Based (however loosely) on images by Doug Winger, story copyright 2002 Chessia (Michael J. Hansen), all characters copyright 2002 Doug Winger, commercial rights reserved by him, no le touch.


            The key went *snick* in the lock, and the door opened.  Pink nose leading the way, sniffing the air automatically, the dog nodded in satisfaction.  She wasn't here; her scent was all over the apartment, of course, but it was stale, hours old.  There would be a nice surprise waiting for her when she came home, then.

            Smiling to her guest, Pandora led him inside, giving a cheery, "C'mon in!  Don't hang about in the hallway."

            Obeying, the fox stepped inside so she could close and lock the door.  He looked around nervously, his tail wrapping itself around one ankle.  "I've...never done this before," he muttered.

            Grinning, the dog teased, "Never followed a puppy home to have wild sex with her?"  She laughed as the insides of his ears reddened in a blush; the boy was so cute, so naive!  "Good night to start, then.  Drink?"  She nodded toward the apartment's kitchenette.

            Silently, the fox shook his head.

            "Ooh...anxious, are you?  Want to get started right away?" Pandora piped up brightly, watching as his ears somehow managed to get even redder.  What was this fox's name again? she wondered briefly, he'd said it, but she couldn't remember.  Then she decided it didn't matter.  She'd just think of him as Toy, that's what he was, anyway.  Her Toy for the evening.  Such a good little toy...she'd have to try not to break him too soon.  "We'll get started soon, then, since you're so...eager.  I'm parched, though, and you'd better have something anyway.  Wouldn't want ya to get dehydrated on me."  She shot a grin over her shoulder to the fox, then filled two glasses with some wine, thinking to herself, he's about a hundred-twenty, hundred-thirty pounds maybe...ah, give him a little extra, it won't hurt.  Better safe than splattered.  Slyly swishing the liquor around in his glass to make sure the powder she'd slipped into it was dissolved, she passed him the drink, smiling encouragingly at him as they both drained their glasses, him making a face at the taste, but still downing the drugged alcohol.  Then she led him to a door off the apartment's main hallway.  "Bedroom's in here."  She opened a door, ushering him inside and flicking a wall switch to turn on the room's single shaded lamp.

            Toy, his fluffy tail still curled shyly about a leg, looked around, seeming taken aback by the blue wallpaper--or at least the stylized fire hydrants and dog's bones printed all over it--and the green doggie-bone-print bedspread on the king sized bed.  "I've never done this before," he repeated, then elaborated before she could tease him again, "been with someone like you..."

            Pandora smirked, running a paw through her short brown hair and preening shamelessly as he looked at her, peering at her large breasts, then at what was, yet wasn't quite, displayed between her legs.  Having gone to the bars looking for someone like Toy, she'd dressed appropriately, in a laced-up-the-front, midriff-showing sleeveless blouse and a pair of mid-thigh-length Lycra shorts, the whole ensemble so tight it looked sprayed on, and a black that went well with her brown-and-tan fur.  No panty or bra lines spoiled the view, since she wore neither.  A lot of cleavage was shown, as were the tips of her nipples, which pressed against the fabric as if they wished to break did the shape of her flaccid cock and the testicles arranged below it.  "Then I'd definitely say it's a good night to start.  So let's get started!"

            Making a show of modesty that was really anything but, she turned her back on him, shifting from leg to leg in what was almost a dance, her tight firm rump going from side to side while her short tail wagged above it.  She unlaced her top, then tugged it off, coyly glancing over her shoulder to see that yes, Toy was watching her every move, his gaze following as she negligently dropped the blouse to the floor.  Then, still with her rump turned his way, she bent over and wiggled her way out of the shorts--a process requiring a great deal less wiggling than she used, but, tail arched high, she used her shapely ass to good advantage, letting him see it and the dark star of her asshole nestled between the cheeks--finally dropping them to the floor, and stepping out of them as she straightened back up and turned around, conscious of her tits bobbing with the motion, and her more male parts swaying between her thighs.  The latter was what he looked at the most, she saw, but she didn't mind, not a bit.  Raising an eyebrow when he just stared, she asked, "Not disappointed, I hope?"

