HORSE-HUNG HERMAPHRODITE seeks committed size-queen, 21-35, HIV-, DDF (I am same), gender and race unimportant, for...let's face it, I need sex, with somebody who wants sex with me and won't run away because of my size. Must be on the pill if female, condoms don't work with me, I'm too big, they break. Large-bodied a plus, I'll be able to fit more inside you, though I prefer muscles to fat. Contact 'Stallion.'


HOPELESS SIZE-QUEEN, bi female, height-weight proportionate, HIV-, DDF, wanting something more in life. I've seen all the ones who claim they're hung like horses then are tiny down below, I want the real thing! Pictures of you a plus so I'll know I'm not wasting my time, I'll trade pictures of me. I can fit a lot in me--more than any man has managed so far, so if you're really horse-hung, don't worry, you'll fit. Contact 'Queenie.'


The Personals


Copyright 2004 Michael J. Hansen


          "Let me guess, you've never done this before," the black woman said as the card-key went *click* in the hotel room's lock. Her six-foot-nine, muscular frame nearly filled the doorway as she opened the door and led the way inside, her sleeveless blouse and short skirt, both a sunny gold color, helping emphasize a physique that looked like it had been carved from solid ebony. Small breasts jiggled as she chuckled at her silent companion, and put a hand up to brush her many tiny braids out of her eyes. "You kinda have that 'deer caught in headlights' look about you, like you're not sure you want to go through with this."


          "I do," the other answered, shocked into speaking. Well-built herself, though not quite as formidably as the Amazon she was with, the Caucasian failed to present as forceful a presence. She was only about five foot four, and her demure blue dress wasn't very flattering on her in the black woman's eyes. Shoulder-length blonde hair swayed as she shook her head. "I've been wanting this for so long...I can't pass up this chance."


          Nodding, the tall female closed the door, and set the privacy lock. "I've been through the personals game a few times...and always been disappointed. I'm hoping this time...anyway." She gently steered the other to sit on the room's lone king-sized bed, then, still standing, reached around herself awkwardly. "They always put these zippers in the worst places...there." There was a raspy sound, then she pulled off the blouse, revealing a chest that brimmed with muscle, her breasts standing pertly up from powerful pectorals. Brown nipples immediately became erect in the cool air of the hotel room. "Since we never exchanged pictures, we're both here wondering what the other looks like without the clothes, so we may as well find out."


          Eyes wide, the shorter woman looked thunderstruck as she watched her companion undress, both hands going to her lap--or, more accurately, her groin--and arranging themselves like a shield.


          Chuckling again as she saw the other guard herself, the black woman shook her head, the beads at the ends of her braids clacking together. Bending over slightly, deciding to deliberately tease her companion, she turned around, shifting her ass back and forth--a glance back over her shoulder proving that the white female was staring as if mesmerized--while she pulled down the zipper holding her skirt on. She made a little strip-tease out of it, slowly revealing the dark globes. Having been sure she wouldn't be clothed for long, she hadn't bothered with panties, so once she let that garment fall to the floor, all that remained was for her to kick off the low-heeled pumps from her feet. She turned around then, her skin a trifle darker than before with her blush. "Like what you see?" she asked simply.


          If anything, the other woman's eyes got even bigger, her skin even paler, until the black woman feared she might pass out. Nodding quickly, the smaller female pressed her hands more tightly against herself.


          Laughing, the first woman grabbed those hands, pulling them away from the other's crotch, then tugged her into a standing position with them. "None of that, girlfriend, it's your turn!" Chuckling more, she found the zipper at the back of the smaller female's dress, pulling it down, then she unceremoniously yanked the garment off over her new friend's head. "I see you've been luckier than me, you obviously work out like I do..." an ebony hand carressed a lighter-skinned muscular back just before finding the catch holding the lacy white bra on, and pulling it off to reveal cream-colored breasts tipped with pink nipples. "I've done so much weightlifting my tits're about down to nothing."


