How NOT to Summon a Demon


Lesson Seven:  This is the most important lesson of all.  Under no circumstances whatsoever should the summoning of beings from the infernal worlds be undertaken by amateurs.  Years of training, study, and experience are required in order to fashion even the simplest of protective wards, and more to properly cast any sort of binding spells to restrain a demon's powers.  This is an essential part of the summoning process, and MUST be mastered before moving on to calling up the creatures from their home realms.  Even the smallest, weakest demon may do terrible things if its powers are unrestrained.


          Mitzy (or whichever of the mouse sisters she was, anyway) squeaked as my shafts spread her, forcing her tender tissues to stretch a good deal farther than they ever had, I could tell; no virgin this one, beyond a doubt, even without my skill in sensing innocence (or lack of same) there was no denying it.  Even if I hadn't heard the old saying--old even in this time--that for a mouse to stay a virgin for long, she'd have to have no cousins, brothers, uncles, father, grandfather...or anyone else around her, male or female, I would think.  The thickness of both my cocks, as their blunt tips inched their way deeper inside her with every moment, filling her vagina and rectum to what must surely seem far past the breaking point, to her, was still more than she'd ever been forced to handle.  I was gentle, at least, making the entry a smooth one, a single inward thrust, the pints of precum I was letting loose by this time making her insides amply slick, so much so that only her tightness was forcing my progress to be slow.  If she'd been stretched out already, I would've been sheathed in her innards in an instant.

          Laying beneath me as well, her three sisters Missy, Millie and Margaret held on to their moaning sibling, hugging her while she shuddered.  "How does it feel?" one asked, her lusty expression showing she wished she was the one being impaled.

          "Like...oooo...can't describe...oof!"  That last coincided with my topmost shaft's bell running into an obstruction...the mouse's cervix, which tried in vain to keep me from her womb.  I merely pushed harder for a few minutes, ramming more firmly, but still gently, easily pushing my way through that barrier and into her soft little womb.  "Oh, gods, it can't go in any can't...too IS going in more!  Oh,'s getting *bigger*, can't believe it...goddess..."

          The other three looked down, where more than half of my lengths were still outside of the groaning mouse, and saw that yes, the exposed shaft was swelling, its veins becoming thicker and more pronounced.  If any of them were to feel me right now (with their fingers, that is; Mitzy was already feeling me in another way), they'd find those veins as hard as steel bands, not giving under the pressure, acting as ridges for the hard cock-flesh, so pumped full of blood it was a wonder they didn't burst.  Even I sometimes wondered where enough blood came from to inflate my members, much less where all the semen I produced by the tanker-load could possibly come from; some things, like the magical abilities of my body, even a demon has to take on faith.  "No need to be frightened," I growled as I continued to drive myself ever inward.  "I'm not out to kill anyone today."  I didn't give them time to react to the 'today' before continuing on, "I know magic, you matter how big I get, I won't break you.  It shouldn't even hurt, after a while."

          Slipping down, another of the mice--Margaret?  These rodents looked far too much alike--felt my ballsac, pressing in gently on the four orbs, which had already grown too large for her to encompass any of them with both her hands put together.  "You mean you can just keep on filling us?  Nonstop?"  At my nod, she fairly bounced in place.  "Oh, I wanna be next!  I wanna feel that!  Me next!"

          "Why wait?" was all I said.  Where she was, perhaps-Margaret could see clearly when I flipped my tail up, farther than a mortal rabbit would be capable of, the base of it seeming to scoot up a few inches along my spine.  Revealed there, looking something like an extra mouth or possibly vagina, being aligned vertically on my body, they saw an aperture; from it, widening the thin lips of this extra orifice as they emerged, came a half-dozen tentacles.  Each was (by no coincidence) the same crimson as my cocks, bearing similar ropy purplish veins...and decidedly phallic-looking tips that immediately began dribbling with streams of precum just as my true shafts were.  Slender when they poked out of me, they swiftly enlarged to the same thickness I sported between my legs (and the possibly-Mitzy's), their lengths truly impossible to say, as I could elongate them as I did my tongue, to what many might call ridiculous distances.  "I told you I knew magic," I chuckled, letting them think this was some spell I'd cast, not a function of my demonic body.  Most mortals wouldn't know the difference between my mystical abilities and spellcasting, anyway.  Sinful as I was to begin with, I certainly wasn't going to be bothered by a sin of omission.

