The Groupie


Part One

Story copyright 2002 Michael J. Hansen


          Catching the towel that was flung her way, the tigress flashed a grin at the roadie who'd provided it, then dried her sweat-soaked hair.  An anthropomorphic Bengal tiger with reddish-gold fur (striped, of course) covering a muscular dancer's body, she moved with easy grace, and the poise and confidence of someone who knew she was beautiful, even dishevelled from two and a half hours of singing and dancing on stage.  "Great set, guys!" Melody Tyger told her group as they left the stage after the third encore.  "They'll remember us here in...where are we again?"

          They laughed, two of them yelling an "Aimesville!" though they surely knew she was joking.  With every T-shirt on sale, every billboard, even the water bottles she'd drunk during the concert all proudly declaring where they were on this leg of the tour, she'd hardly be able to forget if she tried.  Laughing herself, she waved to them as she turned toward the hall leading to her own dressing room, patting one of the security guards on the shoulder as she passed him (to his delight, she noticed).

          Still busy towelling her hair, with the black-striped red locks reaching almost to her tail, there was a lot of it to dry, she nearly ran into the kitten in the hallway.  "Well!"  She looked the cat over; a domestic feline morph, at least a head shorter than her six-foot-four-inches, obviously young though rounded nicely in all the right places, with ginger fur and black hair, as well as blue eyes that blinked timidly at her behind thick-lensed glasses.  "Well, well," Melody purred, smiling at the girl, striped tail swishing from side to side, her own amber-gold eyes twinkling.  "And how did you get past Luke and Earl back there?"

          Pink nosepad and the inner surfaces of her ears both reddening with a blush, her short tail standing straight out, the kitten stammered, "They-they let me in, I just asked--I can go--"  She made to edge past the older feline and flee.

          Melody stopped her with a hand on her shoulder, the other cupping her chin.  "I was only teasing you, child, don't take it personally."  The kitten's eyes widened enough to show the whites surrounding them as soft lips pressed against hers, a rough tongue boldly pushing into her mouth, stroking over her own.  She stiffened in shock, then relaxed as the odor of tiger-musk seemed to surround her, thrilling her.

          "Mmmm," Melody purred as she pulled away just enough to speak, nosepad almost touching the girl's.  "They know what I need after a long set...well," she gave a laugh, "that and a shower.  I'm sure I look a fright, and smell worse, after the hot lights on stage..."

          "You smell good to me," the kitten whispered lamely.

          "Goddess, that's old," the tigress murmured, leaning back and tugging at the faded shirt the girl wore.  Her own face, in full 'stage drag' as she called it, silently singing her heart out in a captured scene from one long-ago concert, while 'Melody Tyger--Fearful Symmetry Tour' floated in multicolored holographic letters up above her, still showed brightly despite the shirt's age.  Shaking her head, she punched in the door code and led her guest into the dressing room.  "That's what, three, four years ago?" the tigress went on, her purring Alto voice betraying a touch of the accent the music channels had wondered about, sounding almost Hispanic, but not.  "Seems like a lifetime...we may have to upgrade your wardrobe later.  Can't have you running about in that old thing, from that lousy old show, what would people say?"

          The room was larger than one might expect, the kitten noticed first off, surprised enough that she couldn't speak for a moment; the brass-framed king-sized bed that took up one corner of the room was the next oddity, as well as the mirrors placed over it on the ceiling.  Finding her voice, the girl protested, "But I loved that concert!  It was wonderful!  I drove all the way to--"

          A pair of fingertips against her lips stopped her.  "Don't have to sell yourself to me, little one," Melody purred as she took her hand away.  "I already plan to fuck your brains out all night long.  Before we do that," she added as she unwound the black-striped-gold headband that kept her hair out of her eyes, while the kitten blinked, mouth open in shock, obviously not sure at first whether she'd heard what she thought she'd heard, "I like to get clean before I get why don't we undress each other, then jump in the very large shower the promoters provided me?"

          The tiger had to get things started, tugging the shirt off over the cat's head, then tossing it on her dressing table, but the other was quick to follow suit, undoing the buttons holding her gold vest closed so she could pull it off.  They both undid each other's bras together, Melody freeing the girl's small breasts with their rosy-pink nipples, while her larger mammaries with ebony aerolae peeking out through her white chest-fur bobbled free of the 'harness', as she thought of the reinforced brassiere she had to wear, her milk-heavy breasts tending to stretch out anything weaker.