          "Yours are fine!" came the immediate protest. "I take--"


          A laugh and a finger at her lips stopped her. "Don't let my bitching worry you, hell, I did it to myself," the ebon powerhouse gave her chest a jiggle. "I like my lovers with good-sized tits all the same, you look beautiful...though if you were starting to say you take some kinda hormone treatments to keep yours looking so nice, I want in on 'em." Another laugh. "That's not what I'm really here for, though..."


          Evidently sensing what was to come, the pale one put her hands over her white-pantied crotch again, only to have them pulled away.


          "None of that, those things come off now!" A quick yank, a tearing of cloth, the panties falling to the floor in two pieces, and both of them were completely naked.


          "Oh, my, God," the ebony Amazon breathed, her eyes, this time, looking big as saucers. One hand went to her mouth, the other down to the apex of her thighs, stroking over her clean-shaved cleft, her index finger pressing between her outer labia. "When you called yourself 'Stallion', you meant it, didn't you?"


          Blushing scarlet, 'Stallion' looked down at herself, at the semi-aroused phallus rising from a trimmed thatch that matched her blonde hair in color, the mighty penis far from erect but already over a foot in length. Redder than the rest of her, it draped heavily over a ballsac that looked enormous, the orbs inside it bigger than softballs. "I get bigger when I'm aroused, so if you're going to run away like all the rest, now's the time," she said softly, eyes still downcast.


          "Run away?! When I've got my dream in front of me? Though when I dreamed of having somebody horse-hung, I really didn't think 'he'd' have tits," 'Queenie' laughed, reaching up to tweak one of Stallion's pink nipples between two fingers. "I'm not complaining, mind...mmm, yep," she had gotten down on her knees, and lifted Stallion's endowments upwards to see the pink-lipped female sex hidden behind the white hermaphrodite's sac. "You've got all the parts I love, all in one'll have to forgive me if I concentrate on one right now, though," she curled one huge hand around the cock in front of her, or tried to, her fingers couldn't wrap all the way around it. "Or I'll try to, lessee if I can get this beauty in my mouth..."


          Gasping as Queenie proved more than able, drawing her member in, the bulbous, uncircumsized head nestling at the back of Queenie's throat, Stallion clutched at the black woman's head reflexively, unconsciously driving herself forward against the delightful lips around her shaft's base. "Careful, I'll...ohgod," she moaned.


          What the herm hadn't quite managed to say became obvious, Queenie's eyes widening while her throat visibly distended. Starting to choke on the more-than-mouthful, she pushed against the other's body with both hands, pulling back off a penis that just seemed to keep on emerging from her mouth, its flesh reddened further by the teeth she couldn't help running along it while it was disgorged. Finally able to let it flop down, its own weight making it smack against a ballsac that also seemed bigger, she fought for breath. " weren't kidding, how big is this thing?" Queenie lifted it up, marvelling at how it had enlarged.


          "Twenty inches, about four inches thick when I'm fully erect, which I'm not quite yet. Yes, I've measured, I've been using a tape measure on it since I was twelve." Stallion gave a chuckle. "Twelve inches, that is, it was getting a few inches larger every year after I hit puberty. You're the first woman who hasn't seen me like this and headed right out the door... This's why I take the hormone treatments, not for my breasts, though they help." She flexed some muscle in her crotch, making the meaty length down below rise upward for a second, flopping back down afterwards (Queenie's gaze never leaving it for an instant). "Don't know if the hormones really keep it from getting even bigger, but at least it hasn't grown anymore for a few years. I was beginning to think I wouldn't ever stop growing."


          Moaning almost inaudibly, Queenie ran a hand along the mammoth prick, smiling as she saw it redden even more, starting to rise up from its dangling position. She thought it couldn't possibly stand out straight from Stallion's loins, not heavy as it was, weighing several pounds at least, but it seemed intent on doing just that. "Never thought I'd say somebody could be too big for me, but I'm glad you didn't get much bigger. I'm not sure I can take you at this size...but let's find out." Releasing the member abruptly (and reluctantly), she launched herself onto the bed, which creaked alarmingly when her body hit it. Spreading her legs, her pubic mound glistening with arousal, she crooked one finger toward the herm in a 'come hither' fashion.