          I could almost hear the wheels turning in Margaret(?)'s head...three of them, six tentacle-cocks...before she squealed with glee, and grabbed the nearest pair, jamming one in her cunt and the other below her tail.  Opportunist that I am, I helped her fill herself, thrusting into her, the going easier, really, with the prehensile tenta-cocks than with a rigid organ, as I could follow the contours of her body, curve where she curved, and wriggle it in such a way that it literally squirmed into her.  Her squeaks and moans were soon joined by those of her remaining sisters, of course, as I invaded those cunts and rectums as well.

          Even as I started to thrust in earnest into the four, I was distracted by a different sort of ecstatic cry, reminding me that there were two others in the room.  Bellowing as a stallion might, Martrena, having lost her battle to stave off orgasm against Claudia's expert suckling of her cock, rose to the tips of her hooves, her arms thrown back, her tail swishing so swiftly it was almost a blurr, the fox's grip on her about the only thing that kept her standing.  As I'd been the one to give the horse her new maleness, it was no surprise that her climax was a massive one, enough to flood the room with equine seed if Claudia wasn't there to catch it all in her belly; it flooded the fox instead, but though her belly (also having been altered by me) grew to incredible size to take in the load, she was more than able to contain it all, every drop.  Well, almost.  More than just her own fluids dampened her thighs by the time Martrena finally relaxed, whickering, pelt steaming with sweat as if she'd galloped for miles; the trickle from the vulpine's anus was a small one, though, a stream instead of the river it might've been.

          Panting through flaring nostrils, Martrena smoothed her dishevelled auburn hair back from her brow, and tugged her flared and still mostly erect phallus from Claudia's lips--the vixen looking rather disappointed when her mouth was empty, I noticed.  "Whew...what a ride...Chessia told me I'd have to learn to control my cumming to keep from killing anyone, now I see why..."  Gaping at the swollen Claudia, the mare chuckled.  "Why'm I not surprised you didn't certainly looks like you should've, though."

          Still in the bathtub, her belly now round and taking up a goodly portion of the tub-space--so large that, while upright, her feet no longer touched the bottom, she rested instead on the underside of her expanded stomach--Claudia giggled and patted herself.  "Not to worry, Mistress, I feel fine.  I'm made of tough stuff, now.  I should get rid of this excess, just the same, so I can move...good thing I'm already over a drain.  Just redirect most of it elsewhere..."  So saying, she frowned in concentration, and her stomach began to shrink, while her breasts began to expand, becoming firmer than they already were, hard as boulders in fact, and enlarging hugely.  Before long, she was able to stand again--stand while leaned over, at least, letting her greatly increased 'shelf' rest on the tub bottom.  Even with how strong I'd made her, and the modifications I'd made to her spine to strengthen it, she had no hope of lifting up her mammaries; each was larger than she was, and immensely heavy, immobilizing her as her belly had.  But these had ready outlets for what filled them.  First the right one's nipple, then the left, engorged, thickening and lengthening until they were perhaps half a foot long and two inches thick at least, and both began leaking creamy white fluid into the tub.

          With a giggle that was part whicker, Martrena leaned over the basin's edge, and (with a grunt of exertion) lifted one of the enormous mammaries.  "This, I think I can help with...thought so, smells of my cum as much as milk," she murmured before mouthing the huge nipple and giving suck.