          Soft, warm hands carressed her breasts then, the kitten exclaiming with wonder as pearly drops formed on the tips of Melody's thick nipples, but the tigress was growing impatient by this time, so knelt and unzipped the cat's jeans, tugging them down, nuzzling along one leg as she lowered first them, then the powder-blue panties below, unable to resist getting a nice, long sniff of the cleft between the other's thighs, smelling the musk of growing arousal.  Then, now clad only in a shimmering skirt as red as her mane, she stood, paws on hips, and smiled at the girl.  "Your turn."

          Blinking, the kitten seemed to get the idea after a moment, lips shaping a silent 'Oh' as she got to her knees, seeming reverent as she unbuttoned the tigress' skirt to reveal black silk panties...among other things.  "So it is true," she breathed.

          Chuckling, leaning forward to look past her breasts to see down there, Melody nodded.  "It's true...what so many have wondered about, yes," she purred as her underthings were eased down off her white-furred sheath and ballsac, the former already slowly letting loose with the ebony member it contained while the latter hung heavily between her thighs.  "I wasn't born this way, in case you ask, how I got this way is a long story...  I've learned to enjoy my...condition, though."

          "A lot to enjoy," the girl murmured, pushing Melody's panties down past the ankles, then grasping the 'condition', which filled both her paws to overflowing while soft.  Not that it stayed that way for long, swiftly expanding and growing to its full extension, a much more than respectable size, nearly as thick as her wrist and well over a foot long.  She licked at the trickle of precum that coursed from the pulsing tip, moaning at the rich flavor of it.  "I've never had something so...large in me..."

          "You soon will...multiple times, in fact, in every opening you have," Melody assured her guest, to the sound of more moans.  "First, the shower."  She helped the girl to her feet, then led the kitten into the adjoining bathroom.  "I'd rather not play while I can smell all this sweat all over me."

          "But I love the way you smell.  So musky and sweet..."

          Laughing, the tigress started the water running in the shower.  "Well, then, call it a challenge to you to help me get all sweaty and musky again.  I'll smell even muskier and--" another laugh "--'sweeter' the longer we play, little...what's your name, anyway?"

          "Oh..."  The kitten laughed.  "Never did say, did I.  I'm Aimee."

          "Aimee of Aimesville?" Melody chuckled as she stepped into the shower, pulling the girl in after her.  "Sounds like a song title.  I'll remember that.  Oh..."  She purred as Aimee immediately grabbed a bar of soap, and started lathering up her male parts, massaging them in the process.  "Eager little Aimee...not too eager, now, I want my whole body washed, after all."

          Nodding obediently, the kitten began exploring the tigress with her hands, soaping up every part she found, stopping the older feline when Melody reached for another bar of soap.  "Please, let me serve you first.  I--I want to."  Smiling at the other's nod, Aimee continued her ablutions, enjoying every minute of it, as did the one she served, if the low, rumbling purr in the back of the singer's throat was any indication.  She admired the taut muscles of Melody's shoulders, arms, legs, backside, and particularly the tight abdomen that looked and felt hard enough to break rocks on.  And of course the heavy, lactating breasts, and the heavier sac and still-erect cock that seemed both incongruous on the female-appearing hermaphrodite, yet fit.  "I'm forgetting something...oh, yes, get down on your knees, please."

          Puzzled, Melody did as she was asked, then rumbled as Aimee began washing her hair.  "Goddess, you have no idea how good that feels...I love my hair, but it's such a hassle, caring for it by myself...ohhhh," she moaned suddenly, as soapy fingers--the kitten's left paw--crept under her, finding the black lips of her female sex.  "Now what're you doing?" the tigress murmured teasingly.

          "You said you wanted to be washed all over," the girl reminded her.  "Lean forward, so I can do the job properly."

          Hunched over, the shower's spray beating on her back, Melody groaned and purred as the kitten bunched up three fingers, thrusting them into her, while a thumb worked over her hooded clit.  "Mmmmmmm...goddess, faster, please...oooo...faster...that's it!  Ah!  Ahhh..."  The tigress lost all control as Aimee deftly masturbated her, fingers gliding in and out of her, finally giving vent to a roar as her vaginal muscles spasmed around the girl's paw, gripping it tightly inside her, then finally releasing as she sagged forward on her arms.  "Mmmmmmnnnaughty little one, making me come early..."

          Aimee, who was licking the fluids Melody's cunt had released off of her fingers, seemed far from repentant.  Though puzzled.  "You didn't come?"

          "I most certainly did, that was nice..."

