Long after my long ears had warned me of her approach--the fox's footfalls were soft on the cobblestone path outside my apartment, but not soft enough to fool my long ears--I heard the *snick* of the key in the lock, then the slight squeal of the tumblers shifting.  I'd have to oil them soon, I couldn't abide squeaky locks.  Dropping the small leather bag she carried with her on the table by the door, Delight entered with a sigh, brushing at the road-dust covering her banded leather armor.  I still wasn't completely sure what she did at work, never mind what a demon of lust could possibly do that would require such protection, but whatever it was, she got that armor dirty often.  And sometimes bloody; others' blood, not her own, so I didn't worry overmuch.  "I'm home--oh," she called, grinning as she saw that I was, too, the front of her leathers suddenly bulging a bit below the waist.

            Smiling coyly over my shoulder, sprawled belly-down on the bed, I knew what kind of image I presented.  Completely skyclad, my tail upraised to reveal the cleft between my buttocks--and the treasures not quite hidden there--with my legs spread to let my ballsac and semi-erect phallus point backward between my thighs, light from the candles I'd lit glimmering over my crimson fur, the pinker hue of my tail's underside practically glowing, I was luscious, and knew it.  "I want you up my ass before the count of ten," I warned playfully, wiggling the feature I'd named at her.  "One...two...three..."

            I never got to reach six.  There's an art to putting on and removing armor suits, even the relatively flexible brass-reinforced suit Delight wore; most anyone else would say ripping off the chestpiece, shoulderguards, leggings and codpiece in a few seconds' time was impossible, but she managed, and without scalping herself bald in the process.  Churring, I arched my back to meet her while she drove herself deep into my fundament, the channel already lubricated by my own precum--I'd prepared myself before she ever got home--though I needn't have bothered, enough of her own flowed into me to make passage easy.

            What followed was predictable enough; amid the squeaking of bedsprings and our own mingled moans, we rutted for perhaps an hour or so.  We didn't bother trying to stay quiet.  One advantage to living in a dorm that catered to demons like ourselves, we seldom had to worry our noise.  Most of my dorm-mates likely enjoyed the sounds, and craning my ears, I could detect the sounds of a few doing similar things anyway.

            At last we subsided, Delight sagging atop me, restrained by her knot lodged in my backside, my belly swollen with her delicious cum.  Panting, the fox gasped, "You, are a wonder to come home to after a long day.  Why so randy, though?"

            Whiskers twitching to either side of my muzzle--she sweated by panting, I by wriggling my nose, to each their own--I teased, "I need an excuse?  Actually, my day wasn't terribly long, or hard, only the one exam today to finish out the term, but I guess after passing my Hand-to-Hand final I was just in the mood to have my body rub against someone else's."  I wiggled my hips gingerly, difficult to do with a cock near as thick as my upper arm lodged between them.  "In a way that didn't involve making a fist or kicking with my hooves, anyway."

            "Really?  I didn't know you were taking those kind of classes...I can teach you a few things, if you like."  She kissed the base of my right ear.  "Never can hurt, knowing how to defend yourself."

            Nodding, as well as murring at the kiss, I replied, "What I figured as well.  I've been in more than a few fights since coming to Lady Lilith's, and I'd rather my opponents limp home, not me.  'Sides, I had to take a few electives to go with my regular classes."

            "Sensible attitude, my lovely girl, sensible.  Though I don't think I've seen you be anything but sensible."  She glanced toward the side of the bed, then, and laughed.  "You have a fan."

            "Hmm?"  Then I glanced where Delight was looking, and gave a giggle.  "He's already online?  Wow, that's early for Him."  Our thrashing having apparently jostled my computer enough to turn off the screen saver, dispelling the erotic images that'd been dancing across the monitor back from whence they came, my instant messaging client was visible.  As was the name near the top of the list of friends online, the one online handle which I'd colored bright red to make it stand out from the rest:  'morning*'.


Messaging Morning*


Copyright 2003 Michael J. Hansen


Part the Third:  Ecstasy


morning*:  Ah, good, you're back from school!  How was the day?  Your last final exam, wasn't it?

            Smirking, I typed in, 'It was, though I don't think that's all you wanted to find out, is it?'

morning*:  Not hardly!  You left me hanging last night, wondering how you had managed to survive that teacher of yours--Sister Terror, wasn't it?  I sometimes wonder at nuns' names, but that one seems to live up to it.

            'I'll say.  Well, I've no objection to continuing, and I think Delight wants me to, too.  She's peeking over my shoulder with her cock up my ass--'  The vulpine bit one of my ears sharply, and I chuckled, but backspaced and changed that last sentence to, 'She's peeking over my shoulder, in bed with me, wanting to learn the rest herself.'

morning*:  Then perhaps you should hurry up and start telling us, eh? ;)

Chess:  *giggle*  All right, all right.  Where did I leave off...ah, Sister Terror, saying I'd cheated on my impregnation exam by making the demon I'd been partnered with able to have children again--that was how I thought it was, anyway--was chastising me with that iron rapier of hers...


