How NOT to Summon a Demon


Lesson Two:  Treachery comes as naturally to demons as breathing to we mere mortals; under no circumstances, ever, should you let your guard down around the creature you summon.


--Copyright 1999 Michael J. Hansen


          I smiled as Dianella put both hands on my cock, examining it with her fingers, exploring me almost.  From the blunt pointed tip to where my sheath still covered the first two inches next to my body, and farther, her paws moved, stroking the swollen lips of my feminine sex as well, then feeling the weight of my testes in their bulging sac, splaying her fingers wide to hold them both.  She blinked, again and again, shifting her knees in the ankle-deep layer of semen covering the floor around us.  It looked like we were in our own private pool.  Pentagonal, about five paces across, the wards (meant to keep _me_ in, but doing a little more, obviously) made an invisible barrier that the creamy white fluid couldn't cross.

          "Gods," she murmured, distracting me from watching a trickle of her nectar escape the wide-open lips of her sex, running down her leg and disappearing in the pool below her.  The scent of her estrus was getting to me, I realized.  I was truly a demon, despite the furry form I wore, but I'd become enough of a bunny for her heat to arouse me.  Something few mortals seemed to understand over the centuries I'd come to spend among them; no matter what form I took, from this first bunny-shape which my father had given me to the dozen or so mortal desires would give me, when I changed, I _became_ what I changed into.  Mentally, as well as physically.

          It was ironic, perhaps.  The supernaturally potent pheromones that exuded from the musk glands under my tail were possibly my most powerful weapon.  But, scenting the pheromones of another, I tended to react just as any mortal fur would, making them a powerful weakness for me, as well.

"These weren't as large as they are now, before, were they?" she asked, squeezing my testicles gently while looking around at the product of my earlier orgasm.

          Unable to resist a giggle, I shook my head.  She still looked a bit worn, even after my milk bolstered her strength as well as causing her body to grow more durable (and making her go into heat), but I felt refreshed.  The sexual energy I gleaned from her orgasms fed me, as well as the fluids her body released.  The latter wasn't as nourishing as semen, but my body could still digest it, grow strong from it.  She'd grow weaker, the longer we had sex; the reverse would happen to me.  There would come a time when my strength would wane, since the power I could draw from her would grow weaker and weaker, leaving less to sustain me.  Whether she could survive that long, even with the changes in her caused by my milk...that remained to be seen.

          She licked her lips, her eyes trained on my phallus again.  "I think we'll have to drain off a little...excess," she giggled, "before I have this in me again."

          Chuckling, I cocked my head to the side as I looked at her, my left ear flopping over sideways.  I glanced over at my 'Master' briefly, smirking when I saw the robed fox still trying to adjust his robes over his erection.  Proof that he might be protected against me by the wards surrounding me, but I could still affect him in some ways.  But the 'sacrificial offering' he had provided for me was more important to me, right now.  "And you'll do" I teased.

          Dianella answered by opening her mouth as wide as she possibly could, her jaws gaping, and closed her muzzle around my shaft's tip.  Others might've worried a bit then, seeing her cute buck teeth, which she surely couldn't keep out of the way of my cock's girth, but I wasn't.  Keeping my cock from growing, either choking her with its length or cracking her jaw with its thickness, was a greater concern.  My magic could help her, but mortal bones and tendons could only stretch so far.

          What the recently-virginal lapin lacked in experience and technique, she made up in enthusiasm.  Her soft tongue swarmed over my organ, and her strong suckling was rewarded by a steady flow of my precum.  She wasn't able to keep her teeth from me, my shaft was just too large, but after her first accidental bite left a reddened mark on my cock-flesh, and provoked a moan from me, my paws twining in her hair, she didn't bother to try.  She didn't quite gnaw on me, but many more red marks soon appeared as she tilted her head from side to side while drawing me in and out of her mouth.

          She started in surprise when I put my hand on her forehead, pushing her off of me.  "W-what?" she stammered, blinking up at me.  "Why'd you--"  Then she bowed her head, her ears drooping over her face and her shoulders sagging.  "I didn't do it right, did I?"

          In answer, I pushed her chin back up with a forefinger, kissing her soundly when she was facing me again, tickling her tongue with mine.  I smiled at her when I drew back, licking up a little of my precum that had dribbled onto her chin.  "You did fine, dear one," I churred.  "I just wanted to please you, as well."  With that, I laid down on my back in the semen-pool, and crooked a finger at her to come over to me.