            Toy shook his head quickly, seeming dumbstruck, and she walked closer to him, licking his nose playfully.  "Now, let's see you," she murmured, kneeling before him to get at his pants' buttons, swatting his paws away gently when he tried to reach down there himself.  "Let me.  My," she said as she released him from both bluejeans and the briefs (polka-dotted underwear, she was amused to discover) he was wearing, seeing his todhood slowly rise, growing erect as she nuzzled it.  Respectably-sized, it was, reaching a length of about six inches; small compared to what was now swelling between her legs, but she didn't care.  Pandora loved cocks, all sizes, all shapes, and this one was worth loving.  She'd get some good use out of this Toy...her and her 'sister.'

            Breathing a sigh of relief, Pup closed the door behind her, and took off her glasses to rub the bridge of her nose.  "I've gotta get a better agent."  The photo-shoot hadn't been hard to act for, just rather dull, and that director..!  She wondered why she hadn't bitten him for taking so long to make up his mind how he wanted her positioned.  "Just a frickin' condom ad, who cares how my legs were bent, that's not what everybody's gonna look at..."

            Suddenly, a noise from her bedroom made her ears prick up, her hackles rise, and she growled, putting her glasses back on and sniffing the air in the same instant.  Then stopped, knowing the scents...well, one of them.  Sure enough, Pandora's voice filtered through the closed door of her bedroom, telling someone (a male fox, from the scent of him), "Mmm, that's good, suck me off, just like that..."

            Chuckling, Pup stripped off her clothes and left them in a heap on the living room couch.  "Now, how'd she know I'd need a good fuck after the day I've had?" she wondered aloud as her phallus fell free, slapping heavily against her right thigh.  She normally kept herself smaller, at least while her clothes were on, but after hours of staying half-erect with a rubber wrapping her cock--proving it was 'Pup-tested, Pup-approved', she thought with a sneer, as if she couldn't go fully erect and split the thing wide open anytime she wanted to--she was more than ready to put that oh-so-very receptive shaft to real use.

            Pandora smiled as the bedroom door opened quietly, the brown circle surrounding one of her eyes crinkling when she winked at Pup as the other puppy entered.  In the pretense of running her fingers through Toy's hair, she kept him at his task, which was suckling on her member; still, he didn't even seem to realize someone else had come in.  The older canine's grin broadened as she saw Pup was already naked, and that monster of a cock her 'sis' sported was waking up, bobbing as it stiffened, seeing her gloriously nude with Toy crouched on all fours before her, his mouth on her cock, no doubt responsible for that.

            Pandora licked her lips as Pup's cock slapped against the muscular dog's breasts; the massive testicles below it had swollen enough already that they rubbed against the bedspread when their owner moved onto the bed, kneeling behind the fox.  Who tried to disgorge Pandora's cock and look to see what made the bed move, but she kept him right where she wanted him, not letting him see the huge pole looming over his backside.  "Don't worry!" she told him brightly, tail wagging.  "It's just my little 'sister', Pup.  I hope you don't mind if she joins us?"

            'Sister' was probably what made Toy nod, and arch his tail up over his buttocks in invitation; even though the two dogs weren't really siblings, if the fox thought they were, well...  Males.  All of them seemed to have that fantasy about fucking twin sisters (which they weren't, of course; despite similarities that many had remarked on, the pups weren't even related.  Unless fucking each other, and quite often, counted).  And since Toy--a bisexual, who had been with tods and vixens both, he'd told her back at the bar--had taken to her dual nature wonderfully well, and would of course (correctly) assume Pup was a shemale just as she was, this might well seem like a dream come true, to him.