            Arms over my head, my ears folded below them to protect their sensitive surfaces--that sword the sister was swinging wasn't sharp on the edge, but wouldn't need to be to tear my ears up, not with the damnedable Cold Iron--I tried to make myself as small as possible under the assualt.  It didn't help a great deal, but was all I could do, there might've been ways to fight her off but I didn't know them; magic was impossible for me with the iron smashing into me over and over, no demon could possibly concentrate enough even to call on the elemental forces we were all attuned to (fire, in my case) with the metal scrambling senses and magics both.

            Someone else, luckily, wasn't so helpless.  There was a clatter next to me, and the blows stopped suddenly as if a switch had been thrown.  "How dare you--put me down!" came a startled cry, Sister Terror's voice.  An inarticulate growl was the only response, followed by what sounded like a breathless squeak from the nun.

            Coming out of my body-clench gradually, I lowered my arms, seeing 19 (the only thing close to a name I had for her, at least), the war demon I'd impregnated when she'd been unable to bear children, standing (despite a still-bloated belly and birthing fluids that covered her crimson thighs), her spiny mane standing straight out from her head, holding Sister Terror suspended above the floor, with 19's hands around her neck, throttling her.  "You're not killing the one who gave me back my femininity," the huge demoness growled, giving the nun a shake.

            Sitting up, unsure if I could stand up just yet (or at all), the glint of steel near me drew my attention.  My teacher's sword, reddened still with my blood, had fallen next to me when 19 grabbed her.  Baring my fangs in a grimace, I found myself wanting to grab up that blade, and plunge it into Sister Terror's heart.  I didn't know if it would kill, doing that, but at least I'd get a modicum of revenge for what had been done to me.  She was kicking me out of school anyway, why not get expelled for something I'd actually done?

            I was saved from making a very big mistake--with my paw close enough to the sword I could feel the chill of its metal on my skin--by a shout:  "Hold!  Enough, no one's dying today.  Put her down, please."

            I looked belatedly, my hurt body slowing down my thoughts and reactions both though I didn't realize it at the time, my phallus--which suddenly reared up again, proud and strong--recognizing the nun who'd entered before I did.  Mother Ecstasy, her silver-colored habit helping distinguish her from the red-wearing Sisters--not that the lovely succubus really needed any extra help for all of us to know she was a special one, all one needed was the pheromones that had reawakened my maleness, more powerful even than my own mating-scents--strode forward imperiously, frowning at the hulking 19.  The Mother was only half a head taller than I was, but seemed to have no fear of the war demon.  "Put her down, please," she repeated.  "Don't force me to undo what the child did for you, I'll have to if you kill Sister Terror."

            That got through 19's armored skin where nothing else would; with obvious reluctance, she lowered the one-horned demon.  And then sat down on the floor quickly, spreading her legs to let yet another of hers and my brood slide out of her sex.  "Morningstar protect me...how many are left..."

            Pressing a silver-furred paw to 19's belly, Mother Ecstasy answered, "Twelve...no, thirteen.  Twelve now," she corrected herself as another damp head forced its way between the war demon's labia to join its siblings.  "An impressive job," the nun told me, smiling, her small sharp teeth gleaming.

            "How dare you interfere with my chastisement of my student," Terror thundered, or tried to; her voice was still hoarse from the mistreatment of her throat.  "I had every right--"

            "Hold, Sister," Mother Ecstasy put in calmly, and handed the other nun a rolled-up parchment.  While Terror read, she explained, "I've been waiting in my offices for hours for a war demon off the line to arrive for healing.  She was injured in battle, and rendered incapable of having children, her womb destroyed, ovaries ruined."

            "Half-ruined," I murmured under my breath.

            A shift of the cloth of Ecstasy's habit betrayed where a hidden ear twitched, and her muzzle turned my way, one crimson eye winking.  I felt my heart beat a trifle faster, a spurt of precum landing on the floor a few feet away from my twitching shaft.  I'd had a bit of a crush on Mother Ecstasy since I'd first seen her, the nun being the first other furry demon I'd ever met, refreshing--and rather arousing--after the bare flesh of all those around me.  She went on, "Imagine my surprise when I found out the demon had been pulled into a fertility test."

            Terror, looking chagrined, handed the roll back to Ecstasy.  "I had no idea, you must believe me."

            "I do.  Someone rigged your test, with intent of having young Chess here fail.  Don't worry, nothing happened that I can't fix, if I can bring the imp to my infirmary for healing?  I expect you'll give her the highest grade, she achieved what should've been impossible for someone her age."

