'For a mouse to remain a virgin past the age of five, she must have neither sister, nor cousin, nor aunt...nor mother or father in most cases.'

--Ancient Malidonian saying, source unknown


Sex Among the Murines

A not-quite-documentary copyright 2002, Michael J. Hansen


        Nothing was ever mentioned, but the girls' parents surely realized their daughters were experimenting with sex from a very early age, even before they could walk--a herm mouse didn't need to be able to stand upright to realize those...interesting parts between their legs had pleasurable uses, after all.  And the murine libido was a strong one, one reason there were so many mice, another being it was one of their few advantages against the cats, being able to breed more of their race to replace any the felines slaughtered in their raids.  Their parents, teachers, everyone simply had to know that the sisters, along with all youngsters in the kingdom of Malidon, were in need of the contraceptives they were required to take to prevent accidental inbreeding--else why make them take them?  Still, no one talked about it publicly, letting polite society turn a blind eye to what the younger generation did behind closed doors.

        Slurping sounds, and the feel of a soft, damp tongue lapping along her already-hard maleness, woke the mouse.  Blinking past an unruly mess of sleep-mussed blonde-dyed curls, Maddie groaned and squeezed her eyes shut tightly, the sunlight blazing through the window nearby too intense for albino eyes.  She groped for the nightstand, and the dark glasses she kept there, but her hand instead found a firm round breast, then a flaccid cock near that, proving that no, she was definitely not in her own bed.  Smiling at a memory of the night before, as well as what was still being done to her, she asked quietly, "Miranda?"

        The mouth moved off of her shaft, though a hand kept stroking along her length, while a voice giggled.  "You can tell who's sucking you off without opening your eyes?  I must be getting a distinctive touch or something."

        Smiling wider, Maddie nodded.  "Yes.  Though who else wakes me up by sucking my cock?  Muriel just tries to fit me up her ass while I'm still asleep."  Another giggle responded to that.  "Much as I'm enjoying this...would you do something for me before you start again?"

        "Sure, little love, what?"

        The albino mouse tried to open her eyes again, then gave up with a grimace.  "Either give me my glasses or shut those curtains?  That sun's going to broil my eyeballs."

        "Oh!"  She felt the bed move, and a few mouse voices give grunts as Miranda stepped past them to get to the floor, then the sunlight vanished a moment later.  "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking...we must have left them open last night.  Better?"

        Brushing her curls out of eyes she could finally open, Maddie nodded, grinning to find herself in the center of a tangle of her sisters.  Being the smallest at only four foot seven, youngest of the seven girls by more than a year, as well as the only Albino in the bunch, she might well have been the most picked-on.  Given the obsession with body-building that had given her the rigid muscles standing out beneath her white fur (as well as the smaller-than-average breasts that didn't stand out so well, to her chagrin), she might still have been teased and abused by her siblings.

        But whatever quirk of nature had made her so tiny, as well as giving her pink eyes that couldn't stand the sun and fur the hue of fresh-fallen snow, along with hair that she had to dye to give it any color at all, had also blessed her in another area.  One Miranda was quick to return to, opening her mouth what should've been painfully wide to encompass its massive girth, though luckily the girl had been practicing on her for years.  All the mice were very well-endowed like most of their race, grey-furred, brown-haired Miranda had a foot-long member of her own pressing forth from between her thighs, but Maddie's veiny pink shaft was a shocking nineteen inches long, and four inches thick at its widest point.  Her testes, which rested quite heavily on the bed between her spread legs, were also larger than average, larger than her breasts in fact.  While still teased at times--youngsters will be youngsters, after all--Maddie was probably the most loved by the other six, both for her physical advantages and the potent murine sex drive the sisters had helped cultivate.

        Carefully, mindful both of the sibling with her shaft engulfed and the others surrounding them both, Maddie got up to a kneeling position on the bed, there stroking along Miranda's huge soft ears in a way that made the other mouse chirr softly. 

        Either she wasn't quite careful enough, or Miranda wasn't quiet enough, since one of the other mice yawned and looked around.  "Well," Mary murmured, seeing the two of them.  "Starting up early, are you?  And without the rest of us, too."

        Grinning unrepentantly, the albino shrugged at her eldest sister, who had darker fur but shared Miranda's brown hair.  And also practically loomed over her when the mouse sat up; just short of six feet in height, Mary was very tall for one of their race.  "Blame Miranda, she woke me up in that same position.  Want to get back at her, I think getting behind her while her ass is in the air would be a good start," Maddie pointed out.

        Unable to talk with her mouth full (Maddie's cock an ample gag indeed, especially since she was slowly drawing it into her throat, then pulling it out again so she could breathe once more, she being the only one who could deep-throat that cannon), Miranda nonetheless wiggled her rump from side to side, plainly liking the idea.  Mary smirked, but still stroked her own cock, a nice-sized thirteen-inch one, getting it ready, reaching for a bottle of lubricant on the nightstand to oil herself up.  "Is this punishment or reward?" she mused as she drove herself into her sister's backside, almost making Miranda choke on her mouthful as her anus was widened cruelly, though the mouse soon chirred again as the pain of the quick entry began to change to pleasure as the larger murine began to thrust into her.

        "I'm not sure, but...oh," Maddie moaned as she felt a hand stroke between her legs, brushing enticingly over the petals of her female sex.  Hunching forward, shifting her long pink tail out of the way, she looked over her shoulder.  "Hello there, 'Lissa."

