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The jackalope is a very misunderstood creature... Links (you knew that, right?) ...and really not that bad.  What's a little blood-drinking among friends?

What would a site like this be without the ever-popular links? One page shorter, that's what. We can't have that, now, can we? And hell, I've already started on this page!

I'll try to keep these things current, but it's anyone's guess how successful that's gonna be...sites go down all the time, after all. This one unfortunately may not be an exception to that rule. I'll do what I can. No particular order to these links, fair warning...wayell, aside from putting Oni's page first. Gots to have my priorities, after all...

Friends' Sites

The Master Plan UPDATED! Still unfinished, unfortunately, but Oni's been working on it. Not a lot there yet, but I'm sure the Uberfuchsin (still wanna call that 'Uberfucksin') chapter there will be enjoyed.

Nightfox Arts Niko's web page. This one could easily count as a 'furry art' one as well, but heck with it...Niko's a friend :3 - Home Of Blue Bunny Goodness! Guess that means this site's the Home of Red Bunny Evilness ;3 Dr. Jones' web site.

Wolfox Radio Home of wolfoxxy goodness? *giggle* Home of the most kick-ass furry music station on the Internet, anyroad.

Twilight Realms Design MiaFillene's homepage. Mind the popups, it's a *shudder* Geocities site, after all.

Doug's Big Little Page of Macro Stuff Doug Winger's seldom-updated web site, mainly 'cause he's too good a friend not to show some kinda web site for him. I'll include his Velar archive as well, but this one has a few fun things too.

Shirra Whitefur's Den Shirra's...hard to describe, so just go to the bloody site, arright? ;3

Furry Art

Doug Winger's VCL site Kinda what it says, really. The Uncrowned King of Spooge himself ;3

Ferris' VCL site I'm getting the VCL sites out of the way first, you can prob'ly tell...they're easier to find, all being at VCL and all...

John Barret (Roxikat)'s VCL site The art of the creator of Roxikat.

John Harrington (Maj, Oni)'s VCL site This wouldn't be complete without my bunnyluv's art trove, now would it? :3

Jason Lampkin (Niko)'s VCL site And the alphabetization gets blown to heck. Deal with it.

Jay Naylor's VCL site The art of Fisk.

Ken Sample's VCL site The art of Ken Cougar...and I think this'll round out my VCL offerings, check out the main site for more.

Kolt's Korral Lovely macrophilic art from Kolt.

Ferris the Furry Artist! Excellent artist, Ferris. I think this site is updated more frequently than his VCL archive.

Noogyland Something a little different, here. Dean Dodrill uses Flash *heavily*, fair warning, expect slow loading if you're on a slow connection...but the art and animation is worth a look, all the same.

Furry Resources

FurryMUCK WebStation Start off with the granddad of 'em all, the main web site for FurryMUCK. Lots of good furry info there.

BoingDragon's Lair Lair of an interesting dragon. You may've seen various counters she's created on other furry web sites, one of the many things she's created for Web use.

VoreTex Kinda debatable whether this counts as an art site, a story site, or what, so I'll shove it here. Warning: Vore content enclosed, as shown by the name. And yes, that is me in a log file on the page ;3

VOR-COM Warning: Vore content enclosed, as shown by the name.

Story Sites

Mia's Main Index Mia's furry story archive. No relation to Mia Fillene--as the URL indicates, Mia's short for 'Miavir'. Unfortunately, one of the few major furry story locations, and it's not archived very often. Where the heck are all the furry writers?

Index of /vcl/Authors A good many people don't know that VCL has stories as well. Personally, I wish they had some better indexing...maybe a ratings system or something, so you can differentiate between the good stories and the 'Tihs iz mye furst storie, I hoep yu enjoie'...

Hopefully I'll be able to find more somewhere.

Internet Comics

A Doemain of Our Own Thrice-weekly strip with a good sense of humor. What more d'you need? Well, okay, so it's not spoogy, picky picky.

House of LSD Twice-weekly. Surprisingly, from the name, there's no drug references that I can detect. There is, however, a good deal of sexy stuff going on.

Kit N Kay Boodle Updated Tuesday and Thursday every week, with a remarkably regular schedule for a web-comic, there's been only a few breaks in the pattern. Furry sex comic by Katellis, anyway. Don't be fooled by the kid-like bodies, all characters are old enough to be shown on screen doing what they're doing.

Nip and Tuck Also check out Under the Lemon Tree and Tales of the Questor by the same guy, links are on the front page at the bottom. Nip and Tuck is updated Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; Under the Lemon Tree is updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Tales of the Questor is weekly, on Sunday. Bloody workaholics ;3

Update--I won't flatter myself that he heard me ;3 But, I think due to life stresses, the publication on the comics have been cut back. Once to twice weekly for Nip and Tuck and UtLT, still once a week for Questor.

Something Positive Very good comic that just *screams* ATTITUDE, I love it. From Choo-Choo Bear the silly-putty cat (I want a cat like that!) on through the rest of the cast, it's a blend of personalities that'd likely self-destruct if you tried to put it in a movie or TV show, but it sure works here. Give it a look see.

Devil's Panties Jenny Breeden does a deliciously quirky strip, I think anyway, might be biased since I'm a teeny bit of a comic book geek meself, and her main character (who seems to live in a Batman-like T-shirt) is likewise. She also does a gaming strip, dealing with a live-action role-playing group (link's on the site), which unfortunately hasn't been updated lately.

Faux Pas Proof that I don't just like the racy comics ;3 Or the anthro ones, for that matter. Cute strip, usually daily.

Roomies By Flinthoof, who seems to have an...interesting appreciation for kangaroos (don't get me wrong, they're nice, nothing agin' 'em, just don't understand the level of fascination he shows), but still has a keen understanding of the Power of Bunny. Or as he calls 'em, 'Bhunny' ;3

Sabrina Eric Schwartz' Sabrina. Monthly, usually seems to be updated toward the end of the month. There are several Sabrina sites, but this one seems to be updated about the most regularly.

Herd Thinners Incorporated My favorite of the Kevin and Kell sites. Daily. Talk about workaholics...


That get your attention, or what? Hey, everbody's gotta do something to have fun, right?


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