A Matter of Vision

Copyright 2004 Michael J. Hansen


            Somehow, one situation never talked about in medical school--even in optometry--was what to do if a demon walked into one's examination room.

            Not that 'walked' seemed to be the proper word for it. One moment, with the lights turned low aside from his desk lamp, Dr. Anton Thurston was working after hours, cleaning up the charts of patients he had seen during the day. Around him, in the white-washed walls of the chamber where he did his job--and quite well, as evidenced by the multiple diplomas and certificates rewarding excellent service arranged proudly on the wall over his desk--were the tools of his trade. Prominent among these the exam chair with its phoropter--the 'goggles' patients looked through while Anton switched the lenses inside them to guage what would best work to help them see clearly--on an adjustable swing-arm. Like most physicians, he had made this room his sanctum, his retreat, the place where he did his best to help people, but otherwise a refuge for him and him alone, even more precious than his home.

            The next moment, that sanctuary was invaded. He noticed the scent first, as any anthropomorphic wolf would--he was of middle years, his fur greying from its original brown and thinning in spots, but while hearing might go, sight might go (he was certainly in the right profession to know that!), the sense of smell seemed to dim last as a lupine aged. Even if it hadn't been so, the sudden burst of cinnamon and vanilla, mixed with some sharper scent he couldn't quite define, would surely have made itself known...if nothing else for the subtle pheromones that went along with those odors, and immediately made his trousers feel very tight, his wolfhood trying to break free of the cloth covering it.

            He was still sniffing the air when the throaty voice came from directly behind him. "Doctor Thurston?"

            He leaped from his chair, whirling about, suddenly out of breath. "Calmly, Doctor, calmly," the owner of that voice bade him, putting a sharp-nailed hand over his thudding heart. Rabbit, his mind numbly identified the naked creature, the long ears making that obvious...at first, having to wonder right after that beginning assessment. What rabbit ever had crimson fur lightened to reddish-pink over its chest--its voluptuous, four-breasted chest, chocolate-brown nipples poking through the fur--much less stood on dainty cloven hooves, and had bull-like horns curling outward through ebony bangs? Much less the heavy, seemingly impossibly-large crimson phallus draped carelessly over a massive ballsac, parts that shouted 'male' despite the otherwise feminine appearance of his unexpected visitor. Despite himself, he calmed down in a moment, less from the not-quite-rabbit's words than from a wave of something he couldn't identify, a pleasant feeling that radiated outward from the hand resting over his heart. "There, that's better." The visitor gave a smile that showed the barest tips of sharp teeth. "Can't have you dying of a heart attack on me. You should exercise more," she patted his slight pot-belly. "You'll live longer."

            Putting his own hand on his chest, Anton blinked dumbly. "How'd you do that? How'd you get in here, for that matter? Who are you?"

            One shoulder raised, then lowered, in a quirky shrug, and the rabbit-creature tilted her head to one side slightly, the leeward ear flopping sideways. "The first, it's a small spell, it's good to know how to calm down mortals in...my line of work." A laugh, a girlish giggle really, and another fanged grin. "If you can call what I do 'work'. The second, another small spell, I apologize for frightening you, but I thought you'd rather not have me walk in here during office hours...what you're feeling," emerald eyes turned down towards his crotch, which somehow it had never occurred to him to conceal despite how it bulged at present, "would be felt by all your patients. Orgies in the waiting room might be hard to explain, yes? My pheromones are very strong, and I can't stop them completely, it's not in my nature. The third...you don't want to know my true name, trust me, it would cause you more trouble than it would be worth. Call me Chessia."

            Without even realizing he did so, he nodded, the exotic-sounding name suited the creature, fitting somehow with the slight accent whose origins he couldn't identify. He opened his mouth, but was stopped by her finger on his lips. "You're about to ask what I am, or possibly what I'm doing here, correct?" she queried, and he was forced to nod again. "Don't worry, I'm not reading your mind. What else would someone want to know right now?" Another titter. "I'm one of what your kind call 'demons'--though no, I'm not here to kill you, eat your soul, or whatever, if I was after that, why keep you from keeling over with a coronary? Rest easy there. It's my hope that you can help me, and perhaps we can even help each other afterwards."

