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In a different world, Chessia might've looked like one of these things. About the Demon-Bunny But I'm not so sure she'd look good with antlers...

Here's where we learn a bit more than most would probably care to know about Chessia. Well, not really...I'm gonna keep things basic right now (there'll be time to show a full-out origin story later, as a story, which is how I think it should be anyway).

Still, some basic attributes can be shown. I'll concentrate mainly on her 'true' form, that of an anthropomorphic bunny-rabbit--since she's a shapeshifter, some things, like height, are truly variable, growing or shrinking in size is well within her capabilities; but still, there's a baseline she generally uses for her rabbit avatar, and we'll concentrate on that as if she's always that way for the most part. Hopefully that'll save on confusion.

Species: Demon succubus/incubus, in rabbit form.
Age: Somewhere around 3-4000 years (Chessia herself is unsure).
Height: 5'2" tall (not including her horns or ears).
General build: Stocky and muscular, though retaining feminine rounding. Has four breasts, all large and weighty, along with variably-sized (but generally always quite large) male equipment. Actually has two penises, one normally kept shrunken and hidden inside her unless needed, along with an extra set of testes that normally don't appear unless the extra cock is used.
Eye color: Emerald green, often with hints of green fire burning behind them.
Fur color: Deep crimson over much of her body, her torso from the underside of her chin to her inner thighs a reddish-pink color.
Skin color (where visible): Pink at the inner surfaces of her ears, brown elsewhere, mostly visible at the palms of her hands. Her nipples are a chocolate-brown color.
Hoof/horn/fingernail color: Glittering blood-red color; made of something other than mere modified skin, possibly metallic.
Other distinguishing characteristics: Cherry-red birthmark on her left cheek, normally hidden by her fur, in the rough, imperfect shape of a crown; resembles the stylized symbol for a queen from a chessboard. Beneath her tail, arranged roughly in an inverted 'U' shape when her tail is raised, are three hyper-developed musk glands, where much of her scent comes from. Also, the top side of her tail is pierced in two places, to secure her tail-ornament. Her natural odor is a mixture of cinnamon, vanilla, minute traces of brimstone, normal bunny-musk, and of course her pheromones. Like most succubi, she has an extremely long tongue that she can further elongate to incredible lengths; a second tongue, located within her vagina, can also elongate. Whether she has the sharp teeth located within her female sex that succubi are often shown as having--she's not saying. At any rate, the teeth in her muzzle are sharp, with no buck teeth, and two long, vampire-like fangs can descend from her upper jaw.

Primary powers (all magical in nature):

Lesser powers (some magical in nature): Weaknesses:

History: The child of Firaxis Rook, incubus and Demon Lord, and a succubus named Ilia. She has few remaining siblings; Firaxis was obsessed with the idea of creating the 'perfect' offspring, fathering literally thousands of young, destroying nearly all of them when they didn't live up to his idea of perfection. Chess herself was almost killed when he saw her birthmark; only the suggestion that, if turned into a furry demon, the fur would hide that mark saved her life. He was the one who gave her a bunny for a primary avatar, the form she still uses; he also named her 'Chess' since the birthmark resembles a crown symbol from chess notation. She is the only known hermaphrodite child of Firaxis.

Demonic society normally takes youngsters to boarding schools almost as soon as they're able to stand upright; Firaxis kept his daughter for longer, using her (and abusing her) himself sexually, and also allowing others--ones he sought advantage over, many of whom became addicted to her powers--to do so. She was eventually taken to Lady Lilith's Catholic School for Young Demons, a demonic imitation of a mortal Catholic boarding school (in Chessia's own words, demons are great imitators; many mortal conventions have been copied by demonkind for their own uses, generally being perverted to demonic ends each time). There, she learned many of her skills (normal reading and writing, history, psychology, and other 'normal' subjects, but also massage, Tantric sex, bondage, sado-masochism, and a variety of other classes taught at the school).

Much of her early life is unknown, Chess herself claims to be uncertain of it (one wonders how much she has actually forgotten, and how much she just won't say. As she's a demon, it's entirely possible she's lying about the memory lapse). Sometime during school, she came to the attention of the First One (a.k.a. Lucifer, Satan, and so forth), and was granted more power than a demon her age would normally have (among demonkind, she's still really a youngster at a paltry three or four millenia old). Either before or after that, her mother was killed by her father, reduced to being a formless spirit, and she killed her father in retaliation...but not permanently, though she was able to disown him, taking the name of Chessia as a symbol of this disowning. How she wound up becoming able to travel freely between the mortal world and the nether worlds, how she met and mated Oni, and other details of her long life (or as she puts it, 'lives'), is another story.

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