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Anybody actually read this junk? Ah well...somebody might be curious to know what all's going on with me, with Chessia, with the web site, and so forth, so what the hell. Who am I to stand in the way of idle curiosity? (Might knock me down if I did...) I'm gonna break with 'tradition' as I've seen it on others' sites, and keep a chronological order to things, for the simple reason that it makes more sense to me that way. So, newer stuff will be toward the end. And, as always, when everyone gets tired of seeing me natter on, the links at top and bottom will navigate to other parts of the site. Without further ado...

April 18, 2002: Every journey begins with a single's my first one, starting work on this bloody thing. A date which shall live in... Nothing much but the simple framework so far, not an inkling of what web host to try and lodge this mess on (aside from me not wanting any frickin' popups or banner ads), but hey, it's a start!

April 25,2002: Found a very kewl javascript thingie at Earthweb, now located at the top of all my pages. I'm a serious definite newbie at all things Java-related so far, but I'll learn. I'm adding text and other stuff all over the place, too, I haven't been idle in the week since starting on this thing, believe me. As this is a "Writer's Site," quote unquote, I expect my doubtable talents will stay the showcase. With any luck, this may not end up being the prettiest or the fanciest site, no blasted frames, no plugins, no shockwave or flash or whatever (at least unless I learn to create such things), but at least it'll hopefully be well-written. Not a lotta eye-candy, but some decent reading!

August 28, 2002: Been too long since I worked on this thang... Well, now I have very good reason for it. I'm online! Yay! Thanks to Niko, Dr. Jones, and a skunk whose name I'll have to get from them (sorry 'bout that, haven't met him or her virtually or otherwise and the name has gone right out of my alleged mind), this li'l webpage is actually on the web. What fun! Millions of mortals to corrupt...err...well, whatever. Other news, after double-checking on it, I'm dumping the background image I'd planned originally for all the pages, and am going with basic black. Kinda fits better anyway, and after realizing that reading the text was bad for my eyes, I can imagine how it'd be for someone with real vision problems. No-background pages load faster anyway, and I want to keep up my commitment to keeping things simple as I can--the thumbnails pages for the piccies will likely be slow enough to load without extra junk to bog things on down. Once I get the thumbnails and all set up, at least.

January 20, 2003: Has it really been that long since I updated? Yikes... Hennyway, back in bizness now. I'm being bad and writing this before actually making changes, so any changes that aren't made that I include here are completely my fault. Not that that's any different from normal. Anyway, first off, thanks to Dr. Jones for the lovely counter on the front page. Anyone who's puzzled by the 'By Mastrich Decree' on the censor bars, I'd direct you to the story Oni (a.k.a. John Harrington)'s written starring our characters, but it's still not online yet (nudge). The Mastrich is the gov't-sanctioned, practically-is-the-gov't church in the story, anyway, I can tell y'all that without ruining the reading experience for future readers of it. If Oni ever finishes it (nudge #2) I'll see about posting it here on the stories page. Speaking of...first and foremost, I want to add some stories to the story page, I've got one finished product (well, it's kind of the literary equivalent of a sketch, but a finished one) and some junk I'm gonna upload. Someone's suggested putting some of my failures and not-quite-dones up, saying I might get good feedback on 'em...personally, I suspect they'll more likely just end up being good for a laugh, but who'm I to say, I just work here. Other some pics to add to the pictures page, plus I wanna rework those pages so they'll hopefully take less than a month to appear for poor folx on dialup. That's the mains...might add a couple things to the links page (notably a link to Dreamweaver who sent me gift art for the site, flabbergasted me...I got fans? Criminy...). That's about it. I gotta update this site more...

May 26, 2003: Wayell...time for the six-monthly update ;3 What can I say, the RL life has been a wee bit on the rough side, not leaving much time or energy for writing. I took full advantage of...well, partial advantage, anyway...of a Memorial Day day-off to do a little writing and some updating. Still need to pump some new piccies I've got in time, I hope.

October 17,2003: Definitely got to get back in the groooooooove of updating this site. As well as writing! Done too little of it... Ah well, anyways, some new piccies this time, including one in honor of a happenstance I definitely didn't think would happen this quick...heck, wasn't sure it'd happen :3 That's right, since January, 5,000 hits to this little site. I must be doing something right! Couldn't possibly be my mediocre web-mastering skills, so I'll choose to believe it's because of the stories ;3

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