            "My help?" he wondered aloud, letting himself be pushed gently back into his desk chair. Chessia pulled up another chair, not so much sitting down but seeming to pour herself into it, the act made all the more alluring by her not even appearing to realize she was seducing him. Sensuality was as unconscious to her, he realized, as breathing was to him. "What could you possibly need my help for?"

            Both ears drooping, the demon pulled one knee up to her chest, hugging it with both arms, her hoof on the lip of her seat. And that imposing phallus hanging down nearly to the floor. "This is hard for me to say. A demon does have her pride... One of my...lovers," Anton had to wonder what word she started to say instead ('prey' perhaps?), but didn't feel asking was wise, "helped me realize...my vision isn't perfect. I think it's rather bad, in fact. It seems to be fine past about, oh, maybe ten feet away from me? Perhaps fifteen? Or at least I see clearly enough. Close in, everything's blurry. Your face, for instance, is fuzzy...well, fuzzier than the fur makes it," she corrected herself with a laugh. "Reading's difficult. I think it's been that way for me always, I just never realized it. No wonder I had trouble sometimes in school."

            An ear flicked as the doctor had to wonder what kind of school a demon would go to, but he put on his 'professional face' instead. "That sounds like classic hyperopia. Farsightedness," he added at her blank look, "to use the more colloquial term. It's really fairly common. And not all that bad. We can correct it with laser surgery, if you'd be willing."

            Shaking her head, Chessia smiled more grimly. "I'd be willing, Doctor, but that wouldn't be possible. Besides being a succubus and incubus, I'm a fire demon--I'll refrain from demonstrating," she cast a significant glance upward toward a smoke detector, "but I'm immune to fire and heat. Lasers don't work on me."

            "That pretty much leaves either contact lenses or glasses. There are other therapies available, cornea replacement and the like, but for farsightedness as mild as you say--assuming you're correct, of course, I'll have to examine you to be sure--those are probably your best options, a good set of lenses can even help your eyes readjust to normal vision. Do your claws retract?"

            Blinking at his apparent non sequitur, the demon raised one paw. "Not very far." The nails shrank from an inch long to about half that...and then shot out to a length of over eight inches, causing the doctor to inch back in his seat. "They're more like fingernails than a cat's claws. I can't pull them completely in, I'm afraid."

            "Then you may prefer glasses, a lot of sharp-clawed furs do, when their claws can't retract completely. It takes a lot of practice to keep from injuring one's own eyes when putting in or taking out contact lenses."

            Mouth opening in a silent 'Ahh', the demon nodded. "Now I understand. They'd heal, but gouging out my own eyes would be painful, yes. Glasses would be fine, if it means I can see clearly at all distances for the first time in my lives. Besides--" she smirked "--it'd drive my father crazy. We lust demons are supposed to be perfect in every way, you see, any small imperfection, well..."

            "I wouldn't call this an 'imperfection'," he admonished gently. "Just a minor disorder. And a very common one, I can tell you as a doctor, so-called 'perfect' vision is extremely rare --there's really no such thing, everyone has some small defects in their eyesight, some are just so minor they make no difference to the person."

            Waving that aside, Chessia shook her head. "That's not how the old man would see it. And I'm not so vain as to think this is the end of the world, so I need glasses? Big deal. Who knows, I might even look good in them." She giggled, and Anton pressed his legs together as he noticed how her double-row of mammaries bobbed in the midst of her mirth. "Driving a father crazy is an imp's duty, anyway. Can you examine me now? It's late, I know, but I'd like to find out what seeing clearly is like as soon as I can. Please?" she begged, bouncing up and down in the chair...and making her tits sway even more.

            "Well..." Anton looked away, trying to banish thoughts of giving this demon a very different (and terribly unprofessional) examination from his mind. "I'll do my best, but...you are very distracting, you understand."

