"Why not take the bishop?"

          "It's too protected, see?  He'd be on me in a second."

          "He'd lose the queen, though, right?"

          "And get mine.  He'd trade her in a second to do that."

          Shrugging, Delight looked away from the screen to return to what she'd been doing.  Which was nuzzling my cock.  "I'll take your word for it, I've never played Him in chess, after all."

          We lay together in my bed (actually, she kind of half-lay, the bed was nowhere near large enough for the two of us unless we spooned up as we did for sleeping, so her rump was on the floor while she half-sprawled between my legs), me propped up on some pillows she'd brought with her so I could use both computers.  Her iHack looked odd, the little rounded monitor-and-computer-combined unit tiny next to my larger Compackard Hell with its full separate screen, even the sickly-looking translucent green peculiar near the red-and-black of my machine.  She hoped we'd be able to network them together, share our computer resources, but it might take a better mind than mine to sort out teaching her Hack-and-Slash OS (Obfuscating System, that is) to talk to what my beast used.  At any rate, having both computers there made it easier for me to play chess with Morningstar on my screen, while chatting with Him using Delight's.  Even if having someone running her tongue along my maleness' length, making it grow erect and start oozing precum, proved more than distracting.

morning*:  Chess?  It's your move.

          Shaking myself, I made the play I'd decided on a few minutes earlier, sending back an apologetic, 'Sorry about that, there you go.'

morning*:  You seem a bit preoccupied tonight, nothing went wrong in school again I hope?

Chess:  Well, it wasn't the greatest of days...what's got me sidetracked is your 'gift', though, who seems to want to play wonderful music with my organ.

          Which is an understatement, I thought as I found myself with my bell nestled deep in the fox's throat.  I churred as I sent a quart or so of precum into her belly, she not even needing to swallow to have it run right down her gullet.

morning*:  Ah.  I'm glad Delight is living up to her name, as she usually does.  Still...what happened today?  You seem to be having a run of bad school days.

Chess:  Well, it wasn't altogether bad, really.  Parts of it were, but all the same...

          Pausing the game, I told Him what he wanted to know...


Messaging Morning*


Copyright 2003 Michael J. Hansen


Part the Second:  Terror


          Purgatory Week was well-named, the last full week of class before mid-year break, when all our final exams were crammed into a few short days.  It was a harrowing time, really, this day even more so, with no less than four tests to get through; Advanced Yoga first, contorting my body into positions few non-succubi would want to try, and likely some of them would think twice about it.  Reading--Aramaic Love Sonnets, actually, but basically reading--followed, forcing me to dredge up some of the words to the erotic poetry from memory in the small time provided.  Thankfully I wasn't judged on my handwriting, which was atrocious--even worse than my usual scarcely-legible scrawl--since I had to scribble the words as fast as I could while holding the paper at arm's length so I could see it somewhat properly.  Fellatio followed, letting me exercise my forked tongue instead of my left paw, the final exam rather challenging, really, using only my mouth--my hands tied behind my back, in fact, to make sure I didn't use those--to distract my own ensorcelled victim, letting me draw a pint of blood or so from her with my fangs without breaking the light spell she was under, manipulating her clitoris with my tongue until she both orgasmed and I could bite down and get at her tasty essence without her even realizing.  A tough assignment, but I managed to pass.

          Last, and in direct counterpoint to the test before it, was the final for Enhanced Impregnation.  Being both succubus and incubus meant I had to take classes for both sides of my nature, something of a hassle, but there wasn't much I could do about it.  Everyone said it would help me greatly when I grew up; that, I would have to discover for myself.

          Sister Terror was a sour old demoness, who did her best to live up to her name.  Not that she was particularly terrifying to look at, though her leprous-looking dusky-red skin, and the cracked off-center horn jutting forward from her forehead from below her nun's habit, gave her a disturbing appearance.  The iron rapier she constantly flicked against her thigh certainly didn't help soften her image, especially since we knew she'd use it if we got even slightly out of line.  "All right, class, this is important!  Anyone who fails this exam will be held back...again, for some of you.  Do too badly at this basic skill, and you may well be expelled!  We can't have incubi who can't perform the most elementary of their duties, impregnating their prey, coming out of this school!  You have three hours, pair up with your assigned victim, and go to work."