            "I should hope it'd be all right," Pup declared with a laugh.  "Since you two are in my place, on my bed.  Mmmm."  The bespectacled puppy had lowered her head to sniff at the fox's backside.  "Perfume?  That's, who's this cutey who perfumes his asshole?"

            Shrugging helplessly, Pandora answered, "I forget...I've just been calling him Toy.  He doesn't seem to mind.  And he is such a nice little toy, isn't he?  Oh!"  She gave a short bark, half-closing her eyes in bliss, kneading the fox's earbases with her fingers.  "Who's got a talented tongue, too, yum..."

            "This tight little spot that smells like lilacs concerns me more," was Pup's rejoinder.  "I'll haveta widen this for him.  Better get it nice 'n damp, first..."

            Toy gave a start as Pup's tongue wormed its way between his ass-cheeks, proving to be a rather talented one as well.  And long, too, poking its way well up into his rectum and worming its way around, caressing his prostate and making his own erect cock twitch, spewing a few drops of precum onto the bed.  Feeling like he was in cock-lover's heaven, a good fat one in his mouth, the largest he'd seen on a canine, about nine inches in length, and one that'd surely be nearly as large due to fill up his ass, he gave all his attention to Pandora's, treating it to the best cocksucking he knew how to give.

            Her cock well past 'nearly as large', about the length and thickness of her arm by now and still swelling larger, Pup spread the pre she was gushing out by the half-pint all over her doghood, making it glisten wetly even before she straightened up, slurping her tongue back into her mouth.  Flexing an impressive amount of muscle--Pup worked out often, and hard, with excellent results--the puppy grasped Toy's nether cheeks, spreading them apart while nudging the tip of her pride in between.  "You take the high road, an' I'll take the low road," she sang (hopelessly off-key) as she pushed forward, growling softly as she forced the resisting tailhole to accept her, defeating the protective sphincters by brute force, "' I'll fill him fulla cum before you...he's a tight one, lovelysofthottight..."

            Yelping, Toy tried to pull away, but even if he could break Pup's immensely strong grip--and he couldn't--the only way to go was forward, toward Pandora, whose hands had been caressing him, but now felt as hard as iron, metal clamps gripping his head and keeping him in place.  He beat his paws against her thighs, but she didn't even seem to notice, pleasure dulling any pain she might feel; indeed, his eyes widened in shock as her balls grew huge, plumping larger before his eyes, filling with some ungodly amount of cum.  Her cock, too, suddenly seemed to launch forward, extending right down his throat, feeling twice as long and growing thick enough his jaws popped.  "Might just beat you t'that," Pandora panted, beginning to hump his face while her doghood grew even larger, holding his head rock-steady with strength she hadn't given him any inkling of.  The older puppy worked out too, though her muscle was more gained by work than weightlifting, and while she was quite strong, her muscle was better-hidden than the other's.  "Good li'l cocksucker, take it all..."

            "We'll see," was Pup's growl as she rammed her way up into Toy's belly and chest.  The rampaging column was well-lubricated, at least, but that was all that could be said in its favor, at least where the fox was concerned.  Toy felt sure his backbone was breaking, his pelvis splitting, his every internal organ getting perforated.  Its progress inexorable, Pup's cock advanced further and further like a hydraulic ram, one spewing quarts of thick precum into him.  He felt sure he should be dead--no one could take that much and live!  Yet there wasn't much pain, or not as much as he would've expected...some pleasure in fact, although not much, his prostate screaming as it was squashed by the growing length of meat up against it, but still stimulated.  Only precum, dragged out by the overthick piston in his guts every time it was eased back for another assault on him, drenched his thigh-fur, not blood.  For that matter, why wasn't he choking to death?  He had no hope of getting a breath past the thickening lance pushing its way down his throat, feeling hellbent on meeting its larger brother down in his belly, yet--despite seeing stars before his eyes, those caused more by the agony of his jaw being forced to stretch wider and wider than by lack of oxygen--he was undoubtedly still alive.