          " careful, Mistress, I don't want to..."  Whatever Claudia 'didn't want to' (drown Martrena, perhaps), was lost in a long moan as the unoccupied nipple grew further, to perhaps half-again the thickness already there, and let loose with a stream of milk and semen that drummed loudly against the tub's side, blasting out as if from a high-pressure hose.  A surprised sound from the horse, and a burst of the same fluid which escaped the corners of her mouth to spatter two walls of the room before she could start swallowing desperately to keep up with it, proved that the other nipple had grown equally as large and produced just as much as its mate on the other breast.  And the flow increased its volume, intensifying in force again and again, soon sounding thunderous as the stream pounded the side of the tub, splattering them both with the slippery liquid, Claudia's teats slowly shrinking back down, though I doubted Martrena, whose belly was already swelling from the great amounts going into her, would be able to drain even the one without either losing her grip on it or ending up as immobile as the fox had been.

          An insistent tug on first two of my own nipples, then the other pair, brought my attention back to the rodents I was...entertaining.  All four of their mouths fastened on me, the mice apparently all thinking getting another good drink of my lactate sounded wonderful; seeing no reason not to oblige them--and why not, it would feel lovely to us all, and the magic tainting my milk would help them endure my reaming of their small bodies--I let the stuff flow, filling their mouths, not choking them as long as they kept swallowing it all down.  Like all my body's fluids, not just my semen, I could magically enhance the volume until I could easily drown them in the stuff, but as I'd said, killing them (or anyone) wasn't in my plans.

          Rutting with them until they'd surely wonder how I *hadn't* killed them, however...  My lifted tail wiggling above my hindquarters, further aerating my intoxicating scent, I practically attacked the quartet, ramming into the one at my crotch until the packed feathers of the mattress (this was a long time before bedsprings were invented) became indented with her rump, her squealing around the nipple she mouthed as I slammed my hips against hers at a manic pace, bruising her flesh below her fur, making her tail twist corkscrew-fashion as I gave her more orgasms, faster orgasms, than she likely would've had in her whole life, the peaks and valleys blurring into one almost agonizing wave of lusty bliss.  Not that I neglected the other three, far from it.  They received their own reaming, the six tentacle-cocks driving in and out of them, each at its own pace, not as hard or fast as the assault by my 'main guns' without my thigh-muscles to propel them, but enough to ensure they, too, came and came over and over again.

          Squeals came from their mouths, muffled by my breasts; moans, growls and churrs came from my own, the churring deepening to a lionlike rumble as my own peak drew closer...shifting briefly to a squeak of my own, then to more catlike purring as a sharp pain came from my lower left nipple.  The mouse at it, Millie I thought, though I soon stopped even trying to figure out which was which--they all were lusty, lovely, and had tender warm holes for the filling, who cared who they were?--had begun chewing on her mouthful, grinding her teeth against me.  Blunt teeth, for the most part, it's true--omnivores, mice did eat meat, but their dental arsenal was far from being a predator's fangs--and my own flesh was tough enough I hardly even bled, but still...  Far from being upset (enjoying the rough treatment, truthfully, there's always been a bit of masochist to me who loves biting, clawing, and so forth, a match for the sadistic part who loved doing unto others in the same fashion) I grinned.  And nodded to myself.  The little one had made up my mind for me, about who to choose for the next round.

          Martrena had evidently lost control over the gushing nipple she had mouthed, as her stomach was only slightly swollen when I looked back, though the fox's breasts were back to normal size.  She, as well as Claudia of course, were drenched completely, their fur plastered to them, looking like they'd been caught in a cloudburst.  A milky-white cloudburst.  Laughing at her own drowned-rat appearance, the horse tugged her sodden hair from her eyes and grinned at the vulpine.  "Now, I know that wasn't all of it.  Where've you hidden the rest?"

          Her ears pinkening in a blush, Claudia looked down at the iron-and-leather shorts she still wore.  Which bulged even more prominently, now, the oblong shape of her sheath overmatched by the more rounded shapes of her testes; I suspected that even if I hadn't had sharp rabbit-ears, I would've still heard the leather creak, and the chainmail links grind together as they tried to contain those immense balls.  "It seemed the best place...gods, I'm full, now, though..."