          The bunny looked at me for a moment, grinning, looking from my face to my cock and back again.  There was little doubt which she found more remarkable.  "Oh, what a wonder you are," she murred.  Then she straddled my face, spreading her thighs to either side of my muzzle, and grabbed my member to aim it toward her mouth.  Cooing and gasping as I started licking inside her, she opened her mouth wide and crammed my glans in, suckling as much of me as she could manage.

          Which turned out to be a bit more than she'd managed before, to my delight.  Gulping, she forced my shaft down her throat, which bulged alarmingly but was now able to stretch to accommodate it.  My pleasured moans weren't feigned as I lashed my tongue inside her deeply, luxuriating in the increased flow of her delicious nectar, letting it run right into my mouth and down my gullet.  She really was quite a talented minx.  I didn't know where the mage had found this rabbit-femme, but she was definitely a worthy offering for a demon.

          I growled softly when I felt the first tentative touches of her fingers at my female sex, her paws exploring my labia, finding my clitoris and stroking it while her mouth continued its work.  Dianella was a marvel!  I didn't think she had ever been anywhere near a dual-sexed being like myself, but she learned very fast; I felt two fingers begin to stretch my inner folds, start to slide inside me, while her tongue tickled the underside of my engulfed cock.

In retaliation, I alternated suckling on her clit with lathing her sex with my tongue, while bunching three fingers together and entering her with them.  My other paw pressed partway between her buttocks, my index finger caressing the flower of her anus.  When she didn't protest about that--in fact moaned, and rocked backwards, seeming to want to capture my probing finger--I lubricated the digit with her own fluids, then gently forced it past her anal sphincter.  She nearly climaxed as soon as my finger popped inside her, but pulled herself back from the brink, barely.

          Then surprised _me_.  I couldn't see what she was doing, my vision was blocked by her gold-haired sex, but I could feel when she grabbed my member with one paw to steady it, and drew it back out of her mouth.  At first I (understandably) assumed she had done so to catch her breath, but then her teeth started nibbling, hard, at my organ, biting her way up and down it.  She oooed and churred at the muffled "grrrRRRRARRRrrrr" I made as I buried my mouth in her sex, already starting to twitch and tremble with my approaching peak--which arrived in a rush when she stiffened the fingers of the hand not holding my cock, folding her thumb against her palm, and drove it into my cunt roughly, burying it to the wrist in my sex.

          Yowling, I arched my back, nearly bucking her off as I came from both sexes at once, my femsex's hot nectar spilling over onto her forearm, the strong muscles spasming around her fingers, nearly crushing them even as they drew her paw a few inches farther into me.  My male side, not to be undone, swelled to almost twice its earlier thickness, gushing streams of my seed spraying into the air.  She lapped at the flow like a dog at a rain gutter, closing her eyes against the blasts of milk-white that bathed her head, gorging herself on what she could, having no hope of supping on it all.  When she'd drunk her fill, she nibbled at me again, while her hand wriggled the very little bit it could inside me, the lapin apparently realizing the combined sensations would prolong my thundering orgasm.

          We were both bathed from ear-tips to hooves (feet, in her case) with my semen by the time it had finally finished spraying, and I had to prop myself up on my elbows to look at her--the fluid level in our private pool had risen far enough to cover my head when I lay down.  Clutching my erect penis with one paw, looking as if she never wanted to let it go, she wiped the streaming cum from her face with the other so she could see.  Her whole body glowed dimly from the demonic seed covering it, the infernal power no doubt adding to her lust.  Not that there was a great need for that, I could see, and smell as well despite the odor of cum filling the air, her estrus sparking my desire again.

          She rubbed her muzzle against my member, worshiping it almost.  "Mmmmmmm," she purred, kissing my shaft before looking at me again, her blue eyes also seeming to glow.  "Does it ever go soft?"

          Chuckling, I grinned, my razor-sharp teeth and fangs--no cute bunny buck teeth here--causing no fear in her now, and nodded.  "But not as long as I still have a sexual partner who arouses me.  Someone," I reached over, brushing some of her semen-soaked hair away from her face, then stroked her cheek with my fingers, "filled with lust, and sexual energy for me to feed off of..."