          We had each drawn cards with numbers on them, matches for the cards a group of female demons held up as they filed in.  Our  classroom had been emptied of desks and chairs for the occasion, baring the floor we'd use to couple with our partners, and make them give birth to newborns then and there.  Or try to, at least.  I looked for my match (number 19), finally locating her among the throng.  She was a crimson-skinned demon of war from the look of her, the long, sharp claws arming her hands and feet, as well as the razor spines clattering around her head in place of hair, sure indications of that.  Thankfully, if her pubic hair had matched--she was completely bare between her legs, nothing concealing the scarlet outer labia--it had been removed, making things marginally easier on me.  Like most of her kind, number 19 was a mass of scars over every bit of her that I could see.  We demons could (and we lust demons usually did) heal without scarring with few exceptions, but war demons often chose not to, the disfiguring marks treated as badges of honor.

          She regarded me while I came closer to run a paw over one particularly angry-looking scar, a deep gash across her midsection that worried me.  Understandably, she was a bit surprised by what she saw.  Not only was I one of the terribly rare furry demons, but with my two pairs of breasts, every one larger than her own, I looked more female than she did, despite the very male shaft hanging down nearly to my knees in front.  I was also a good deal shorter than her, having to reach up slightly to touch the midriff-scar, what seemed her biggest shock.  "You're going to knock me up?" was her gravel-voiced query.  "Hardly seems like you could reach."  She thrust her crotch forward insolently with that last, pushing it right in front of my muzzle.

          Rolling my eyes, I smirked back.  "I could fill you up 'til you burst, but never mind.  Hold still, I'd better check something."

          Confused, 19 frowned.  "What?  Oh!  Ohhhhh..."  She closed her eyes as dim purplish fire outlined my fingers while I kneaded her flesh, feeling around at more than just the surface level, my mystic senses reaching down into her.  "Mmmm, don't know what you're doing, but it feels very, very good..."

          Not bothering to answer, I continued my explorations.  I was a demon of lust and desire, despite the fiery nature that showed in the visual effects of my magic; of course what I did felt good to her, even if it was secondary to what I was really doing.  My mystic energies drew gasps from her throat, pulling at her pleasure centers quite by accident, but still intensely.  I nodded as I found what I'd been afraid of, right there below the vivid scarring.

          "Look, class!" Sister Terror jeered, making my ears flatten against the back of my skull annoyedly.  "Miss Chess is going to impregnate her partner without ever using her cock!  Won't that be interesting to watch?"  A few laughs joined hers, but only a few, likely to her disappointment at not causing me more embarrassment.  As adept as I was in this class, a few of my fellow students may well have thought I could do just that.

          Not that I had any such plan, this was merely preparation for what would be a more normal mating.  Once I had the war demon whose name I'd never learned capable of it, anyway.  She cried out as the magic I was pumping into her changed, me shifting my efforts from exploration to transformation, my hands glowing scarlet as different forces reached into her, the more powerful flow driving her right up to, then past, the point of orgasm, her nectar splattering onto the floor at my hooves while her knees buckled with the ferocity of the climax.  I followed her down, kneeling between her legs while she ended up on the floor before me, hunching her hips up and down, making sure my fingers never left her skin while I worked.  Her Tantric energy helped me finish what I'd started, empowering me to alter her below the flesh that had been mutilated, putting to rights what some battle had wronged.

          When I finished, and sat up, stretching the crick I'd gotten in my back from leaning over so long, a few flames still lingering on my hands, she gasped in relief.  Her thighs--my thighs, for that matter--were coated liberally with the orgasmic cream she'd expended, proof beyond a doubt that I'd brought her off, likely not once but many times.  "Ohhhh, Morningstar preserve me," she moaned, sitting up on the second try to look at me with something much earthier than her earlier surprise and contempt in her amber eyes.  "If that's your idea of foreplay, I don't care if you can't knock me up."

          Giggling, I patted the side of my member, which was standing straight out from my crotch by this time, nearly the length of my arm and twitching with desire.  Half-covered as I was with her nectar, smelling and feeling the lust I'd inspired, my phallus was more than ready to be used, precum already dribbling out onto the floor between us.  "I can, I'm sure.  Shall we see?"

          The hunger in her expression suddenly tinged with a different kind of yearning, she nodded.  "I almost believe you could.  Come ahead, then."  She grinned toothily, a sharkish gesture I returned in full, letting every fang in my muzzle show, while she parted her legs to display the pinkness her crimson labia defended.  "I couldn't be any more wet and ready, that's for sure."

