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Horny bunnies, free to good home. Pics (eye candy, anyone?) And when we say they're horny, we mean they're HORNY.

Now, on to what some may say is the most important part of all this. I don't, not quite, but who'm I to say?

Be that as it may, for whatever reason, Chessia seems to've inspired some folks to draw her. Generally in...rather compromising poses. Guess when you do pics of naughty bunny-demons, the naughtiness just shows through, eh? In fact, I'd better reiterate, no minors should venture past this point, adult material ahead. I really don't think saying that will do one bit of good, but what the hey, I said it, at least. My ass is covered.

Regardless, all images are the property of the various artists, though Chessia remains well and truly MINE, make no mistake. Some of these images may be available nowhere else, due to the lack of a web-site for the artists or whatever. I'm already planning to include images drawn of a few friends of mine; where applicable, they remain the property of thier creators.

Think that's enough legal-ish mumbo-jumbo? On to the eye candy. Thumbnails ahead, click on 'em to see the full-sized images...but y'all ought to know that, right?

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