          Dianella nuzzled against my paw, her eyes closing partway.  "Oh, I am," she churred.  "I feel like I'm burning feels so good, though..."  Her buck-teeth flashed as she grinned impishly.  "I hope I'm giving you a fine...meal?"

          "The finest," I assured her honestly, sitting up to kiss her.  "Absolutely wonderful."

          Her smile broadened.  "Thank you."  She looked around us, taking in the now-shin-deep pool.  "How can you make so...much?" she asked innocently.

          I giggled, I couldn't help it, but wasn't sure how to answer at first.  Looking away, I started to fabricate some lie for her, but thought, 'Oh, tell her.  She can't do anything about it, really, she's trapped here with me.'  So I met her gaze with my own, and replied, "Blame my incubus side.  We're made to produce lots and lots of seed, to make us better able to father children off of mortals.  Flooding females' wombs, driving out any mortal seed that may already be there, filling our 'mates' to bursting if we have to, to make sure any kits they have are ours.  Add to that my succubus half, feeding off of sexual energy, as well as..." I chuckled, running a paw through our shared 'bath,' "...certain fluids from sex, among other things.  As I feed, part of what I absorb goes toward making even more seed."

          Her eyes widened, and her ears stood straight up, both trembling, in shock, disbelief, or excitement, I couldn't say.  "You-you mean, you can just keep on doing...this?" she waved a paw at our surroundings.

          "Yes," I answered, nodding.  "My succubus side supports my incubus side, which helps provide more food for my succubus side.  I don't _have_ to use both halves of my nature at once like that, but they work very well in tandem."  I giggled.  "And to think my teachers back home said succubi and incubi were never meant to get along together."

          Dianella swooned, eyes closing and her ears draping down over her hair.  I worried for an instant that I'd frightened her into a faint, and made ready to catch her in case she fell over.  Then her paw squeezed my cock, and she smiled dreamily as she opened her eyes to look at me.  "You can just keep filling me like that," she whispered huskily.  "Oh, I want you to!  I don't care if I _drown_ in your seed, I don't care if I can't stand up for a month after, I want you to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me..."

          I could hardly pass up a sweet invitation like that.  "How about now, then?" I churred, getting to my knees, semen sluicing off my fur to drip back into the pool.

          "Already?  But--"   She blinked, then giggled.  "Of course already.  How this, this time?"  She got onto her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder at me with her powder-puff tail raised.

          "Perfect," I murmured, coming up behind her, getting myself into position.  Grasping my shaft with one paw, I rubbed its tip over the delicate flower of her tailhole, spreading the ample amounts of cum covering her over that dark star.

          She gave a start when she felt my prodding, shivering.  "Th-there?  A-all right," she stammered, closing her eyes and holding herself still.

          "Relax," I bade her as I gripped her slippery hips, pushing my thickness against a hole that looked far too tiny to accept me.  "It'll be all right.  You're doing fine, I'll be gentle, at least at first.  Just don't tense up and..."  My voice trailed off, since in the middle of reassuring her, the ring of muscle surrounding her anus had relaxed, and the first inches of my maleness slid inside her.  She gasped and groaned--understandably--but the ease of this entry was...suspicious, at the very least.  Leaning over her while I thrust firmly at her, pushing more of my length into her, I nibbled her right ear, churring into it, "You've done this before," my tone playfully accusing.

          Her ears drooped, but she didn't deny it.  "A few times--"  A particularly hard thrust from me changed her tune midsentence "--a lot more than a few times.  Many times.  I enjoy it, it feels so...but I've never had so much in me, and it's never felt so good..."

          Neither surprised me, of course, my cock's sheer size accounting for the former, the mystic properties of the preseed spilling into her the latter.  I started thrusting in and out, using my usual pattern of driving a little deeper on each in-thrust.  "Not quite a virgin, then, eh?  But I know you were a virgin in your other hole...I took your maidenhood, there's no disguising that..."

          Gasping, she nodded.  "I kept that...part of me...pure."  She began driving her hips back against my thrusts, her insides relaxing and grasping my shaft in time with her movements.  "I wanted to save--oooooOHH--m-my womanhood for the...right rabbit to take."  Craning her neck, she looked over her shoulder at me, her ears still drooping.  "You're not disappointed in me...are you?"