          Pulling her soggy blouse off--the dampened silk no screen anyway, clinging to the mare's muscles and breasts--Martrena chuckled.  "Well.  You brought relief to me, seems only right that I return the favor."

          The vixen smiled broadly, but then frowned, evidently recalling her servile status.  "Oh, no, Mistress, no need to concern yourself, my duty is to serve--"

          "Don't question your Lady, child," Martrena cut her off.  "That's the first lesson.  If I'm to keep you, and I may, a delightful treasure like you would indeed be worth the keeping, you'd best learn that what I say, goes.  No exceptions.  If I choose to be generous, well, that's my prerogative, isn't it?  Now, give me that key.  I want to see what I may end up owning."

          Meekly, Claudia drew the key, chain and all, from around her neck and handed it over, then, apparently not wanting a repeat of how the fox got knocked down by her own stallion-hood, Martrena lifted the fox out of the tub, then knelt beside her and unlocked the padlock.  Just as well, since the shorts flew open before landing on the floor with a clatter, and out soared the massive fox-cock, pushing forward brazenly from a nest of silvery pubic fur, starting off relatively small of course, but swiftly growing erect, the organ curved upward slightly, brown for most of its length, the half-foot or so below the canine tip pink; the head itself growing purplish as it engorged, precum already beginning to stream from it.  It was several inches thicker and nearly a foot longer than Martrena's own endowment, but still, the thing was definitely built along vulpine lines, not equine, up to and including the slightly-swollen knot just outside of her sheath.  Even then, enormous as it was, the phallus was outdone by Claudia's heavy balls, which forced her legs apart with their weight as they swelled to truly giant size now that nothing held them back, their overstretched sac not merely hiding her thighs and knees, but very nearly concealing her ankles from view from the front as well.

          Whistling, the noise trailing off into a lusty whicker, Martrena fondled the straining cock, which immediately began letting loose with streams of preseed that arced out a good ten feet before splatting to the floor.  "Similar in size to mine, is it?" she commented, sounding amused.

          "I'm a bit...larger than normal."  Claudia bit her lower lip, either from embarrassment or just from the lust she was obviously feeling.  In any case, the object in question grew an inch or two larger, and even stronger gouts of pre started pouring from it.  "I--" she began, but was cut off by a paw-wave from Martrena.

          "That wasn't a complaint, little one," the horse chuckled, grinning.  "I think I know how I'll relieve you this time...and no protests, it'll quench my fires as well."  She got down on all fours, then hunched lower when she realized her hindquarters were still higher than Claudia could comfortably reach, and flipped her tail up over her back.  "Maybe it's strange...after coming from this thing," she prodded the side of her new endowment, which not only refused to go flaccid, but became more rigid as new excitement filled her, "but I'm feeling desperate to have one inside me now."

          The vixen seemed primed and ready to do so, in fact had to aim herself to the side to keep from gushing proof of that over the mare.  "Which hole would you prefer I fill, Mistress?" she asked.  "Or should I do both of them?"

          "Both?!" Martrena repeated.  "Don't tell me you can do..." she glanced over to where I was still hammering away at the mice, no doubt looking at the twin staffs I sported, then back at Claudia...just in time to see the vulpine's sheath expand, and a second shaft spurt from the overstretched vent.  The extra cock started off small, and slender, of course--how else would it ever be hidden?--but soon swelled to match the first, and begin sending its own messy streams out across the floor.  "If I had a dozen of you, good Goddess but the harem that would make," Martrena murmured breathlessly.  "Well, then, both it is.  Let's see how you do at pleasing your Mistress, before I decide if you'll be mine."