          Giving another giggle, I did as bid, launching myself forward with a growl, ears flattened against my skull again while I lanced right up into her center, letting my shaft swell and extend 'til I filled her up as well as I'd promised, and more.  My hips were never still as I began to pound away at her, ramming home against her cervix, then through it, bashing that tender gateway open by main force, confident my handiwork on her insides wouldn't be destroyed by the violence of the coupling.

          From her reaction to my strokes, she'd not have wanted it any other way.  "OH!  You know how to fuck a war demon, don't--AHHH!!"  Her thighs clenched around me as if to stop me, but didn't succeed, while a new tide of her nectar hit the floor behind us, falling like silvery rain.  "How could I come already--OHHHH!!"  The process repeated, then built into a set of orgasms, one crashing into her before the one prior had fully finished, from her astonishment her very first multiples.  "Can't--come that--fast, not--possible," she gasped, every small pause heralding her crashing over yet another peak, "oh--this--almost--hurts, feels--too--good--you--can't--do--this..."

          I lifted my head, my eyes surely burning with emerald fire from the Tantric overflow I was absorbing from her with every new climax, overfilling me with energy, even if my very nature made sure it was never enough, I'd always want more.  My face a feral mask, the feeding fangs that had descended from my upper jaw so far extended they threatened to cut into my own neck, jutting well past my chin, I managed to frighten the demon of war enough I could smell the fear, acrid in my nostrils.  Which only enticed me more, of course, war demon, lust demon, pestilence demon, whatever, all we infernals appreciated our victims' fright...even if I wouldn't have thought it possible for me to produce that in a demon like her.  "You haven't been with enough incubi, if you think I've even started," I stated flatly...then gave her reason to be afraid of me.

          Among other things.  I stepped up the brutality of my strokes, my thighs practically a crimson blur as they crashed into hers with power enough to bruise, each slap not muffled a bit by my fur, sounding like wooden planks smashing into one another.  That alone was enough to make 19 come even more explosively--hardly in a position to notice now, I'd be amazed later to see that her femme-cum had painted a wall a good ten paces away from us--but I didn't stop there.  Her eyes, which she'd closed in bliss, opened again to see me begin to glow, then flame, multicolored mystic fires swirling over every part of me, blue curling around red mixing with purple melding with green, each playing over a different one of her pleasure centers, strumming them like lute strings, playing a lascivious tune on her soul.  Every part of me flamed, even the cock ramming right up past the entry to her womb, bashing cruelly into the roof of it, that column doubtless feeling like a solid bar of lust burning deep inside her.

          I felt the effects of my own magics as well, naturally, though I hardly minded.  It made me more than ready to spray my all into her, to fill her to bursting with more than just turgid flesh.  Bucking just as fiercely, but more erratically against her by the second, I finally slammed myself home hard enough her hipbones gave an audible creak, that sound followed by a rumbling, and finally by a new scream of ecstasy from her as I came.  I didn't just fill her, I flooded her, semen boiling into her as if propelled from a cannon, the first gush not rounding her but making her belly billow out tube-like around the stream, nearly whapping her in the face before springing back.  Her abdomen did expand then, at startling speed, the blasts of demonseed voluminous enough the demon soon resembled a ball of liquid with arms and legs attached, torso hidden completely beneath her expanding belly, a few newer scars across the expanse bursting and leaking blood down the sides of the hill I'd turned her into.

          Forced back by her growth, I felt my shaft sliding from her yoni, the flared bell keeping me within for awhile longer, but not enough to trap me inside.  I likely could've managed to stay in her, but didn't bother, letting myself be withdrawn.  My plans for her didn't include rupturing her at the seams anyway.  Once my cock left her with a lewd popping sound, I giggled as the rocketblast of my seed pushed me a pace or two back across the slick floor, then stroked along my length to get out the last of the huge orgasm, directing it to gush over the slowly draining demoness.

          When at last I could move again (carefully, the slippery stone flooring not lending itself to unwary motions, my crawl across it creating small waves in the ankle-deep sea of whiteness), I crept back to her, laying beside her while she recovered.  "I..." she tried, then laughed and shook her head.  "I don't have the words...that was so..."

          "Different?" I suggested.  "It's not quite over, you realize."

          "What?  Oh..."  She gasped as the slack abdomen that had only just emptied rumbled...and then began to swell anew.  "What's happening?"

          "What do you think?" I chuckled.  "The object of the exercise was to impregnate you, you know."  I leaned over, kissing her on the cheek.  "So I did."

          Disbelieving, she watched as her stomach expanded to where it would be if pregnant for full term with twins, then kept on bulging larger.  Shaking her head, she groaned, "But I can't get pregnant, it's not possible..."