            "I'm distracting? Aww," she giggled yet again. "I'm sorry, it's in my nature to tease. Let's see about making me a little less unbearable...some clothes, first." He looked back at her as she snapped her fingers, and clothing appeared seemingly from nowhere, squirming over her body, blue jeans (button-fly, he noticed, the buttons looking to have a time staying attached with what pushed upwards from below them) covering her below the waist, far enough below the waist her short powder-puff of a tail was able to wiggle about above the waistband; and a black T-shirt (emblazoned with an off-kilter parody of a smiley face, its eyes slanted evilly and blood-dripping fangs pressing past the cartoon mouth) immediately getting stretched by her bra-less breasts, the neck of the shirt pulled down until a hint of cleavage was shown. "Better? I know I'm not exactly frumpy, but hopefully this'll help."

            He smiled at her, giving a slight sigh of relief. "Better." Then he raised an eyebrow, an ear flicking forward. "'First' you said?"

            Looking down at his crotch again, the demon repeated that quirky one-shouldered shrug. "You've got a serious case of blueballs, Doctor. How long has it been since you've sought relief? Mmm, that long? So many months?" she went on without giving him time to answer, by some hidden power obviously knowing before he had a chance to say. "Commendable in a way, you are married--"

            "The divorce'll be final in a few weeks," he protested lamely, not sure how she knew his marital status, but after all she already proved capable of...that was a small thing, really.

            "--but still married, technically, for a few more weeks at least," Chessia continued with a sharp-toothed smirk, "so it would be a sin...adultery isn't very highly regarded. Still, you're a virile male," she slid off the chair to kneel in front of him, her muzzle not far from the apex of his thighs, "one of the reasons I sought you out. Aside from you being very good at what you do...I'd be foolish not to find a doctor who could do his very best for my eyes. But a virile male suits my tastes...I'm sure you taste very good, and could really use some relieving..."

            Thankfully his heart seemed to be behaving itself, but his mouth dropped open, panting out his sudden sweating. "What are you going to do?"

            "Nothing too strenuous, don't want to tire you out...yet." After seeing her clothes flow over her body, having his own pants suddenly vanish, leaving him naked from the waist down, should've been unsurprising, but he still gave a startled jerk. "Ahh, quite virile, you're nice and large for a mortal," she praised, her fingers giving him an electric thrill as they trailed across his erect member. "I'm larger, I know, but don't be concerned...I like all cocks, all shapes and sizes...even if the larger ones do suit me better, I'll admit. Just lay back, relax, put yourself in my capable hands...and mouth..."

            Her lips touched his tip, then slid down, not stopping until he was fully sheathed in her muzzle, her nosepad touching his belly. The feeling was unbelievable, her teeth never even touched his flesh, though he couldn't have said how they could fail to do so. Instead it was like being enfolded in velvet, warm, almost hot velvet that conformed completely to his every contour, the sensation more wonderful than any cunt or ass he'd ever been in, certainly better than any male's or female's mouth, the tongue that began swarming up and down his length making short work of his control. Literally seconds after he was engulfed, he was gripping her ears to pull her more tightly against him, crying out as his shaft jerked, gushing more semen than he thought he could possibly contain down the infernal creature's throat, the orgasm more intense than any he'd ever had. She accepted every drop--sucked him greedily to get every last bit of his climax, truth be told--not pulling him out of her mouth until he was completely spent.

            Slowly drawing him out of her muzzle again, seeming reluctant to part with his maleness, the demon gave a pleased moan. The dim lighting gleamed off of her horns as she licked his softening wolfhood as if it was some outsized, obscene lollipop. "I was right, you're delicious...rich, earthy...not so sweet like a bunny, but then, no one is," she giggled. "One advantage my adopted species has over the rest...another being we're ready to go anytime, though I'm sure you won't be, yet. Need a few minutes to clear your head before you examine me?"

            "Examine?" Anton repeated dumbly, the eye doctor still trying to remember how to breathe.