          From the whinny that sounded moments later, as Claudia did as she was bid, the vixen did quite well, as I'd known she would.  But I had my own bodies to fill, and there was only so much I could do while my attentions lay elsewhere.  Grunting ferally at the murine quartet, I humped at them all with punishing force--not as hard or fast as I possibly could, they were merely mortal, after all, and I had no wish to break their bones--slapping the one's hips with mine to make a report like a pistol shot, while the other three got crammed full of twisting, jerking, ever-moving cock-tentacles.  They lost their hold on my nipples toward the end, getting splashed with a few last jets of my milk as they arched their backs and howled almost in unison in a new, volcanic climax.

          And I wasn't far behind them.  I could've withheld my own orgasm awhile longer--hours longer, truthfully--but there was little reason; particularly not when I planned to fuck them again soon afterward.  Rarely one to come quietly myself, I arched my back just after the foursome squealed yet again, feeling the tips of my cocks and tenta-cocks flare as Martrena's would, and gave vent to a scream of my own, a rabbit's cry, almost mournful in sound...followed quickly by more howls as the mice felt my semen enter them at force, hot, just shy of scalding temp (I was moderating that, of course; I'm a fire demon as well as a sex demon, and the stuff could've been lava-hot if I'd wished), and so much of it their tiny bellies quickly rounded, growing plump with my seed, the force lessened, as it was channeled eight ways, but still profound.

          Still, I yanked myself from all four's bellies before the pleasure of being so full could turn to pain, jetting some last streams of the potent stuff on them as I fought to end my climax early, in minutes instead of the hours it might otherwise go on for.  It was rather like trying to drive back a river with a leaky bucket, taking all my strength, but I persevered, clamping down internally, making the flood fall back to a trickle from each and every phallus.  Panting, more from that last exertion than from the sex, I sat back while the mice recovered--and drained--and watched Claudia and Martrena again.

          They were quite far along in their own rutting, from the looks of things; in fact, from how Martrena shuddered while her belly grew larger, soon pressing against the floor below her, and Claudia thrashed at the mare's backside, yipping and moaning as she came, unable to thrust anymore as her cocks' knots were lodged in her prospective Mistress' cunt and tailhole, they were about finished.  Claudia was panting in between breaths, her tongue dangling from her muzzle a foot or so, with a line of spittle spilling from it, while the horse's chestnut pelt (aside from the various other fluids that decorated it) bore a foam of equine sweat, Martrena able to get rid of the heat inside her more easily than most furs could.  Of them both, she looked to have withstood their fun better than the fox had, staying on all fours while Claudia, exhausted, rested atop her, giving an occasional moan or whicker of afterglow as her belly slowly swelled, and swelled...

          ...and kept on swelling, over ten minutes later.  "Gods," she muttered, patting herself, her hands no longer able to reach the floor.  "Are you ever going to stop?"

          "I can't, Mistress," Claudia panted.  She gave another yip as yet another gush of fox-seed spewed into the mattress the mare was becoming.  "Not as long as I'm tied.  I'll keep going for...well, we'll be stuck together at least another hour or two.  I can lessen the flow, if you'd like, but I can't stop it.  Or I can try to pull out early--"

          "Don't you dare!"  Patting herself again, making the volumes already within her slosh about, she smiled.  "I want to feel every drop inside me...don't forget, the demon changed me, too.  I know how to get rid of the excess, myself."  The smile became a grin that was almost predatorial, for all that a herbivore gave it.  "And I know just where to put it."

          Despite having no idea what Martrena meant, I didn't concern myself with it; the two were hitting it off well, that was the important thing.  Sufficiently recovered by now, and with the pair having things under control, I looked away from them again, and to the rodent sisters.  They, now drained of most of my seed--happily, this room contained several drains in the floor, or we might've been awash in a shin-deep tide of semen by now--had much as I would allow.

          I stalked toward them on hands and knees, making them sit up and blink at me in surprise.  "You're ready again, already?" one asked, disbelieving.

          "She's a rabbit," another answered, saving me the trouble.  "If she even fucks us half as often as they're supposed to..."