          Stallion's phallus reared up like her namesake, pointing outward at a slight angle from her loins. "You sure about that? I'm..."


          White teeth gleaming, Queenie laughed. "Somebody calling herself 'Stallion' shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Like I said, I dunno if I can take you, I've been playing with dildos almost as thick as you are, but I've never even seen anything that long. I'm gonna try all the same. You just keep on shoving 'til you can't anymore, I'll scream when it gets to be too much."


          Shaking her head, Stallion said, "No. Not in here, I mean," she added quickly, putting up a hand to forestall the other's disappointed protest. "We'll wreck the bed. These things aren't just for show," she put a hand on one of her colossal testicles. "When I come, I come. You're the one paying for the hotel room, do you want to have to explain to the manager how the bed got covered in cum?"


          The black woman just stared for a moment, mouth agape, then shook herself, putting up a hand to wipe drool away from her chin. "You're gonna bring lots of my fantasies to life, always wanted to know what it'd be like to get plastered with somebody's cum. The bathroom, then?"


          Smiling, Stallion nodded. "The bathroom. That's where I have to jack off," she admitted as she led the way, opening the door and switching on both light and vent fan. "I don't come in the bathtub, well...let's just say it's a mess. Thanks to these balls of mine, if I don't climax often they start to hurt...worse, my dick starts to leak. Oh, you got us a room with a jacuzzi!" She peered, delighted, at the sunken circular bath that took up a good portion of the room.


          "Figured after we..." Queenie gave Stallion's member a significant look, "...horsed around for a bit, we could relax in the tub. My height, I need a jacuzzi to be able to fit, regular bathtubs're too small. Didn't think we'd be fucking in it...well, not 'til after we'd made the bedsprings creak for awhile." The tall female climbed in, sitting on a built-in seat, molded from the same fiberglass the basin was made from. Spreading her legs, further spreading herself by using both hands to part her black cunt-lips, displaying the pink inner labia just within, she leaned back. "I wanna see you going in me...c'mon and fill me up."


          "Not just yet." Stallion got on her knees, boldly putting her head between the other's huge thighs; the nervousness she had felt, and the fear that Queenie would bolt out the door as so many of her lovers had, was fading at last. "Let's make sure you're wet and ready..."


          "Honey, I couldn't get much wetter--oh!" Tilting her head back, the ebony bodybuilder moaned lustily as the herm's tongue found her clit, washing over it lewdly, and then quested lower, pushing into her pussy. "Th-though you just keep on doin' that, if you wanna...mmm, you're good at that..."


          "Had to be," Stallion murmured softly, her breath raising goosebumps on the black flesh around her head. "Couldn't fit my cock in anybody, but I still found a few lovers willing to jack me off...I had to repay them, didn't I?" She put her tongue to better use then, pushing it deeply into her lover's body.


          Very deeply. Arching her back, Queenie clutched at the rim of the jacuzzi, her gold-painted fingernails scraping at the fiberglass. "Gawd, how long is that tongue of yours...ohGOD," she cried as Stallion shoved in even further. "Stop when...y'get to my throat, y'hear?"


          Giggling muffledly at that, the hermaphrodite responded by driving her tongue further yet, whatever genetic quirk had given her the endowments below her waist had been more than generous in this area, too. While it was far from being as long as her cock, she was still able to lick deeper into Queenie than anybody else surely had, all the way to the woman's cervix.


          Before long, the stallion-hung herm's skill drove Queenie to a shuddering, quaking orgasm, her thighs gripping the head of her tormentor tightly, and a wash of sweet-tasting fluid poured out onto Stallion's face. So intense was that climax the Amazonian female blacked out for a moment, coming to with her body still thrashing, her eyes unfocused. "Oh...oh, God...remind me to French kiss with you, often...if that's just the foreplay, I'm in big trouble..."