          I humped her backside faster, sensing the well-trained sphincter muscles could take it, particularly with the magical infusion I'd given her strengthening her tissues.  "In a delightful, playful minx who can find ways to surprise me?" I laughed.  Her tail flattened against my belly as I hugged her to me, nibbling at her ears again as I thrust in earnest, my paws squeezing her breasts while I put the strong muscles of my legs to a far better use than hopping about.  "I couldn't be more pleased.  Sorry I ruined your plans to save yourself for the bunny of your dreams, though."

          Dianella managed to surprise me yet again.  Reaching back to brush my cheek with her fingers, she shook her head, and said simply, "No, you didn't."

          Perhaps that was the start of the 'soft spot' for mortals many have claimed rests in what passes for my heart.  Whether due to their tiny lifespans or just some trick of being born somewhere other than the nether realms, they could be astounding.  Capable of perversions that would make the most depraved demon blush, cruelties (particularly to their own kind) undreamt of by immortals, but also of such tenderness.  Even able to put so much love--and for a demon!--into three words like 'No, you didn't.'  I knew then that if I possibly could, I wanted to preserve this enchanting creature, make her my own.  A pet of sorts, mother of as many kits as she could carry, possibly...even more than that.

          Therefore I tempered my anal assault on her, letting my cock grow inside her but not without bounds, keeping within the ability of her body to stretch.  She had dozens of orgasms by the time I finally hit mine, true to my word another prodigious one, making her belly swell, though almost without pain this time, my milk and seed having done its work well.  Dianella screamed and shook through yet another climax as her belly grew huge, looking as if she lay on a fur-covered beanbag by the time I finished jetting into her.

          Her rectal muscles clenched and unclenched around my (yes, still erect) member as her breathing came back under control.  "" she whispered, still panting a bit.

          Giggling, I licked her ears.  "Fine praise indeed."

          She answered my giggle, while shifting under me, making her bloated belly slosh alarmingly.  "Don't know why this doesn't hurt..."  Then something caught her eye, and she pointed at something outside of our prison.  "Ohgods, look!" she whispered.

          Glancing in the direction indicated, I blinked.  I had nearly forgotten the fox-mage in my enjoyment of the 'sacrifice' he had provided me, but he obviously hadn't forgotten us, my pheromones and those Dianella was now producing, or at least the spectacle we presented, having inflamed his lust.  He sat with his back against a wall, eyes closed and his robes hiked up over his waist as he pleasured himself, stroking his erection swiftly with a paw.  Not a bad one as mortals went, I saw, looking at the canine member, the knot at its base starting to swell as he neared his climax.

          "What's he doing?  Oh wait," Dianella whispered, then giggled, "I guess I know what he's doing."

          "Besides that," I whispered softly, suppressing a giggle myself, "I think he's wishing he wasn't stuck out there while we're in here."  I pressed a finger to my lips when the bunny gave a snort of laughter at that.  "Don't disturb him.  I wonder if I can help him..." I mused, an idea coming to me.

          "What do you mean?" she wondered, but I hushed her gently, wanting to concentrate.  Sending mystic 'feelers' out, I found what I had suspected, with the mage...occupied, the wards were weakened, as his will wasn't focused on them.  Not weak enough for me to escape, certainly, or even enough for harmful magic to be used on him.  Magic that the pentagram didn't recognize as harmful, though...that might have a chance.

          I concentrated on his testicles, first, looking them over--again a decent-sized pair, as mortals went, though incubi would call them tiny.  That could change...fertility is part of my kind's field of influence, and using my magic to increase his was very simple.  Caught up in his masturbation, he didn't notice as I made his semen production double, then redouble, again and again, the organs creating the seed enlarging to match.  Swelling to incredible size, his testes soon rested heavily on the floor between his legs, each egg-shaped mass thicker than his thighs.

          Dianella put a paw over her mouth, stifling her laughter as she watched, glancing at me with a grin.  But I wasn't finished yet.  Such a prodigious amount of seed deserved an equally extraordinary shaft to deliver it...