          "No, I meant from..."  She indicated the phallus Melody sported, which still twitched, fully erect, in front of the older feline.

          Laughing, Melody shook her head.  "No, not from there.  I normally don't come from both sexes at once, unless someone helps me along."

          Pouting, Aimee complained, "But I wanted to see you shoot all over..."

          The kitten reached for her cock, but Melody brushed her paws aside gently, shaking her head again.  "Time enough for that.  Your turn to be bathed.  Stand up," she commanded.

          Trying to stand still as the larger cat washed her, the strong fingers turning it into a deep massage that made her purr, Aimee closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her.  Will she do it, will she do it, she thought again and again as the carress moved down her body, then back up again, reaching every part of her, no inch of fur going unlathered.  Oh, I want her to do it...

          She gasped joyfully as, when she was beginning to think bathing was all the tigress had in mind, she felt a prodding between her legs, parting them to let something bump against her sex, pushing against the hidden lips there.  "Oh, thank you, God...oh..."  She bit her lip as the feeling continued, getting lined up, then parting her netherlips gently.  "Ooh--oh, oh...your hand, it feels so GOOD..."

          Musical, purring feline laughter made her open her eyes wide, just in time to see Melody's two paws wave in front of her face.  "That isn't my hand," the tigress chuckled, then gripped her waist tightly, pushing her down at the same time that object she'd thought was a set of fingers, but turned out to be much, much thicker and harder, lifted her off her feet, lodging itself inside her, then thrusting deeply inside her, impaling her on the formidable girth of it.  She squealed as she dangled above the floor, grabbing the showerhead for support as the rampaging intruder plunged in and out of her, the wet squishing sounds coming from down there battling the shower's roar for supremacy.

          Forced to submit to the rough fucking, Aimee held on for dear life, coming not once but many times while Melody rammed her shaft into her clear up to her cervix, bruising that fleshy doorway but luckily not trying to breach it--she was sure she'd die if that happened.  Never did her feet touch the floor, but somehow she wasn't afraid Melody would drop her; despite what was happening to her, she felt as safe as if her mother's arms were around her, not this Amazon with a penis.  Of course it didn't hurt that the veiny length throbbing within her, never pausing as it drove in and out of her, made her climax over and over, one leading to another.

          It was probably only minutes, but felt as if hours had passed before the speed of her own thrusting finally took its toll on Melody herself, making her breath come in harsh gasps, the ramming into Aimee taking an even rougher turn as the tigress' peak approached.  Something else happened, as well.  Deep within the kitten, the tip of Melody's phallus expanded, then let loose with dozens of fleshy barbs, the backward-pointing spines not sharp, perhaps only as dangerous as the bristles of a comb, but more than enough to grab at the inner folds of her vaginal canal, tugging at them cruelly, making the mixture of precum and feminine secretions leaking out of her become tinged slightly with pinkish blood.

          Far from being discomfited, Aimee cried out lustily, yowling, "Oh GOD yes!  Yes!  *oof*  Oh, it hurtsssss...hurt me, make me bleed!"  Wrapping her legs around Melody's thighs, she arched her back to meet the thrusts, screeching as she added to the lovely torture going on inside her, aiding in her own tormenting.  She keened wildly as the incredible fucking continued for a few minutes longer, groaning, "Cum...cum inside me, ow, ooo...I want you, fill me, God I want it all...fill me...YES!"

          That last word burst from Aimee's lips as Melody's orgasm finally exploded inside her, the jets strong enough she could feel them, so much of the thick tigerseed that her belly couldn't hold it all, the pungent fluid spurting out around the powerful organ still ramming against her cervix over and over, coating the tigress' thighs with her own semen.

          Aimee groaned as Melody finally let her back down to her feet, though had to hold onto her to keep her from falling over, she was so shaky.  The girl groaned again as the somehow still-erect cock was worked out of her, the barbs that weren't quite retracted yet scraping their way down her insides, giving her an aftershock-orgasm as they brushed her Grafenberg spot on the way out.  She gaped down as a river of tigersemen poured out of her, to swirl down the drain.  "God, gallons of the stuff..."

          "Hardly," Melody laughed.  "A quart or two perhaps.  Ready for more?"

          The whites showing around Aimee's irises, she stared at the older feline.  "More?" she squeaked.

          "Certainly.  We haven't even made it to the bed yet, after all."

          She swayed again, and was caught by the tigress' strong arms.  "I'll never survive..."

          A smug smile twisted Melody's lips.  "We'll see," was all she said.


--To be continued

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