          Despite an urge to smile wickedly at that, I didn't, and said nothing about it; no boasts of my prowess were needed anyway when they'd soon experience it for themselves.  Sniffing first one, then another, I grinned at the second one.  "You were the one who bit my nipple."

          She blinked, and gave a squeak.  "How--"

          "The smell of my blood's on your breath.  Don't bother apologizing," I went on before she could do more than reopen her mouth, tapping her nose with a finger.  "I'm not mad.  I rather liked it, actually.  In fact, you win.  You're next."  Grinning more ferally, I advanced on her, making her lay back again reflexively.  Not satisfied with that, I deftly turned her over onto her stomach, and grabbed her hips, lifting her into an all-fours position, and inserting my twin cocks in her still-stretched orifices again, hilting myself easily this time.

          While her sisters watched, wide-eyed and nearly drooling, she ground her rump back against me, her pink tail curling about my waist, her blunt claws all digging into the wooden floor.  I gave a few easy thrusts, letting my abdomen smack against her tailbase each time, and grinned at the other three.  "Here's the game, kitlings.  By whatever lovely coincidence, there's three of you, and six of these to go between you," I lifted up a swollen cock-tentacle to their gaze.  "You get two each.  Your job will be to pleasure them all as best you can.  The very best will get this."

          The threesome looked puzzled...but only for a moment.  I tugged myself out partway, so they could plainly see when the top shaft seemed to pull back halfway into my body, while the bottom extended out to half-again its length, pushing deeper into the cunt and womb of the mouse I rutted; then the process reversed, the top extending deeper into her bowels, while the bottom drew back.  No muscles were required, just my magic; neither was really moving, one shaft shrinking while the other grew, but the effect was as if they thrusted in and out like pistons, first slowly, but picking up speed, soon hammering away at the shrieking rodent's insides, so swift the friction of their passage made a wet slurping noise that just rolled on, and on...

          It was joined by a throaty rumbling churr from me; I was hardly immune to the effects of friction, after all, with both of my cocks' bells moving so quickly through the passages they pierced.  And in moments I was given new reasons to churr as the other three mice engaged in a pleasant bit of sibling rivalry, one wrapping a tenta-cock around her body while she throated the wriggly thing, jamming the other under her tail, the second doing her best to lick and suckle two at once, while the third--possibly the winner of this round, we would see--was truly enterprising, pushing both of her toys together and (while squirming and crying out at her self-torture) threading both into her cunt at once.

          Thrusting my hips against the squeaking body in front of me was hardly necessary, but I did all the same, instincts driving me on, and me having no reason to fight them.  Leaning over her, I gave myself to the doggy-style ('bunny-style', I tended to think of it) ramming, and grabbed one of her ears in my muzzle, treating it to the gentlest possible touch of my needlesharp teeth while suckling on both it and the small amounts of blood I drew.  Even I, the more than a thousand-year-old demoness, couldn't last very long with all this going on, the sensations were too intense, but there was little reason to hold back.  And ample opportunity to give the mice the ride of their miniscule mortal lives; whichever one had mentioned about rabbits mating many times was far more right than she knew, with me.  If I had any complaint at all, it was that nothing and no one reamed my own hips; a good from-behind fucking was all I'd need to make this complete.

          As if in answer to my thoughts, I was startled, my thrusts pausing, by first a large hand--Martrena's--grasping my right hip, then by something thick and prickly-feeling--Claudia's lush tail, which the horse had grabbed--being stuffed into my anus.  What lanced into my femme cleft a few instants later, though, was unfurred, slippery, and a good deal thicker.  Martrena leered at me as she shoved the tail deeper into me, while, with Claudia still on her back pumping her even more full of semen, she forced her horsecock against, then thru, my cervix and into my womb.  Her belly, I immediately noticed, was only slightly swollen, now...and merely with the semen the fox jetted into her prior to it being channeled into the monstrously-grown balls now dragging the floor behind her, for later depositing within me.  The stallionmare knew 'where to put' the enormous load of seed, indeed.

