her, the dense fluid not warm enough to scald, but still much hotter than a mortal's semen.  And that was only the first jet.  Many more followed, spraying right into her womb as I clutched her hips to mine, keeping my cock buried to the hilt in her as I snarled and growled through my climax.

At first Dianella had a screaming, raging orgasm as soon as my seed entered her--another demonic power of mine.  My body was made for pleasure, after all, every part of me, every drop of fluid in my body in fact, magically enhanced to increase pleasure in some way.  The raw sexual energy in my semen was staggering.  As was the amount spewing into her, she soon found, some of it spurting out of her vagina around my cock, most trapped within her.  "No!" she cried, groaning as the pressure inside her womb built painfully.  Her toes scrabbled against the floor as she tried to get away from me, making no headway with my paws locked on her hips.  Her womb swelled from my seed, stretching beyond its normal limits with the aid of my magic, as I just kept filling her.  Her eyes stared in shock at herself as her belly began to bulge, becoming round, stretching tautly around her ballooning womb.  Like some incredibly abbreviated pregnancy, her stomach grew, swiftly becoming huge, looking as if triplets or quadruplets were inside her, and ready for birthing at that.

"Help..." she whispered, eyes still staring at the hill her belly had become.

Then I pushed against her, yanking myself out of a body only too glad to get rid of me at this point.  My cock towered over her as I jetted my last, the gushing streams as strong as that escaping her gaping opening, splattering across me--to my delight, I'll admit, the sensation of my own magically-charged seed covering my lower body making my orgasm extend just a little longer.  My spurts arced over her body, missing her and splattering against the invisible wall of the wards, making the barrier visible as the waves of creamy-white sluiced down it to pool in the circle's center with us.

I giggled at the sight while my orgasm ebbed; there was enough mystical energy in my semen for the wards to trap my semen inside, or else they recognized the fluid as having come from me.  A strange sort of attack to defend against, though I did see that I might've covered the mage with my cream otherwise.  He was standing against one wall of the room, directly in the path my semen would've followed if the wards hadn't been there, his eyes almost bulging from their sockets as he watched me.  Not the only bulge I saw; the tableau Dianella and I had created had visibly aroused him, making his erect member jut against his robes.  I looked down at that bulge pointedly, then up at him with one eyebrow cocked, and he blushed, embarrassed, and turned away to...adjust himself.  I laughed at him before turning back to my bunny-toy.  One point for _me_.

She lay gasping, much of her body covered with my lifeseed, laying in a pool of our own making, still more oozing out of the reddened opening I had filled though the torrent that had begun when I 'unplugged' her had tapered off.  I don't know which frightened her more, the fact that my jutting maleness (though slowly returning to its normally-prodigious size, the 'swelling going down', so to speak) was still erect after all that, or the sheer volume of semen I had inundated her with (I distinctly heard the word 'gallons' in something she mumbled softly to herself as she looked around).  I suspect the latter, even if I wasn't about to tell her that I had held that back, for her sake, keeping her from blowing apart.  Well, for the sake of letting her survive so I could use her even more, anyway.

Cringing, Dianella shrank away from me, shaking her head as I came closer.  "No, no more," she begged, looking not at my face but at my crotch.  "I can't take any more--"

"Shh, shh," I hushed her gently, smiling kindly--teeth and fangs carefully hidden in my muzzle--at her.  The imagined voices of legions of demons snarled at me to take her by force, to hell (literally) with her protests, just bend her over and have my way with her.  Which was tempting, truthfully, but I was out to turn her into a willing slave, remember.  So I smoothed her hair back from her face with a paw, still smiling at her, and churred softly to her, "Take it easy for now, dear one.  Rest.  You've been through a lot.  And a lot has been through you," I couldn't resist adding, giggling.  "Relax..."

Slowly, she did so, even let me take her in my arms, resting her head against my soft breasts.  "There.  Relax, dear one," I crooned, kissing her forehead as she nuzzled against me.  "Everything's all right.  Rest, now."

Sighing, she did so, eyes closing as I pillowed her head on my mammaries.  She might've gone to sleep like that, but then she felt wetness against her cheek, and her nostrils twitched as she smelled a new scent.  Looking at me, she saw my four nipples were erect and engorged, the chocolate-colored areolae surrounding them pressing fully through my fur, each releasing trickles of milk.

As if only now becoming conscious of the thirst generated by all the panting and moaning she had been doing, she licked her lips, then looked at me questioningly.  Nodding, I grasped the breast nearest to her mouth, and pushed its nipple toward her mouth.  She needed little prompting after that; soon her mouth was fastened on that teat, suckling at it gently.

Churring softly, I closed my eyes, sighing at the wonderful sensation of having my milk suckled.  A steady stream of the stuff developed in response to her sucking, not a gigantic amount--I was a bunny, not a cow--but enough to provide a nice meal for an adult.  The taste surprised her, I could tell from the noise she made when my milk first bathed her tongue.  Why some expect demon's-milk to taste bad, rancid, perhaps of blood, filth, or even excrement, I don't know.  There may have been demons with milk like that, but no sex demon would have such a thing taking up space in their breasts.  If my milk wasn't intoxicatingly sweet, tasting like honeyed liquor, some said, delicious almost in the extreme, however could I entice others to drink it, ingest the magic tainting it?

My milk has different powers at different times; I have some control over it, but not really conscious control.  My desires shape it, not my mind.  The effects showed on her soon.  Her tiredness eased, her energy level rising, first; whatever else my milk was, it was a filling, very nutritious fluid.  Soon she was fresher, more vibrant and awake.  She was also moaning a little, one paw creeping down to her sex, stroking her petaled lips as they filled with blood again, and her own honey-sweet fluids flowed from her.

Still suckling greedily, she likely didn't even noticed as her body changed, the lust filling her along with my milk providing a wonderful distraction.  Her own breasts engorged, growing larger, not enormous but a very respectable set.  Her nipples became tautly erect, larger than they had ever been before, milk beginning to trickle from them even though they should've been (and had been) completely dry.  The flow of juices from her cleft grew more copious, dribbling from her slit, and her clitoris enlarged until it reached a length of over two inches, her sensitivity down there growing along with it.

The biggest changes were internal.  Her tissues grew more flexible and more strong, stretchier, enabling her to take in more than she normally could--by no coincidence, making her better able to take me.  It wouldn't last forever, but for a while at least, I wouldn't have to hold back nearly as much as I had.  Another change was subtler, nothing that would become apparent right now.  But in a few months, if my seed was able to fertilize the increased number of eggs her enlarged ovaries were producing...

Almost swooning, she tilted her head back, her mouth slipping from my nipple though she still made suckling noises with her mouth.  Her ears stood straight up, quivering, and her breathing was deep, rapid.  An acrid scent and a rush of lapin pheromones came from her, a delight to my senses.  Dianella was in heat now, no question.

She blinked several times, and smiled bemusedly.  Boldly, she leaned forward and kissed me right on the lips, then rubbed her cheek against mine, her whiskers trembling wildly.  Right in my ear, she queried in a childlike voice, "More?"

Smiling, I nodded.  "Of course you can have more," I churred, offering another of my breasts to her.

Dianella shook her head vigorously.  Then she grabbed my still-hard cock with both hands, and began rubbing it up and down.  "More?" she asked again, leaving no doubt what she meant.

Chuckling, I repeated my nod, and said again, "Of course you can have more."



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