          The mage had one paw cupped around his swelling knot--common self-pleasure tactic with canines, squeezing themselves there to duplicate the feeling of being tied with someone--while the other swiftly rubbed his length, up and down from knot to tip.  Eyes tightly closed, he panted as he rubbed himself past the point of no return--at which time he opened his eyes wide, realizing just how huge his knot had grown, and how long the cock he stroked had become.  Dianella clapped her hands together happily as his now-overgrown, and still growing, member pointed almost right at us, the weight of the towerlike staff dragging it down, becoming over three feet long and looking more like it belonged on a draft horse than a fox.

He had time enough to look past his colossal manhood at me, seeing me staring back at him intently, the wicked, wicked grin I wore made more evil-looking by the greenish glow of my eyes.  He gasped, "No..." just as his orgasm hit, his cock erupting like a volcano, provoking a howl from him as tremendous streams of his fox-seed soared across the room, reaching Dianella and myself easily.  One-way in nature, the wards didn't impede the milky-looking flow, letting it rain down us both, both of us opening our mouths wide to catch some of it, drink of the fox-mage's salty essence.

It didn't only hit us, of course, his organ jerked wildly as it spewed; Roman candles wouldn't be known in that part of the world for a good many years, but that's what his crotch resembled, blast after blast firing from his fleshy cannon into the air.  Some of it washed over the lines of the pentagram, swiftly obliterating some of them.  And sundering the warding.  With a watery _sploosh_, my 'sacrifice's and my shared semen-pool spilled out over the floor, cum flowing in all directions once the invisible walls holding it in were gone.

Dianella moaned as I gently worked my shaft out of her rectum, letting loose the cum bloating her to gush out of her tailhole onto the floor.  Padding carefully, hooves splashing on the floor, I walked over to the helpless mage, catching some of his last bursts full in the face and chest (not that I minded a bit) as his climax died.  "You should be more careful," I churred, grinning toothily at him as I leaned down, reaching toward his gargantuan member--

--only to yank my paw back with a yelp as a strange 'zzzzzt' sound was heard, and my arm first burned, then went numb almost to the shoulder.  "I...was careful," he panted.  "There's...a magick circle...around the room, you can't...harm me, can't even...touch me 'less I be touched..."

I looked around, ears upright and quivering, though I wasn't really relying on sight or hearing.  The smaller ward I had been imprisoned in had masked the larger one while I was inside it--hard to see the forest when one is hemmed in on all sides by trees, after all--but I could feel that what he said was true.  "Very clever," I murred, wiggling my fingers as I examined my paw, finding it undamaged, even if the tingling wouldn't go away for a while, yet.  "Not even in the room, so it's shielded by stone walls.  Very clever indeed."

Shrugging as if I'd meant no harm anyway, I straightened up.  "You'll have to attend to yourself, then," I informed him as I walked back toward Dianella.  "I'll just have to content myself with--" I yelped again as one of my hooves skidded on the slippery floor, and I barely avoided falling.  "This'll never do," I declared, paws on hips.  "And it's a shame to waste any of"

Whispering a few words in my native tongue, a guttural, snarling language most mortals prayed they'd never hear, I concentrated on the semen-tide, in a sense asking it to do my bidding.  I'm no mage--true mages spend years, even centuries, honing their talents, while my centuries were spent improving my sexual skills--but I could hardly spend many mortal lifetimes in the nether realms without learning some magic.  Besides, this spell was sexual in nature, and sexual magic I _was_ trained in.

First, strange ripples disturbed the surface of the semen.  All of it retreated from the walls, flowing against gravity's pull toward my hooves.  Dianella was the first to notice a strange pulling sensation at her fur, swiftly disappearing as her body, as well as mine and the mage's, became cleaner as the seed spattering us left us to join the dome of liquid growing beneath me.  A different kind of pulling made both mortals moan, leftover seed in the fox's overgrown member as well as my leavings inside Dianella's rectum and womb dripping, then gushing from them, the bunny's belly shrinking back down in a rush as she rocked in an orgasm brought on by the strange new sensation, while the fox-mage groaned as a smaller climax made him lose another few quarts of his seed.