          Laughing, Stallion got up, holding onto one of Queenie's thighs for support. "That's just the foreplay, and we can kiss've got me so hot now that just kissing won't be enough for me," she brandished her cock as she spoke, the thing looking even larger than before, its foreskin pulled back from a glans that looked purple with arousal. "So I hope you're ready for me, I want in."


          Eyes shining in something close to fright, Queenie looked at that weapon in the same way a mouse might look at a snake. Swallowing, she nonetheless parted her legs even further. As an afterthought, she reached over and flicked the lever that closed the tub's drain, deciding to see how well this luscious creature filled the basin with cum. "Then bring it on, girlfriend, cram that monster in far's it'll go."


          "Ask and ye shall receive...I'm new at doing this, so you tell me if I do get to be too much," Stallion warned, while getting up on her knees. The black woman's eyes seemed ready to pop out of her skull as she peered at the awesome weapon, which somehow looked even bigger now. Perhaps Stallion had understated her thickness, or just had never measured when she was truly raring to go; there looked to be more than four inches' width there, Queenie doubted if she could get both her hands to curl around it fully, and she wondered how she hadn't broke her jaw trying to swallow that battering ram. It came closer and closer to her mons, the purplish glans fully revealed, foreskin bunched up below it as if that head was too big to cover.


          Then Stallion powered forward, driving herself against the pouting lips before her, a wet sound coming from where their flesh met, as well as an earthier, farting sound that made both women blush as air was forced from Queenie's pussy by a shaft that left no room for it. Both of them gasped, then moaned almost in unison, as the entry truly began, inch after inch of turgid meat sliding into the larger female, smooth as silk from Stallion's point of view, her awesome member getting sheathed for the first time that she could remember. "Oh, God you're so tight...aww," the hermaphrodite pouted as she felt an obstruction, the black woman's cervix, block her way while she still had almost half of herself still in the open. "Hit bottom, oh, well...this is still fantastic, I love it..."


          For Queenie, the entry hadn't felt quite so smooth, her insides shuddering with the natural instinct to get this oversized dick out of her, it WAS too big, she'd never make it...perversely, she remained determined to take it all. Her legs already ached from being spread so far, her pussy screaming in agony at her, every vein along Stallion's cock making her shudder more. If she hadn't torn something inside, she'd be shocked...she knew from experience with the massive dildos in her toy chest that once she got going, endorphins would take the pain away, but for now... "Keep going," she grunted. "I want it all, give it to me..."


          Blinking blue eyes at her lover, Stallion shook her head. "I'm at your cervix, I can't go any further."


          "Yes, you can. My womb--it'll open." Ignoring the little voice in her head that was telling her she was crazy, this would kill her, Queenie reached out and grabbed hold of Stallion's ass, a cheek in each huge strong hand, and pulled the smaller herm forward. She saw stars in front of her eyes when the collossus inside her struck the doorway to her innermost center, but she did it again nonetheless. "Done this with dildos, I can take more, c'mon, ram it in--ohGODyes!"


          That last outburst coincided with Stallion--despite, from her expression, agreeing with the part of Queenie who thought she'd lost her mind--did just that, driving her hips forward again, bashing her phallus' enormous tip against the guarded opening. She started off relatively gently, but was soon giving it her all, goaded by the clutching fingers bruising her ass, spurring her on like her namesake. "This can't be safe," she muttered under her breath, looking toward the main hotel room and the nearest phone, imagining what she'd say when she called an ambulance--'My friend got a little drunk, no, I don't know where she got the idea she could push a 2x4 up her cunt'--when she realized something had changed. "My God, you're doing it..." She moaned as a tight ring of flesh clung to her glans, gradually working its way down as she redoubled her efforts, finally popping down over her main shaft. Once that part of her was taken in, the rest came easier, Stallion sliding in several inches of herself with ease. "I'm in--God am I in!" She looked between herself and the black woman, seeing only a paltry four inches separating their loins, far more of her length than she would've dreamed possible buried in her lover's cunt. Her cocktip, buried deeply in Queenie's uterus, tensed against surroundings that felt subtly different from the rest of the vaginal barrel around her, softer somehow, absolutely wonderful. "This is unbelievable! Are you all right, Queenie? Queenie?" she repeated when she didn't get an answer right away.