            "Focus, Doctor, focus," the demonic lapine bade him with a giggle. "Mm...perhaps a stimulant, you must have some of that coffee stuff about. Yes..." She sniffed the air, locating the coffee pot still on its warming plate nearby. "No cream or sugar...oh, these pink paper packets, you're one of those," she chided with a grimace, nonetheless pouring him a cup and adding the contents of one of the sweetener sachets. Though the chatter did help him get his bearings again, possibly what Chessia had intended to begin with. "That fake stuff can't be good for you...though neither can the coffee. Makes me very ill. Still, I know a demoness who seems to live off this junk, so it must just be me. Here," she handed him the drink before kneeling between his thighs, one cheek rubbing against his leg. "Drink up."

            Obediently, he did as told, draining a quarter of the cup with the first gulp. "You seem different from how I'd expect a demon to be," he offered. "Not scary at all."

            Making a horrified-seeming 'oh' with her mouth, then covering it with a hand, she looked even more girlish than before. That was how she seemed to him, he realized, girlish. Perhaps she was only a child, really, no matter what age she truly was. "Oh, I can be frightening," she informed him, lips curling in a WIDE grin this time, far wider than her mouth looked capable of, showing a multiude of fangs a shark might envy in a maw that could close around his head with ease. Then she was the luscious lapin again, giving that one-shouldered shrug. "All demons are different, Doctor. I won't bore you with how...suffice it to say, my trade's seduction, not fear. Even if I did enjoy that bit of terror you exuded a moment ago," she admitted, shrugging again. "Any demon would. My ways are still a bit more shrewd. So..." A more normal grin, showing only the barest tips of her fangs. "I choose a persona you were thinking was cute as a button a little while ago, and were feeling like a pedophile for wanting someone who looks twenty years younger than you are, at least. Though yes, you've likely figured out I'm a few thousand years your senior...still young, though. Among my kind, that is."

            Hiding his expression behind the cup--what his grimace meant, even he couldn't say for sure--he took another sip. "Was I that obvious?"

            "Only to someone like me, don't worry, Doctor." She giggled, a sound he was beginning to associate with her. "I can see mortal desires and fantasies quite well, even if my eyes aren't so good. Speaking of..." She kissed him right on the tip of the shaft that had only just softened completely, though of course it surged out of his sheath again as soon as he felt her soft lips, then she stood up, raising her arms over her head in a stretch. "You seem to be recovered. What do we do first? About the exam, Doctor," she added with that impish grin of hers when his gaze strayed down her beautiful form. "Time enough for more of that after the examination's done. I promise."

            Though he couldn't have said why he trusted her assurance, he did, even if the first exam on someone who'd obviously never had one before ran long enough he doubted they really would have time for more sex before the night was over. Still, his own personal code of ethics prevented him from skimping on a single step in the process. He wondered if he would ever be able to show anyone else the records for 'C. Bunny,' as he named her in the log he opened for her, but kept them as meticulously as he would any other patient's. Her pupil size was larger than usual for a rabbit, though within the norms, even if the inner structure of her eyes was different, those of someone used to dim lighting; he suspected then, and confirmed later with other tests, that she could see in the dark about as well as a cat could. Better, really, since she could make out shapes more easily in the dimness, not having to rely on movement. The glaucoma test, aiming a puff of air into her eyes, made her tear up the same as anyone else (and showed no sign of the disease, he was happy to find); though the eyedrops meant to dilate her pupils proved to be a failure, they would widen for a moment, then contract back to normal, the demon's physiology purging the drug from her system almost instantaneously. Giving a shrug--two-shouldered, unlike her usual quirky one-sided ones--he proceeded without it, helping her into the chair with the phoropter.

            He had lost all track of time when they were through, and he made use of the glasses-making equipment next door to create her new glasses' lenses, which he fit into the frames she had chosen ("None of that iron or steel stuff *shudder*, silver's okay, though I'm not crazy about it...plastic? *giggle* That'll melt, fire demon, remember? Ooo, these gold ones look cute, what d'you think, Doctor?"). Something he hadn't done since his internship, but found he still had the knack. "There we go," he told her, hooking the golden earpieces around the bases of her long ears and settling the lenses to either side of her pert little nose. And having to admit that the octagonal gold frames she'd chosen set off her emerald eyes wonerfully. "I've made the prescription just a little weaker than most would, to force your eyes to adjust. Like any other muscle, if you give eyes some incentive to work harder, they get better. Too many optometrists make the glasses too strong, and the eyes get progressively weaker because of it," he told her with a frown. "Not from my lab."