        Smiling back, Melissa, a russet-furred mouse whose hair was the same blonde as Maddie's (if just as artificially, she shared the albino's hair dyes to change it from its natural brown), leaned forward and gave the smaller rodent a deep, penetrating kiss, both of their long tongues entwining for a moment.  Once they disengaged, 'Lissa looked at Maddie with a lusty expression, green eyes half-lidded as they peered into Maddie's pink eyes.  "Mind if I, mmmm..." 'Lissa let her voice trail off suggestively, while pointing down to her erection.  Having had the largest cock among the siblings prior to Maddie's birth, her brown member a good fifteen inches in length, she had been the favorite before...happily 'Lissa took the 'changing of the guard' in stride, since Maddie was pleased to share with everyone, and neither of them lacked for sex by any means.

        Nodding, Maddie leaned farther forward, putting Miranda in shadow as she bared herself for 'Lissa's explorations, moaning as she was entered slowly, her delicate inner folds getting stretched deliciously.  Her cock might've dwarfed the one pushing into her, but that didn't make the brown shaft any less large, a goodly amount of cock-flesh to fill her up nicely.  She curled her tail around 'Lissa's waist, and shared a passionate kiss with Mary over the length of Miranda's body.

        The albino mouse gave a start, not that she could move far, as something tickled against her legs.  She looked down, smiling around the kiss, to see yet another of the sisters, May, another brown-furred mouse, scoot between hers and 'Lissa's legs to get beneath Miranda, there to begin suckling on the oral-lover's cock...and to make Miranda's eyes cross for a moment, before closing with a moan that vibrated Maddie's cock wonderfully.  Mary's eyes closed a moment later in response to the sixth mouse, Marcia, leaning over her from behind, pressing grey fur against Mary's darker pelt as the second-youngest of the mouse sisters pushed her shaft into the eldest's cunt or tailhole, Maddie couldn't see from this angle; the dark mouse's response was plain, thrusting more strongly into Miranda and hugging Maddie with arms nearly as strong as the white mouse's, kissing hungrily.

        That left only one sister remaining...so Maddie was far from surprised when the bed shifted slightly, and Muriel fidgeted as she got Miranda's attention, shifting from side to side, the turgid erection twitching in front of her, and the scent of vaginal nectar from behind her, showing the tan-furred murine's need clearly.  "Could I...please?  I need it so bad..." was all Muriel managed, but all of them knew her tastes well--knew the tastes of each and every one of them.  So, while Maddie and 'Lissa moved back, Miranda disgorged her treat, immediately grasping May's and stroking it, and Muriel hopped up and down (to the giggles of all of them) before presenting herself to Maddie.  And having her cock, and May's as well, gobbled up by the talented Miranda, those two cocks no challenge to swallow after what she'd been sucking.

        Quick to answer, quicker than she might've been with any of the other mice, Maddie drove her full length into Muriel; the tan mouse's love of anal, and long practice at it, made her well able to encompass that piledriver, something not all of the siblings could manage, but even then it nearly took her breath away.  That breath returned with a series of lusty cries as Maddie began rutting strongly, driving herself to the hilt into Muriel, then back against 'Lissa, letting her natural desire to hump against both now that she didn't have to worry about hurting Miranda.  "Ohgods, notso...UNH...fast," Muriel gasped.  "Not sohard...ohhhhh...so hard...never mind, faster...fasterfaster... harder...godsgodsgods..."

        Maddie had been the first to have her cock used, but 'Lissa turned out to be the first to succumb to passion, the squeezing of the muscular albino's rectum around her proving to be too much.  She squeaked, clasping Maddie tightly from behind as she gushed copious amounts of mouse-seed into the white mouse's sex, too much for the chamber it entered, nature having designed the mice so they always climaxed fiercely, sending enough semen into their partners to flush out any other seed that had gotten there previously, the excess soon dribbling down onto May's tail and the bed.  Maddie was next, not surprisingly, the overflow in her sex helping her reach her peak, another squeak coming from her as she gushed (even more copiously than the other had, Maddie's balls and their capacity the greatest of them all) into Muriel's rump, thick creamy mousecum spurting out again to cover tan fur and white where they were joined.

        The rest soon followed suit, a chain reaction seeming to travel through all their bodies, Muriel jetting her seed into Miranda's throat, almost all of it swallowed quickly by the cunnilinguist, only a little of it lost, and that when Miranda's control was robbed by her own orgasm, May receiving a heavy mouthful that soon bubbled back out again around the cock she hadn't quite managed to throat, the brown mouse soon having to close her eyes as semen spilled out to cover her face completely.  May was next, giving up her semen to Miranda, who swallowed valiantly, but was unable to keep down both Muriel's and May's seed at the same time, and disgorged both cocks to let them hose down her face and breasts.  Next, Mary gasped and shuddered as she sprayed her cum into Miranda's ass, Marcia nearly managing to climax at the same time and do likewise with the eldest sister, both of them moaning, as did all seven sisters, while they jetted their all into or onto their siblings for several minutes.  Finally they all came down from their heights, and collapsed back into a chirring, giggling pile on the dampened bed.

        An intercom set into the wall next to the bedside table buzzed, making two of the mice jump.  Being nearest, and quickest to recover, Maddie pushed the 'accept' button.  "Girls!" a voice, one of their parents' servants she thought, called.  "Breakfast!"

        "Be there in fifteen minutes," Maddie promised, looking at the bedfull of sated bodies.  "We'd better...clean up first."


--End (Sex among the murines, while a messy affair, seems to be satisfying for all concerned...)

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