          "Now you can."  I patted her side, feeling of a spot where a definite shape was beginning to form, one of many around the ever-growing sphere, tiny arms and legs pushing against the soft outer walls of their overstuffed chamber.  "After I rebuilt your womb, as well as repairing the one damaged ovary you had left, and making it do the job of three or four ovaries.  As long as you don't get them ripped out again, you should be able to have many more kits."

          "I can?" she breathed, then cried out as the first babe, already to term, pushed itself into her birthing canal along with a new rush of fluids, this coming from a womb I'd thoughtfully made more than capable of holding all that was coming out now.  There was still enough of my magic inside her that the birthing was a pure delight, the feel of every small body pressing itself out of her to add to the pile forming between her thighs producing a new orgasm, some pain likely still felt--she was whelping enough kits to half-fill the room, after all, I lost count before the hundredth one had emerged--but I didn't think she could even feel it past the bliss.  Of course, a good many sported long ears and fluffy tails, as well as the beginnings of breasts despite the more masculine parts dangling between their legs.  Feeling a rush of fatherly pride, I watched the youngsters toddle about, kicking their legs, a few already managing to wiggle about a little, though crawling was beyond them as of yet.  There were far too many for anyone to care for, but that was all right.  We demons being creatures of sin and magic, most of the little ones would fade away unless given names--both what we were known by publicly, like my Chess, and the True Name we kept secret--vanishing without a trace, only a few perhaps surviving to become the nameless imps and shades infesting much of the nether worlds.

          Finally having a chance, I looked around, pleased to see all my classmates had managed well in the test.  Not quite as well as I had, but there were still a lot of newborns in the chamber.  Perhaps I'd inspired them, I couldn't say, but even those who normally did badly in class had succeeded well, not a single one of my brethren failing the test.

          Even if, from the livid expression on her face, Sister Terror wasn't much pleased by this.  She stalked toward me, brandishing her rapier.  "I'll see you expelled for this, you...ohhh!  How DARE you!"

          Blinking, I tried to protest, "How dare I what--"

          "Don't you back-talk me!  You deliberately used magic to cheat on this test.  You'll be lucky if you aren't thrown in chains for that."

          "I didn't cheat, I--" I cried, only to be stopped by her rapier smashing into the side of my muzzle hard enough to make my teeth ache.  That was only the first blow of many, all feeling like a bar of ice branding my flesh, fur no help in shielding me from the Cold Iron that was a demon's bane.  I had no hope to fight back, the strikes came at me too hard and too fast.  Curling up into a tight ball, hardly noticing my own whimpering, I waited for the storm to end, or my death, whichever came first.

morning*:  Well, obviously you didn't die.

          Smirking slightly at the nudge, I typed in, 'Obviously.  Though at the time, I really wondered.  Sister Terror was doing her blessed best to try to kill me right then, I still think.'

morning*:  So, what did happen?

Chess:  Why don't we take this up tomorrow?  It's a long tale yet, and I need to get up early for my last exam in the morning.  Only the one, at least, so I'll be able to get online earlier than normal.  Besides, I think Delight is getting insistent, wanting a full belly before bedtime.

          I took my paws away from the keyboard a moment to stroke the ears of the fox, who murred around her throatfull of flesh--my flesh, her lips stretched around the very base of my shaft.

morning*:  You're teasing me, aren't you?  Well, I'll let you get away with it.  But I want full details tomorrow!  Good luck in the exam.

          The tiny star icon that showed He was online vanished, and I turned toward my new roommate again.  Who disgorged me, keeping a hand running along my length while she tilted her head to the side; she'd been reading off the monitor screen the whole time.  "You are teasing him...sure that's wise?"

          "I think He'll forgive me.  And it really is a long story, and I do need to get up early for that exam on the morrow."  I leaned forward to lick-kiss her muzzle, teasing it upwards for us to press our lips together, tongues entwining around one another, hers tasting strongly of my preseed.  Once we'd disengaged again, I giggled and shrugged.  "Besides, if I didn't tease, I wouldn't be a succubus, would I?  Want to finish me off like this, or shall I rut your ass awhile?"

          Grinning, Delight answered by letting go of me and turning around, presenting her rump with tail arced over her back.  "You'll let me read over your shoulder again when you tell him, won't you?  Got me interested as well."

          Grasping hold of her hips, jockeying my phallus toward its target, I assured her, "I wouldn't dream of leaving you in the dark," before ramming myself home.


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