          Opening her eyes groggily, Queenie's brown eyes looked unfocused. She thought back...she felt the pain as her cervix started to widen, then when it finally opened enough to allow her Titan of a lover inside... "I think I passed out for a second," she admitted with a breathless laugh. "Lot different than when I'm pushing a fake cock in myself, nothin' like the real thing...God, what sprayin' cum in me already?" she gasped, feeling fluid spill into her, quite a bit of it in fact, making her uterus feel a little bloated already.


          "No--just precum." She shrugged at the other's look of disbelief. "Well, what do you expect? I've got gallon jugs for balls, I make a lotta precum, too."


          "GodDAMN, girlfriend," Queenie breathed. "I live through all this, I'm never gonna let you outta my life. Might not let you outta this bathroom," she giggled. "Oh, didn't get all'a you," she said, lip upturned in a pout as she felt the short stretch of cock still outside of her with one hand. "Oh, well, night's young, and my womb's gonna stretch. I'll get all of you in me yet, I swear! Speakin' of," she grabbed hold of Stallion's backside again, digging in with her fingers, "you don't start fucking me hard, I'm gonna scream bloody murder."


          "You're incredible," Stallion told her with a smile, and didn't give her a chance to respond--with a heartfelt 'I'M incredible?! You're the one with the barber pole!'--before the hermaphrodite lived up to her chosen nickname again. It was as if tons of pent-up energy got released in the white not-quite-female's muscles, all of it turned to giving Queenie the fucking of her life. She could feel the veiny shaft drawing back until it came to the tight cervix encircling it, then crash forward once more to the very roof of her womb. The sounds of the rough coupling were astounding, wet, slurping noises accompanied by splatters as mingled preseed and vaginal juices squirted out around the piston invading her loins, there just wasn't any room left inside her for the liquids to stay in, each inward plunge forced more out, some jets missing the tub entirely to adorn the tile walls of the bathroom. She couldn't help it, she did scream, though in ecstasy; when the pain had become pleasure she had no idea, but there it was, more bliss than she had ever thought possible. It was indeed like how she'd imagined it would be, being taken by a real stallion in fantasies that always made her blush with a guilty thrill, the beast screwing her within inches of her life. So she did what any self-respecting size queen in danger of being torn up inside, when she found out she had bitten off more than she could chew, would do. She dug her fingers into Stallion's ass even harder, pulling the hermaphrodite to her with every charge, spurring the beautiful creature on to taking her even harder.


          Everything distilled down to fucking, for Stallion, the slight chill of the bathroom forgotten, the sweat running down every inch of her alabaster skin inconsequential, the slickness of the tub floor, the raucous sounds of their sex, even the sharpness of Queenie's fingernails digging furrows into her ass, none of it compared to the sensation of being buried to the hilt in hot flesh. Her lover had been right, the womb she occupied had indeed widened, until her abdomen smashed into Queenie's with wet smacking sounds, her massive ballsac making an extra slap as it struck ebony flesh with each thrust. She had dreamed of this moment, of losing herself inside someone; her cock had started growing too big for anyone to take too soon for her to have used it first. But this was better than any of her fantasies, Queenie's seemingly bottomless body taking her to new heights of delight.