With a milky-white bubble of liquid lapping up over my knees, the last part of the spell took effect, and a waterspout-like column of semen formed, forcing itself past my labia and up into my womb.  Arching my back, I moaned, closing my eyes tightly as I shuddered, clutching at my stomach with both paws as it grew larger and larger, bulging grotesquely from the growing weight inside it.  My body immediately began absorbing the stuff, gorging off the abundance of it--my own seed wasn't very nourishing to me, a trick of my nature, I've always assumed, meant to keep me craving the seed of others (what is a demon of desire, without desire, after all).  But enough of the mage's semen as well as Dianella's delicious nectar was mixed in to make a very enjoyable meal.  The flow entering me was too great for me to digest all at once, though, and I looked impossibly pregnant before it finally stopped, my pink-furred abdomen swollen to ten feet in diameter.  It soon shrank back down, my pliable flesh snapping back to normal once my meal was digested.

Still leaving me wanting even more, however.  I was insatiable, as incubus and succubus both.  I've often said that if a sex demon was ever completely, utterly satisfied, that demon would no longer be a demon.  It's a legend among my kind, perhaps true, perhaps not.  No incubus or succubus has ever become satisfied enough to find out.

Dianella gaped at me from where she sat on the floor, one paw covering (as well as fingering) her sex as I turned to her, my member swaying like a tree-limb in the wind and grown even larger than the fox's.  My ballsac swung between my knees, the orbs within grown so large I had to stand with my hooves spread apart, slapping heavily against my legs when I walked over to her.  Her eyes widened, the whites around her irises gleaming, an expression of fascinated horror on her muzzle.  She kept stroking herself, however, and thick, creamy nectar oozed out to drip over her thighs.

With what appeared to be great effort, she pulled her gaze away from my male parts, and peered up at me.  "You could kill me with that," she said, not really a question, though I nodded in response; why lie?  She shivered, then turned away, getting on her knees with her rump turned my way, leaning down until her face nearly touched the floor while reaching back with both paws, using them to spread her sex wide open.

Part of me appreciated her posture--well, more than one part--though the attitude was a bit puzzling after her words.  Canting my head sideways with a frown, ears swiveling toward her, I asked, "What are you doing?"

She looked over her shoulder at me, chin quivering.  "I need it," she begged.  "I need you.  I don't care--I don't care if you do kill me, I have to have you!  Please!  Take me, do whatever you will with me!"

My eyes closed for a moment, and I moaned.  This ultimate was sweet, so very sweet.  I smiled when I looked at her again.  "How could I refuse," I whispered.  Kneeling behind her, I brought my member to bear, sliding it swiftly into her, the entry far easier than it had been the first time I did so, even with the increased size of my cock.  She cried out, paws leaving her sex to go to her belly, feeling the outline of my maleness as it impaled her, heading right to her womb, easily forcing open her cervix to invade that realm as well. 

"Mmmmmm..." I purred in her ear, hugging her to me, compressing my four breasts against her back as I began humping.  "I want to take you to such you pleasures mortals have never dreamt of..."  I licked her ears as she shuddered, her lusty moans sounding like sweet music to me.  "Be mine, and I'll show you such ecstasy..."

Her blue eyes smoldered as she turned her head, craning her neck to look over her shoulder at me.  "I'm already yours," she breathed, smiling happily.

With a churr of delight, I kissed her deeply, sharing breath with her as I proceeded to make good on my promise.


The chamber was windowless, so no light from outside could show how much time had passed when Dianella's strength was finally exhausted.  I was certain it was quite a while, several hours at the very least.  The mage had already left by then, to get some sleep, I supposed.

We lay in a new puddle of semen, vaginal secretions and milk, the floor covered with it, as were the two of us.  My seed seeped from her tailhole and sex, more dripping down her chin and spattering her fur as I cradled her in my arms, kissing her cheek.  "Oh, I'm so sorry," she sighed weakly.

I blinked in surprise.  "For what, love?"

"For failing..."  She stroked a paw over my erection.  "I feel so...sated, I wish I could've satisfied you, too..."

Smiling, I kissed her again, full on the mouth this time.  "You can't, dear one, no one can, it's not possible to satisfy me fully.  You've been so delightful, still.  Be happy with that."

Giving an impish grin, she looked over my cock.  "I'll be happier when I can do more with you."  Her eyes shone at my laughter.  "I wish I was a demon, with one of these, so I could repay you more for what you've done..."

I laughed delightedly.  I don't think of myself as biased toward any sex, male, female or otherwise, but the image of her that formed in my mind, then, transformed into a hermaphrodite, hung like a demon...  "We can talk about that some more later," I murred, kissing her.  "I hope, at least."