          "Thought you'd like to enjoy your own handiwork," Martrena grunted as she began using me like a mare, shoving her maleness deep into me.  "And to know I'm gonna keep her, I've decided," she added, while peering over her shoulder at the vulpine.  "Don't know if it's love now...but I could grow to love this little one."

          Grinning toothily, I returned to my thrusting, feeling the twin joys of pushing my pistoning shafts into the mouse, those and the ones the other three murines played with beginning to flare and jerk with approaching orgasm, and forcing myself back on the huge stallion-cock and the tail Claudia helpfully kept still for me while I impaled myself on it.  "And what," I panted between strokes, "do you, say, to this, Claudia?"

          The little fox shone with more than just afterglow, now, as she hugged her new Mistress from behind, and continued to supply volumes of watery foxseed to augment the thicker stuff Martrena's own balls provided.  "I think you've more than fulfilled your part of the bargain," she told me.  "I thank you.  And I release you."  I felt a giddy rush that had nothing to do with the sex as she did just that, my powers becoming unfettered now aside from the paltry confines of our deal.  "If you'd like, I'll even help you find that Dianella of yours."

          With the earring I'd given the little bunny-sacrifice, I didn't think that would be necessary, but with my many cocks, normal and tentacle-style, all flared now, and my own tailhole and sex getting reamed even as I reamed the mouse at my crotch, I was unable to voice it.  Or anything much besides churrs, growls and the occasional moan.  To make everything even more wonderful, I was freed in the mortal world for the length of Dianella's lifetime--which might be a long one indeed, no matter what Claudia thought; making the bunny immortal was beyond my power then, it's true, but I could change her in other ways to make that lifetime last half a millenium, easily--and I was being thanked for what I'd done!

          What I'd done included what my bargain with the mortal mage had spelled out, it's true.  But, given a few months, thanks to the fertility control that came to me as easily as breathing came to these mortals, Claudia and Martrena, as well as most of Martrena's stable of femmes, and various other females I'd managed to fuck in the short time I'd been among them, would find themselves carrying kits that...just might have tiny little horns when they were born, if allowed to come to term.  Which the pair, at least, just might allow, imagining the sorcerous power half-demon kits would have at their disposal.  I myself was considering letting Martrena's seed take root, to raise my own brace of sorcerer/demon halfbreeds.

          I'd also touched a good many other lives in numerous ways, tempted quite a few mortals, male, female, and otherwise, so that they just might end up following the path that would lead them to what they called Hell--which may be paved with good intentions, according to legend, but the signposts are pure temptation, something I excelled in.

          And in one to five centuries, who knew how many mortal lives I could touch, how many more pleasures I could enjoy, how many more young ones I could father or many more I could tempt from the 'righteous path.'  And who knew how much power I could gain in that short time?  Each life I touched, each life I brought into the world as father or mother, each of their children, was a living battery for me, adding to my own strength.  Perhaps, enough strength, bring my dead mother back to life.

          I didn't learn a lot from my mother, in the short time I knew her, but a few of her lessons stayed with me.  Such as how to be subtle in my doings, a rare trait among my unsubtle kind.  And how an immortal could afford to bide her time in the worlds, build power slowly...after all, what was time to us?

          "Sometimes it's good to be evil," I gasped, moments before letting loose with a shriek, as my sex wrung the seed from Martrena, and my own rocketed into the sweet little bodies I rutted.


"This tome dedicated, as always, to my mate Martrena, who I love with all my heart...and also to the last one I might be expected to show gratitude to:  a demon.  For, despite all the lessons I have shared here--the result of many years in which I learned better, and somehow survived the experience--I was once a foolish young necromancer who went about summoning one of the Infernal Beasts in entirely the wrong way, every step I made a disaster...but was shown, by the demon succubus/incubus whose name amongst we mere mortals is Chessia, that sometimes, against all odds, how NOT to summon a demon can be the right way after all."

--Archwizardess Claudia, 'Treatise on the Summoning of Demons'

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