          "God, you beautiful fucking beast," Queenie gasped as the pounding just kept on. It felt like hours had passed, but still the stallion continued, tireless, unbelievably virile. "I can't come anymore," she moaned as she did just that, another climax to add to the tally, Queenie had never had multiple orgasms before but the herm brought it out of her anyway; she had also never experienced a female ejaculation before but a fair amount of what now dripped down the walls of the tub was from her, not merely Stallion's impossible amounts of preseed. "Shit, come already," she groaned, clutching the white goddess to her, nails raking ivory flesh. "Let me feel you explode...umf," she gasped as she felt the mammoth rod inside her get even thicker, perhaps only a quarter inch added to its girth but any amount of swelling was too much. It got even worse--or better, was her giddy thought--when the urethra at the massive column's underside swelled with the load within it, ballooning outward to make the monstrous member grow to even more unbelievable proportions. "You're gonna're gonna cum...give it to me...give it to me...oh GOD yes! Yes! YES!!"


          Hot, thick, heavy blasts of semen roared into the black woman's body, making her uterus swell outward, filled 'til it couldn't take any more within seconds. Happily the seal around Stallion's member wasn't perfect, and the hermaphrodite never paused in her thrusting, or Queenie's womb might have burst; as it was, viscous streams of her copious seed sailed out around the phallus depositing it all, totally covering the wall behind both lovers, cum running down the tiles and into the tub below. The black woman was moaning, still, by the time Stallion's pounding thrusts finally stilled and the momentous climax ebbed down to nothing at last, both hands going to her swollen belly, which looked not only pregnant, but due any moment. She realized she should feel remorse when the herm pulled out of her, but only knew relief when the fleshy cork got removed from the bottle her uterus had become, letting its contents gush out into the jacuzzi.


          Queenie let herself slide off of the slippery bath-seat, and moaned both from her bruised backside (the fiberglass at least hadn't been too hard against her rump, but she had been pushed back against it so hard she was sure she was bruised to the bone) and having the hermaphrodite's semen cover her up to the bellybutton. Staring in abject disbelief, she took in the tableau, seeing the walls around them, part of the ceiling, and of course the tub slimed thoroughly. Praising her own foresight in blocking the drain, sitting in the creamy liquid felt so good, she asked, "You weren't kiddin' when you said those balls of yours held gallons, were you, Stallion?"


          There was no answer for a moment; leaning out of the jacuzzi toward the nearby sink, the herm had pushed her head under the faucet, and was drinking noisily from the tap. After a few minutes, the pale goddess turned off the water and came back. "Sorry, all that panting and moaning makes me so thirsty. And I guess I've got to replace all the fluids I pump out," she added with a wry grin. "How're you doing?" She sat on the side of the tub, legs in her own cum, still-erect member poking straight out from her crotch, and smiled at her ebony lover. "Think you're gonna live? I was worried I'd have to call a paramedic before we were through."


          "So was I," Queenie admitted, grinning toothily at the other. "I better live, though, I wanna do all that again! Though..." She pushed a hand against her smarting vagina. "I better wait a few days...mmf. Maybe a week."


          Stallion grinned back, her cock giving its own sign of happiness, in the form of a twitch upward and a spill of leftover semen across Queenie's thighs. "You do want to fuck again sometime, then?"


          "Just try 'n stop me. Good gawd," she ran a hand over the herm's hugeness, which was still slippery with her own fluids and Stallion's cum. "You look like you could do all this over again right now."


          "I'm sure I could." Stallion's white skin reddened with her blush. "I was afraid I'd scare you if I told you I could come like that, three or four times, before my balls wouldn't come any more."


          "Scare me? Well," Queenie giggled. "Okay, it is a little scary. Maybe with a few months' practice I can keep up with you there...still." She patted her damp chest. "C'mon over here, I may not have much up here to tittyfuck, but I can still help you come again."


          Giving a giggle of her own, Stallion moved as she was bid, letting her phallus rest between the dark mammaries. Her breath hissed out from between her teeth as Queenie made a channel for her to thrust into, the black woman's hands going over the top part of her girth to hold her there. "I think this'll do just fine," she breathed. Then began thrusting again as if the earlier lovemaking had never happened.