She blinked.  "Why wouldn't we?"

Shrugging, I frowned.  "It's not up to me, unfortunately.  That mage who summoned me holds me in his's his say whether I can stay in this world or get sent back to where I came from."

Dianella made a silent 'Oh' with her mouth.  She hugged me tightly, clinging to me with all the strength she had left.  "I don't want to lose you..."

I sighed happily.  "I...don't want to lose you, either," I told her, realizing even as I said it, that I meant it.  "There's a way that I'll always be able to find you, as long as we're both in the same world...if you're willing?"

She nodded quickly, wiping a tear from her cheek.  "Of course.  Please."

"Close your eyes and turn your head to the right.  This will hurt a little..."  She obeyed instantly, and I kissed her cheek.  "Perfect, love.  Stay like that."  Turning my paw palm-up, I wiped it over the semen-coated floor, then licked the fur clean, filling my mouth partway with my own seed.  I closed my muzzle gently around her left ear near the base, washing it in my semen for a moment, then bit, driving my twin fangs right through her ear.  She jumped, but my grip on her kept her from injuring herself further.  Her blood filled my mouth the rest of the way, its coppery taste wonderful, but I sternly kept myself from swallowing, instead letting it mingle with what was already in my muzzle.

When I opened my mouth, the mix of blood and cum was congealing, changing.  A ropy string linked my fangs with her wounds for a second, snapping and forming into a crimson chain with a tiny bell dangling from it.  An intricate earring grew out of what clung to her ear, forming into the head of a dragon nestled in the curve of her ear, its red metal identical in color to my fur, its emerald eyes mirrors of my own.  Two blank square metal stays, also red, appeared on the outside of her ear, with no way to remove the bauble; unless I chose to remove it, she'd wear it until she died.

She raised a paw to her ear, touching the earring gingerly, grinning when the bell jingled softly.  "It's humming," she whispered.  "I can feel it vibrating..."

"That's because I'm near."  I kissed her nose.  "You won't always be able to find me, with it, but when I'm near you, you'll know it."  I cradled her in my arms again, laying down on the floor with her, letting my body serve as a soft mattress for her.  "Now sleep, my dear one.  You've earned a good, long rest..."

The rabbit shook her head weakly, even as her eyes began to close.  "Don't want to sleep...if I wake up an' you're not here, I won't..."  Whatever she was going to say next was lost to gentle snoring.

Kissing her nose again, I rested my head on one arm, preparing to follow her; even demons need sleep, if not as much as mortals, and without Dianella's impressive supply of energy to sustain me, I was yawning loudly.  I smiled at the lovely lapin, looking her over one last time--hoping it wouldn't be the last time I saw her--and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke some time later with the fox-mage back in the room, rudely disturbed, my arms suddenly empty and a magical tingling still running up my arms.  Muzzy from sleep as I was, I realized what had happened--my 'Master' had used teleportation magic, taking Dianella away, to some distance, several miles from the feel of the link from her earring.  I glared at him, my upper lip curling in a snarl.  "Upset, demon?" he asked rhetorically, looking at me from outside a redrawn pentagram.

Rising to my knees, noting the cleanliness of the floor--the mage had been busy while I slept--I gave a shrug.  "I would've liked to fuck that lovely creature a few more times now that I'm awake," I replied honestly.

He looked surprised at that.  "After all you did with her for over two days?"

I raised an eyebrow; Dianella's stamina was that great?  I'd known we'd played for quite a while, but that long...  What I could do with her after proper training and more magical infusions...weeks-long orgies with that remarkable bunny...  Giving a shrug, I said merely, "More sex with her would've been a fine breakfast.  Another wonderful meal on top of all those others..."  I grinned toothily, nastily.  "If you don't know my kind are insatiable, 'Master', you really should consider summoning other things besides sex demons.  We have abilities that can be--"

"I think I saw enough of your abilities for a while," he interrupted.  "My wards need strengthening, obviously."  I felt a little annoyance at that, but knew there wasn't anything I could do--I'd made my play to try to free myself, and failed, there was nothing for it but to accept the consequences.  "You'll stay there while I shore them up."