            Smiling, the demon nodded. "I know, one thing I heard when I researched you. So this is clear vision," she murmured, grabbing a magazine, holding it at arm's length as apparently she was accustomed to doing, then bringing it closer with a look of wonder on her face. Blinking at him through her new glasses, she smiled more broadly (though thankfully not in the sharklike way of earlier). "This is incredible, everything looks so...sharp." Impulsively, she hugged him around the waist. "Thank you, Doctor!"

            Trying to keep his composure (which wasn't terribly easy, since he was still naked from the waist down and could feel her warm body against private parts now made public), he patted her on the shoulder. "They're not too heavy? Most, we'd make plastic lenses for them, but since you're worried they'll melt..."

            Shaking her head, the demon drew back, looking around the room with that same wondering smile. "They feel fine. Maybe later pairs I'll try it, I can magic up some fire and heat resistance...likely I'll have to for these, too, lava baths would melt this gold. Wonder if I can find a scratch-resistance spell...you'll make me the spares, just in case?"

            Nodding, he walked over to the glasses-making equipment. "Three extra pairs...I'll take you at your word that you might need them. You still don't want to choose different frames for them, stick with ones like what you have on?"

            "I think so, yes. Better to get used to one type before experimenting with others, since I'm new to this whole glasses-wearing thing, yes?"

            "Probably wise, though I had to make the offer." Once the equipment was programmed and had gotten to work on the lenses for the spare pairs, he walked her back to his office. "Your depth perception may be a little...different, until you get used to your glasses. I have some literature here for you on caring for your glasses, and your vision, even some exercises that should help you strengthen your vision further. No one ever seems to do them," he laughed, and was answered by her giggle, "but I have to offer them nonetheless. Anything else you wanted to know?"

            "Just one thing, Doctor." Taking a few steps from him, the demon stood with her back to him, her puffy tail wiggling, then slowly turned, her conjured clothing vanishing while he could still see her tight rump in profile, a dribble of silvery nectar flowing down one leg from the cunt he couldn't see from this angle, the masculine parts--the bull-sized ballsac and the reddened phallus that swelled as he watched, twitching upwards to full erection--getting in the way. Even if he was torn between watching those, and the four breasts that swayed from side to side when she lifted one arm, running her fingers through her hair, then flipping that long, ebon mane back. "Do furs make passes at demons who wear glasses?"

            Suddenly out of breath, his own maleness erect and straining, Anton nodded, finding his voice a minute later. "If they don't...they're downright stupid."

            "Just what I wanted to hear!" The crimson lapin pounced him, both of them laughing as he hit the carpet with her on top of him, the womanly part he couldn't see finding his cock as if driven by its own mind, pulling him into liquid heat, the doctor gasping as the clingy walls embraced him, taking him in to the root. "Scat," she muttered, tapping his lab coat with a forefinger, which, along with the shirt beneath it, flowed away from him and draped itself across a nearby chair--thankfully not vanishing as his pants had, or he'd be going home stark naked.

            She began riding him then, leaning forward to nip at his nipples with sharp teeth. "How'd you know I love to have them...oooh," he managed, a giggle her only reply. Her paws found his backside then, pulling him upwards, feeling like he surged five or six inches farther into her tightness (impossible though that was), huge inside a muscular channel that felt too narrow for his girth. He had only thought her mouth was heavenly around him, this tender valley felt immeasurably more wonderful, drawing away all hope of resisting her; within minutes he came inside her, firing stream after stream into her accepting womb. Long before she was ready to join him in climax, he was chagrined to realize. "Sorry, you're too good at this, I can't hold back--NNNNGH!"