            That's when he remembered...the drink.  The wine Pandora had insisted he have, with its odd aftertaste.  She'd planned this all along, whatever was in that stuff was keeping him intact.  The naughty pup knew what she was doing from the start, had known she would grow too large for his body to stand, that her sister would cram him full of a hundred pounds or more of cock-flesh, so much he felt sure if Pup's paws weren't leaving bruises under his rump-fur, holding him up while she rutted with him, his knees would buckle from the strain.  Pandora--both of the puppies--had turned him into nothing but...a toy.

            Nostrils flaring, Pandora caught the delicious whiffs of helpless fear coming from their now less willing 'guest', the scent awakening predatory instincts in her, making the glans of her maleness flare hugely, the purplish length feeling hard as steel.  She lurched forward, then, forcing herself fully into Toy's mouth--knocking one of his teeth out in the process, the magical powder she'd given him only able to do so much to protect him--and felt the bulbous knot at her pride's base grow, inflating so large Toy's muzzle wasn't able to encompass all of it, locking her inside him.  At last, she gave a keening howl, and let loose.

            In disbelief, Toy felt the mammoth invader he'd admired just a little while before gush inside him, feeling like a hose had been turned on in his belly.  Luckily--though he felt far from lucky by now--the cock was far down into his gullet, spewing directly into his belly, keeping him from needing to swallow to take it all in, since he'd have no hope of ever swallowing fast enough.  Especially when the flow increased, pouring gallons of dogseed into him, making his belly round out from the weight now held within, the stuff having nowhere to go but inside him with his throat and ass both plugged.

            Then Pup came.  Though Pandora had a head start, the other puppy followed suit soon after, the effort of keeping herself partly stimulated for most of the day making her more than ready to relieve the pressure in her balls.  First she, like her 'sister', forced her own cock-knot into its struggling host--that bulbous shape far, far larger than Pandora's smaller one--letting it grow to colossal size, Toy's hips actually creaking as they were forced to wrap around something thicker than his waist, only the mysterious powder he'd ingested keeping him from splitting open.  Pup still almost crushed his bones as she thrashed, roaring out her lust as she let herself go.  If Pandora's orgasm had been like a firehose, this was like a water main bursting in his intestines, his stomach, his chest, heavy fluid warmed by Pup's body blasting into him under high pressure, bloating his torso like a balloon, the fox soon resting atop his rounded belly, legs forced out to either side, arms unable to reach the bedspread below him.

            Now totally helpless, he watched as (cracking another couple of his teeth in the process) Pandora eased her still-swollen knot from his mouth, only mere quarts of cum gushing from her as she tugged herself free while Pup's own climax waned, dying off to a more gentle flow...still gushing by the gallon into him, but more slowly.  Unable to even close his mouth, he sprayed cum all over the bed, each pulse from behind him making his throat disgorge another stream of the pungent stuff.

            Pandora was far from finished, however.  Sliding off the bed, nearly falling on her rump on the floor thanks to the slippery cum-soaked bedspread, she padded up behind Pup, stroking herself to keep herself hard, her own cock still small compared to Pup's, but enormous in its own right, standing out from her loins over two feet, thicker than her wrist at its narrowest point.  Panting from exertion, Pup looked over her shoulder at the other canine, her glasses knocked slightly askew.  "What're you doing?" Pup asked, looking at the other canine.

            "Just this."  With that, Pandora slammed herself into the younger dog's asshole, driving herself deep into Pup's rectum, and began humping even harder than she had at Toy's muzzle, wasting neither strength nor gentleness, knowing well that she couldn't break her 'little sister' quite as easily as the fox.

            Pup yelped, more from surprise than pain, her cock giving a lurch where it was still trapped.  Indeed, she felt only pleasure as she was spread wide, sensitive nerve-endings caressed by the friction.  "Oh...gawd, Pan!  Ooh...y'know what that'll do to me..."