Not that I really had a choice in the matter.  I lounged as best I was able in the confined space within the renewed wards--he'd made the new pentagram smaller, as if in retaliation for my earlier mischief.  The stone floor wasn't very comfortable, but not the worst place I'd ever lain on (I was from what many mortals called Hell, after all), while he went to work, speaking many incantations, adding more power to his protection.  Also layering on some nasty repercussions if I caused him further trouble.

I confess I dozed off somewhere in his preparations.  Once one gets past the flashing lights and mystic effects of wizardry, spellcasting can be very dull to watch.  Much of it is by rote, really, the same gestures, movements and such repeated over and over in the same way each time.  I reawakened when he was nearing the end of his work, and gazed boredly about until he finished.

"All right," I churred, standing up as he wiped his brow on a cloth.  Pacing to the edge of the warding, I peered at him through the invisible barrier, head cocked slightly and one ear flopping over.  "You've chained me with your magic.  If I turn against you, I'll be flayed alive, hung by my testicles on barbed hooks, eaten by ravaging worms, frozen by the breath of an ice dragon--" my shiver at that was unfeigned, I came from a rather warm region of the netherworlds (rivers of molten iron were a common sight where I grew up), and cold would always be a trouble to me "--and I don't remember what else.  Now, what is it you called me here to do?"

He didn't answer at first; instead he undid the belt holding his robe closed, and pulled it open.  "First, can you do something about this?"

A soft churr rolled in my throat.  My magical...alteration of him was still in force, I saw.  Flaccid, his member hung heavily down, unable to retreat fully into a sheath now far too short for it, his cock-tip dangling below his knees.  He was forced to stand with his legs spread, the weight of his ballsac forcing them apart, the orbs not as swollen as before but still...a lovely sight to see, I thought, at least.  Licking my lips, wishing that the warding was gone so I could get my lips, or some other body part, around that magnificent shaft, I giggled.  "If you really want me's a pity, but if that's the task you want me to perform..."

My words alerted him, and he shook his head, letting his robe fall closed (not quite covering his cock).  If I reversed my magic, my service to him would be done.  He'd called me up for one task only, that was the way his summoning of me had been set up, he knew it, I knew it.  Reminding him was a tactical error on my part, but I didn't really want to return him to mere mortal endowments anyway.  Not while there remained a chance I could enjoy those endowments.  "No, I'll attend to that myself," he muttered.  "I called you here for something else."

"What, then?" I demanded, becoming impatient, wanting this to be over with.  "What task do you need an incubus to perform?"

Instead of answering, he spoke a brief spell, and an image appeared in front of me.  Three-dimensional in nature, the illusion rotated, letting me see it from all sides.  A chestnut-haired equine mare, clothed, but I could easily see she was very lovely, in the generous way of horses.  Sizeable breasts pressed against the linen blouse she wore, and the tight leather pants (rather manish for this day, but I liked the effect) set off her rounded bottom and clung nicely to her mound in front.  They weren't cloven, of course, but I couldn't help admiring her hooves, which were nicely trimmed and well-taken care of, her feathery fetlocks covering them partway.  Though the image resembled what (in this time, at least) would be called a hologram, it was more than just a picture.  A bit of her essence was reproduced in it, giving me a sense of more than just her appearance.

"Very comely," I murmured.  "Lovely.  Not untouched, but with an...interesting unused quality, very appealing.  In her prime...still with the sweetness of youth about her..."

"You sound like you're sampling a wine," he commented.

I ignored him, even if the comparison was apt.  I did hope to sample her.  Drink my fill, if I could.  "Fertile, though she's never foaled...her offspring will be nicely strong.  Interesting...there's a sadness about her, a longing...I'd have to get near her, for real, to know what she longs for."  I looked at my 'Master'.  "Her name?"


"Martrena," I repeated, then nodded, possible reasons for my summoning coming to mind.  "She's spurned you, then, and you want revenge?  I can understand...being scorned by this beauty would be maddening.  Well, I can make her sorry she did so, no question."

"What?" he asked, blinking.

"Something else, then?"  I shrugged.  "No matter, I'll still be able to give you your revenge.  I think driving her mad with lust, turning her into a shell of herself, never being able to find happiness with a mortal ever again--"

"No!" he shouted.  "That's not what I want at all!"

I blinked, this time.  "But that seemed like a good reason for you to summon a demon of lust..."

"I don't want her harmed in any way."  He looked at the still-rotating image.  "I love her.  I want her to be mine."



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