          Her face soon dripping with the spillover of precum Stallion gushed out, every forward lunge sending another streamer of the almost-clear preseed onto her face and tongue, Queenie marvelled at the hermaphrodite's power. She likely outweighed her pale companion by a good seventy pounds or more, but she was still getting moved forward and back, the half-bath of semen she sat in sloshing against the tub walls. Her heart went out to the herm, finding it impossible to imagine how Stallion could survive, obviously needing sex so much, and being denied by others--foolish others, in her opinion. She could understand how someone might fear the beautiful creature now thrashing hard against her breasts' confinement--she herself still felt a little afraid--but letting that fear keep them from an experience like this, was nothing short of terrible. Queenie made up her mind, then; if the other agreed, she wanted to keep on helping the horse-hung herm, share a life, a bed, everything with her new friend. Even if she wasn't sure any one woman, even one who could do as well as she already had at encompassing the gargantuan hunk of meat she could see swelling again, could survive being Stallion's one and only lover.


          Still, sharing Stallion with a 'stable' (she had to chuckle at the thought) of one or two more committed size queens might be wonderful, too. Mama always did tell me sharing was caring, she thought. Though I don't know that this's what she had in mind.


          Panting, nostrils flaring, the white-skinned herm's body shook with the approach of another climax, one Stallion greeted with joyous lust. The first stream of her seed hit Queenie's face with a wet slap, the second missed, creating another huge wet spot on the tile walls, the third coated the woman's breasts in slippery whiteness, jet after jet sailed from her and onto the delighted female. Though she tried to swallow what she could of the copious orgasm, Queenie didn't bother trying to get it all, instead letting the phallus get free of her tits so she could work both hands up and down its length, milking it onto her body. Just like the first orgasm, this one lasted several minutes, more than enough time for the delighted size queen to get thoroughly coated in creamy sperm-laden cum, and for the tub to get filled by more of the incredible amounts Stallion produced, to the black woman's surprise the level of fluid almost to the halfway point, astonishing considering the size of the tub itself, even considering that Queenie was sitting in it at the time.


          "You, are amazing," Queenie praised while the other sat on another tub-seat away from her. "Can't believe anybody could make this much spunk, heck, we can almost bathe in it."


          Stallion, whose blonde hair had fallen down over her eyes, peered from between the tresses with a grin that looked decidedly wicked. Then she reached forward, to where her member still jutted forth like a cannon from her loins, the reddened length glistening with her own cum, and, circling as much of it with her small hands as she could, began jerking it off.


          "You've got to be kidding." Queenie stared, mouth gaping in disbelief.


          "I've got one good cum left in me right now," Stallion grunted, stroking herself hard. "Wanna help?"


          The black woman moved closer in a flash. "What do you want me to do?"


          "Stroke my cockhead--that's it, oh, yes, I can never work the shaft and rub the head well all by myself, I don't have enough hands," Stallion moaned. "Now...I've got a pussy too, you know, and--"


          "I think I know where that's going," Queenie interrupted, and reached under the herm's ballsac to stroke what she found there. "Ooh, you gotta big clit, too, guess I shouldn't be surprised, huh? This oughtta make it feel really good."


          Spreading her legs as four of the black Amazon's fingers entered her, and that hand's thumb rubbed her clitoris, Stallion started pumping her phallus harder, the extra hand at her glans helping drive her toward a third climax more swiftly than she would've thought possible. "Oh, God, yes, that feels so good...yes, pump your hand in and out..." she moaned as wet slurping sounds came from down below her balls, where Queenie was thrusting fingers in and out of her. "Like fucking 'n being fucked at the same time, oh God I love it..."


          Experimentally, Queenie bunched all of her fingers together, and eased them in, pleased when she learned she could fist the smaller woman--to Stallion's obvious pleasure, a shriek torn from the herm's lungs. "Remind me to try you out on those dildoes of mine, if you can take my fist, you can take them, I'm sure."