            The outburst came just as he did, again, more powerfully than before, and for a longer time, gushing out more wolfseed into her voracious body. "Don't underestimate yourself," she grunted as she rode him even harder, her own phallus sending gouts of precum across his naked chest, "or me," she added as he came again, and again, and again, the one climax leading to another and another, each more copious than before, the wolf feeling each burst splash into her with increasing force. He'd only thought she engulfed him completely, learning differently when she, gasping almost as much as he was by now, finally lunged downward, her cunt capturing his swollen knot, which immediately grew to double its earlier size, locking him inside her while they both howled in orgasm, him sending semen he didn't think he could possibly have left inside him into a womb that had drank up ever drop of the essence he'd given it thus far and sopped up this latest offering, while her sex sent out enough femme-cum (Chessia, obviously, was a squirter, and quite a formidable one at that) he was dripping from chest to knees with evidence of her pleasure.

            For all that, once he could breathe and think again, the twitching phallus that threatened to whap him on the nose hadn't climaxed with her female side. "Hmm...don't think I, can suck this down," he said breathlessly, putting a hand (that had no hope of curving completely around this monster of a cock) on her drooling member. He felt a thrill of both fear and desire when he recognized that it was larger than he'd expected it would be, even larger now than when he'd seen it erect what felt like hours before, somewhere close to two feet in length. "Could still...jerk you off, while we're tied," he offered.

            "Such a gentleman!" Perversely--though he supposed he should expect it from a rabbit, and certainly from a demonic one--after the quaking of climax had subsided, Chessia hardly seemed winded from her heights at all. "Not necessary...I think, it's about time I went in you for a change," she gave a grunt as she flexed something inside, and (yet another impossibility this bunny made possible) popped right off his knot, drawing him out of her depths. The process taking longer than it had going in, partly because she went slowly, but mostly because he had had a lot less when she pulled him into her female sex. "Surprise," she said, giggling when his much-enlarged wolfhood flopped free, landing heavily on his belly.

            Eyes widening far enough the whites showed, Anton gaped at his new equipment while she lifted the cock up, treating it to another lollipop-like lick. "I'm enormous," he breathed; he wasn't as large as the demon-rabbit, but significantly bigger than before. How big...sixteen inches? Seventeen? Eighteen? He laughed at himself for wishing for a tape measure. The ballsac below was also huge, no wonder he had been able to cum so much...wait, should he be able to see that so well? His belly ought to be in the way...

            "Forgive me for making a few...improvements," Chessia cooed, patting his tight, flat abdomen, running her nails across where a pot belly had been before she straightened up, letting his shaft fall back down. "Partly it's 'cause of the pact we made...verbal agreements count with us demons, we said we'd help each other, so... Partly it's just 'cause I wanted to, you fill me so well at that size. You'll fill other mortals marvelously, too," she giggled. "Including those horses you fantasize about...they sure won't laugh at you. A good many might not be able to take you without straining. I'm allowed to...change the arrangements of our deal, shall we say, to help lead you into sin. Heck, I'm encouraged to do so," she added with a laugh. "The 'new you' will find sins of the flesh more appealing, and a lot easier to arrange...adultery among them, if you want your wife back. Though personally, I say let her see what she'll be missing, and masturbate herself to sleep dreaming of what she'll never have again. She was fool enough to let you go, after all."

            Blushing at the complement, Anton looked at the demon. "Won't telling me all this make me more likely to want to, um, avoid sin?"

            She clutched his member in both paws--needing both to encircle it completely--and pumped up and down his length, making him moan, and what had to be over a pint of preseed splash out across his chest. "Just like you've avoided it already?" she teased. "'Carnal knowledge' with a hellspawn is considered worse than adultery, don'cha know. And I'm ready for more!" Kneeling, she released him to run her fingers across her own hugeness. "Turn over, you like having cocks up your backside, I love plugging ready backsides..." He started to protest--she was way too big for him!--but was stopped with her command: "Turn over!" Command it definitely was, before he knew it he was on his knees in front of the bunny, his tail upraised. "Oh, sorry, but don't blame me for being eager," the demon lapin breathed as she pressed her shaft's bell against his tailhole. "This ass is...mmmmf," she growled as she powered forward, getting a portion of her glans into him, "far too lovely not to be filled."