            "'Course," Pandora panted, not pausing in her thrusts.  "Make you really fill our 'toy' full...then we'll both sleep on a foxy waterbed...worry 'bout cleaning up in the morning..."

            Grunting, already starting to spurt more semen into the hapless vulpine, Pup looked down at her living cock-cozy, past caring about the mess they were making.  "Then--rrf--fuck me, sis...fuck me...HARD..."

            Toy felt the thrashing of the sisters, his swollen body getting jostled about as well, their whimpering moans echoed by his own.  He couldn't see as Pandora let her shaft swell to rival Pup's own, and lodged her knot in the younger dog's backside, to spray volumes of seed Pup was far better able to handle...but the effect on Pup was electric.  While his tormentor roared again in lust, he stared, shocked at the impossibility of it all, the whites of his eyes showing, as that cannon grew to phenomenal size, pushing out against his belly, the shape of the flared head clearly visible, while the whole thing grew to astonishing size--its knot most of all, splaying his legs wide as it expanded to beyond medicine-ball proportions--then truly gushed.

            His belly expanded as if a bomb had gone off inside it, but miraculously still held together.  And that was only the first pulse.  More, one after the other, hammered into him, enlarging him to well past enormity, his arms and legs quickly lost to the swell of his body, vanishing into folds of flesh.  Breasts developed, not the pleasant round ones of a vixen, but giant sagging bags filled with semen, their nipples swelling obscenely and leaking cum, not milk; Pup's flailing paws found one, the thing overfilling her hand as she gripped it, and jetting cum onto the wall behind the bed.  Even his tail filled, turning into a great bloated sausage-shape stretching out next to the dogs' thighs.  He had just enough time to gasp, "Oh, shit--" before his mouth was forced open, and a plume of white fluid hit the headboard hard enough to knock it against the wall with what arced from his gullet.  That stream continued, ebbing slightly as the flow into him did likewise, but always returning to its earlier rate soon after.  Cum spurted from his nostrils, as well, along with his own cock--whether Pup's or his own, he couldn't say, if he was climaxing in all this, he never even felt it, but his loins added to the mess all the same--out his mouth of course, in twin streams from his nostrils, from his nipples...he wouldn't have been surprised if the stuff was coming out of his ears, but not enough was lost for him to drain, an equilibrium being reached, Pup pumping into him just as fast as he lost the excess, keeping him in the shape of an enormous beanbag.

            Cock only giving a few last lurches within her 'sister', spent at last though still hard, Pandora nuzzled the younger puppy's floppy ears.  She watched as the flood of white in the room reached ankle-level, but no higher; ripples in the liquid showed where it was flowing under the bed, then disappearing.  "Good drainage," she commented.

            "Only the best," Pup answered, tongue lolling as she panted.  "Big grating...right under the bed.  Mmmm...thanks, Pan, I needed this..."

            Chuckling, Pandora licked the other's ear.  "Only the best for my 'sis'.  Gonna be a big cleanup in the morning, though."

            "Worth' you should always clean up, after you use foxes..."  Despite the incredible flood still coursing through Toy, she yawned tiredly; coming for the sheer joy of it by now, letting her balls replenish her supply as soon as it left them, able to continue for hours on end in that fashion.  "Gonna go 'sleep...think I'll let m'self come 'til mornin'..." she murmured, resting on the soft pillowy shape Toy had become, her eyes almost closed.

            "Sleep, then, and I'll sleep with you," Pandora crooned, resting her muzzle on the muscular puppy's shoulder.  "Sleep well, dream lovely wet dreams..."

            Soon, Toy was the only one still awake, but not for long, exhaustion setting in, along with a strange feeling of acceptance.  Passing out, he no longer cared what would happen to him; all he really knew for sure was that his first--and perhaps last--encounter with Pandora and Pup had reached



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