          "I'd like that, oh God...oh!" Stallion gave up trying to talk as her lover gripped her glans, hard, with strength that should've caused her pain, but her endorphin-soaked brain translated into pleasure...more than enough pleasure to bring her off. Shrieking, heels drumming on the floor of the tub, Queenie's arm was quickly soaked with evidence of her female side climaxing, while the more masculine orgasm...was quite obvious. Still more semen blasted out from her trembling loins, pouring out by the bucketload onto Queenie, covering the black woman's chest again with their abundance. Minutes passed, while the only sounds were the faucetlike streams of herm cum, Stallion's orgasmic cries, and the delighted moans of a well-fulfilled size queen.


          Once this last orgasm was finally over, and Stallion's cock had finally wilted, spent at last, Queenie helped the swooning hermaphrodite into the tub proper, the fluid level in the tub more than ample for them both to lay in each other's arms, bouyed by the warm, thick cum.




          Four months later, Marienne sat in bed, disdaining clothing--her loins not really made to be trapped in panties anyway--reading a novel. Or trying to, at least. Every so often, her eyes would stray toward the alarm clock on the bedside table, then toward the open door to the bedroom. "She should be home soon," she said to herself.


          Hearing a key in the apartment's outer lock, she sat up, the bed making crinkling sounds. They hadn't yet figured out how to make the room lovemaking-proof, Marienne didn't dare cum in here, she'd wreck the rug--and walls, floor, ceiling... But the waterproof bed-cover beneath the sheets helped at least keep any stray fluids she couldn't help but let loose, her cock still leaking sometimes when she hadn't cum for a few hours. Putting in a bookmark to mark her place, she placed the book down next to the clock, and rested her hands in her lap.


          The outer door opened, closed again, keys jingling in the lock as the deadbolt was fastened. A thud came from a purse landing on the coffee table in the living room, and a rustle was likely a coat getting taken off, it was chilly outside. Then stomping, coming closer, until a tall black woman loomed in the doorway. "Five!" Darla shouted by way of greeting, a hand on her maternity blouse, at her belly, which pushed forward against the cloth. "Five babies! You overhung, oversexed, cum-shootin' sperm-makin'..." The woman's tirade dissolved into a case of the giggles, and she dropped onto the bed next to her lover.


          "I kinda thought you were a little big for just being four months along," Marienne chuckled, putting a hand on the other's swollen abdomen. "If I'd known then that your birth control pills wouldn't be effective--"


          "You'd still've had me jumpin' your bones, girl, don't kid yourself," Darla assured her, putting a hand between the herm's legs, on the quiescent, but still long and thick organ there. "Soon's I saw this, there's no way I would've missed a chance to have it in my pussy."


          Blushing, Marienne nodded. "Did the doctor say if you'd be all right carrying them to term?"


          "He did, said I was healthy as all get-out. Shouldn't have any trouble poppin' these out. And yeah, I still wanna. We'll put 'em up for adoption--maybe keep a couple, but no way we can afford five kids, much's I wish otherwise." She grinned at her lover. "Since no way'm I gonna stop fuckin' you, I'll just get my tubes tied after these are born." She clasped Marienne's hand, still on top of her belly. "Too early to tell, but if any of these kids're born with what you've got between their legs, we'll keep 'em. Any herms are gonna have a mama an'--" she laughed "--daddy-mama who know what they'll be goin' through."


          Smiling, the white-skinned hermaphrodite began, "What about--"


          "Sex?" Darla cut in, and chortled at Marienne's deepening blush. "Knew you'd wanna know about that! Long's we're careful, we should be good. I told him I had a lover who was...kinda big," she chuckled, "and he said things should still be fine for the next couple months, long's you don't push all the way into my womb. After that, it's gonna be up my ass, or me just jackin' you off and suckin' you off, I'm afraid."


          "We'll just have to live with that." Marienne hugged her lover tightly. "Speaking of..."


          "Ready to go already? Why'm I not surprised..." Darla, laughing, got to her feet and began undressing. "Love to spend some time messin' up the bathroom with you, Stallion."


          Laughing herself, Marienne got up to help the other out of her clothes. "You know what my name is--" She was interrupted when Darla stooped, and kissed her hard on the mouth.


          "You'll always be my Stallion," Queenie murmured, and led the way to the bathroom.



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