            "You're too big!" he cried desperately. "And...lubrication..." He tried to scramble forward, off of her, but the dainty-looking hands gripping his waist didn't let him move a fraction of an inch, the strength in them immense despite their small size.

            "Lubrication?" came the teasing query, as he felt, even heard, the burst of liquid flowing into his backside, his own spillage of precum puny in comparison, the hot fluid spraying deep into his bowels, so much of it the thick oily precum gushed out again around the mammoth rod. "There'll be no shortage of that! Besides...just relax, don't tense up...that's it," she grunted as she thrust forward, burying herself in him a few inches at a time, "thaaaaat's it...I'd be remiss if I made you able to take mares, and not stallions, wouldn't I? Even if," a giggle, and a few more grunts as she spread him wide, and penetrated him farther than anyone ever had, farther than seemed feasible--and kept on penetrating him, that cock seeming endless, "I'm a bit bigger. So relaaaaax, no, don't tense up! That's better...let Mama Chess do the *giggle* driving, you just enjoy..."

            All at once he had no choice but to do as she said (if he ever had any choice, given her strength she might well have raped him on the spot), when she began thrusting in earnest, slamming her whole length into him over and over. He'd heard of fucking 'bunny fashion' before, but had never seen it--if all rabbits went at it this hard and fast, it was a wonder any of them could walk! Though the speed was only in her thrusts, she seemed to be tirelessly fucking him for hours, not letting up for an instant. By all rights his rectum should've been numbed by the assault, if not torn to pieces, but neither happened...perhaps her member's girth helped (especially since it seemed to be getting even bigger inside him, the veins girdling it standing out from the rest, firm enough they made ridges along the massive length), as well as the precum that never paused in its gushing, making a gigantic puddle on the floor.

Just as he started to wonder if this would ever end, he felt something new...the glans deep inside him was swelling, flaring like one of the few ponies he'd tried (not daring a stallion), widening to something like twice the width of the rest of the shaft, surely heralding her approaching climax. Breathlessly, she churred in his ear, "Want me to take you like a wolf would?"

            Gasping for air himself, he managed, "How...d'you mean?"

            She didn't bother to speak, actions serving instead of words. Abruptly not just the head of her maleness was swelling, so was the base, forming a ball-like mass that, being a canine, he was well-acquainted with. By now past thinking of any of this as impossible, he accepted, lowering his head submissively, grinding his hips backwards to take that bulb. Grinning ferally, she answered by slamming herself into him even harder than before, lodging her newgrown knot into his bowels. Their howls mingled as they both came, his seed spattering the far wall, hers not just filling him, more flooding him, quarts...gallons?...of the stuff flowing into him to make his belly expand anew, the wolf looking like a bitch carrying cubs.

            He couldn't have said how long before he felt her pulling backwards, trying to get herself out of him. "God, no, stay in," he begged, scarcely believing he was saying the words, "you feel so good inside me..."

            "Feels good to me, too, but I better not," she told him. "I know how I am when I grow a knot...I'll be in you for hours, and keep coming the whole time." With a start he realized then that the gouts of lifeseed hadn't so much as paused, she really was still coming. "You'll bust open like a melon...there," she growled as she managed to pull back, dousing him with what now rushed out of his ass. Laying on her back while he watched in amazement, she worked her paws up and down the spire towering over her, the gushing semen spattering the ceiling, raining down on the whole room, before finally subsiding.

            Having a little time to look around, he saw that his inner sanctum was a wreck, though he couldn't make himself care, not while her cum sprayed from his bowels, adding to the ankle-deep lake the floor had become. Literally everything was covered in his seed and hers (mostly hers), a frightful mess that he was sure he'd be days cleaning up--he'd have to do it, letting the cleaning crew see what had happened here would be a major no-no!--but that was for later. Right now laying on his side on the floor seemed a much better plan.

            The demon had other ideas, pushing him onto his back and getting atop him, her crotch facing him--along with the colossal bunny-cock that he was no longer shocked to see still hard and ready to be used--and his shaft being licked by her in classic 69 fashion. "Those spares should be about done," she told him between licks, "let's finish off this way...you suck me, I suck you."

            "I can't fit this--" he began to protest, but was stopped by her hands grabbing hold of his head, and her cock effectively gagging him...and more, sliding down his gullet, his eyes bugging out when he watched it all slide down his throat, until his nose was pushed up against her ballsac. A nose that, somehow, he could still breathe through. His throat felt almost unbearably tight, his jaws creaked around the thickness spreading them...but he had engulfed her completely!

            "Didn't I say you could take stallions now? Don't teach your grandma to suck dicks," she admonished, the metaphor no doubt changed intentionally. "Though I'm a bit bigger...ah! That's right, don't be afraid to use your teeth, you won't hurt me, and it feels goooood..." She didn't say anything more, then, the demon evidently well-brought up; she didn't speak with her mouth full.


            Months passed. Prior to leaving, the demon had kindly cleaned up ("Sometimes, we have to be able to make our messes disappear, after all."), making all the expended semen vanish with a spell. She also gave him back the keys and wallet that had been in his pants pocket in exchange for the spare spectacles...though she vanished without returning the garment. Going home on the subway in his lab coat, bare from the waist down, had been interesting, to say the least. He could only assume she'd done something to the flow of time while there, since a good five hours of night remained before dawn...hours he spent fucking practically anyone in sight.

            Claiming health reasons, he stayed away from the office for six weeks, letting the other doctor he shared offices with take his patients, coming back more muscular than he had ever been (helped along by a new desire to work out, though whether that was implanted by the demon or just his wanting to keep his new physique, he couldn't say), his hair no longer greying and fuller besides, the new wardrobe he'd had to purchase certainly fuller...especially below the waist, his enlarged genitals seemed to be a permanent feature. As did a few other changes...some of whom made him very popular as a doctor, enough so he could afford a few additions to the office.

            Opening up his new sanctum, next door to his examination room, he flipped on the light, revealing the more-than-king-sized four-poster bed, and the three mares sleeping on it. One woke up when the light shone on her, and nudged the others awake before getting awkwardly to a sitting position. "Morning, Master--mm," the roan mare's hand flew to her belly. She smiled brightly at Anton. "Our baby kicked, he or she is going to be a strong one."

            The doctor smiled back as he removed his clothing; he had spent half the night fucking, but somehow, that didn't wear him out anymore, he was ready for more in the two hours left 'til he had to open shop. Wherever he went, he found males and females eager to please him; his body's own natural pheromones had been heightened by Chessia, something that made seduction almost too easy. He watched while the other equines felt the other mare's swollen abdomen. Sometimes, he felt a trifle guilty (having his own harem, small though it was, in the office wasn't quite a sin, but still a breach of professional ethics) about his new largesse...but not often. The trio came forward, six hands stroking erect a phallus that managed to fill all of them to overflowing. "We should expand our little family...who else wants to carry a cub or two?"

            Amid the childlike cries of "Me! Me!" the roan laughed. "You'll have to get more of us, too, for when we're plugged up. At least until the babes are born and can start...womanly duties," the mare told him; before, he might've been shocked at the mere thought of what she was insinuating, but he took the idea in stride, now. Such 'family play' seemed to be normal among horses anyway, who was he to argue? "I know a good filly who'd love to join us. Or would you rather a stud? You've talked about how you'd enjoy that, too...I can make some calls?"

            "Why not both?" Anton answered. "I'm not so jealous I couldn't share you with another's cock...as long as everyone saves some energy for me, too. Including him." He chuckled as the pregnant mare clapped her hands together in girlish glee, then waddled over to the phone. "No, not so jealous," he murmured, thinking of the appointment book he kept secret, and a very special appointment marked there, for a month from then, marked in a mixture of her blood and his ("This way, I'll be sure to be on time, even though mortal times confuse me so much...we'll both know when the time's right."). He could share his darlings with the demon when she came back for her checkup. All of them could enjoy the delights a matter of vision could bring.

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