            "Of course!" Terror assured her superior.

            It wasn't quite an apology for my treatment, but I didn't feel like pressing things.  All I was truly interested in was falling over, which I slowly did.


            Waking up, I was pleased to feel no pain, only pleasure...also puzzled to find myself not in the infirmary, but in a luxuriously huge bed, in a stone-walled room I'd never seen before.  Much larger than my dorm, was all I could really think of it; much nicer it was, too, with better furnishings, and a chandelier overhead providing the only light, glowing will-o-wisps glimmering coolly where my home had flickering candles.  Still muzzy-headed from unconsciousness, I looked around...to see a silver vision lying next to me.

            "Nice, isn't it?" the apparition purred, smiling at me.  "One of the perks of my rank, being able to have better quarters than the rest of the nuns...or are you even looking at the room?" she finished with a laugh.  The shock must've shown on my face, this was none other than Mother Ecstasy, laying on her side beside me gloriously nude, her long silver tail draped demurely over the apex of her thighs.  A ferret, something I'd wondered about but been unable to confirm since her uniform covered her completely, she had the long body and incredibly flexible, lean physique typical of the breed.  "You didn't think we all stayed clothed even at home, surely.  I might be a nun, but I'm still a succubus."

            I nodded dumbly, the beauty of her, which once again my libido had realized even before my mind followed suit, stealing away my sense.  I reached toward her with one hand, but she stopped me by grabbing it in her paw.  "Hold on, youngster, we need to talk first," she warned.

            "Awww," I murmured, though the word 'first' kept me from being too unhappy.  "What about?"

            "About whoever tried to get you expelled today, primarily.  And," she tapped my nosepad with a wickedly-sharp claw, "who might well have killed you, you're not far enough into your power, even if you've gotten along amazingly well I must say, I hardly had to do any work at all to heal you, you're not immune to death from Cold Iron yet.  Give that a few more centuries.  I don't think the death was intended, at least."

            Rolling onto my side, I nodded, contenting myself with looking over her delectable form; if I couldn't touch yet, at least I could see.  Even if a small bit of myself did end up touching her, I was too close and my phallus too engorged for her to avoid my precum, droplets of the stuff sailing out to dot her fur.  "How can you be sure?"

            "There are a good many less haphazard ways to kill you if someone really wanted.  No, I'm sure it was expelling that they wanted."  She didn't bother to brush at the new wetness on her fur, which was soon absorbed by her fur and flesh anyway, my essence helping fuel hers...even if the 'taste' of me (for want of a better term) made her eyelids lower over her eyes.  "Mrrrr...  *cough*  Yes, expelling...unfortunately, you have plenty of enemies here who would be glad to see you go.  A good deal of that is your fault, in a way."

            "My fault?"

            "Sort of.  I don't think you did it intentionally, it's not really in the nature of us lust demons."  Wiping a paw across her chest, she scooped up some of the wetness I'd deposited there, bringing it to her mouth to lick.  "I think a good deal of it is how much you try to hide your true power."  She grunted at my blank look.  "Don't try to fool me--truthfully, I doubt you fool many--I can even taste it, you're going to be quite the powerhouse when you're fully grown.  You're no lightweight now.  You're a prodigy, you know, gifted in ways many of your compatriots can't match.  You make your classes and exams look far too easy, the way you sail through them, a lot of the other students envy that."

            Frowning, I shook my head.  "I'm no prodigy--"

            I was stopped by her laugh.  "I already said, you're not going to fool me.  Though the modesty is endearing, whether or not it's real.  Keep it up.  Your skill also puts some of our less..." she grimaced, then shrugged, her supple shoulders seeming boneless as they undulated, "...some of our worst teachers, I may as well say, both envious and upset because they often don't have much to teach someone like you.  Reminds me, I'm going to have it put on your transcript for next semester, I want you in both my healing and transformation magic classes.  No buts," she tapped my nose again as I did indeed start to protest, "I will get my way, I assure you.  You can rearrange your other classes if I took out something you can't live without, but I must see to your training as soon as possible.  A girl your age shouldn't have been able to rebuild that warrior's reproductive system that way.  You really should've given her two ovaries instead of just enlarging and healing the one damaged one--which I'll attend to, don't worry--but a fine job all the same."

            Shrugging, feeling gawky and awkward next to her, I shook my head.  "I didn't know how.  To give her a new ovary, I mean."

            "After you finish my classes, assuming you do well, and I think you will, you'll know.  I'll have to enroll you in anatomy training in later semesters, they'll help.  A dry subject, but knowing how a body works can help you know how to change it.  Anyway."  She batted at my cock playfully, getting another stream of precum over her hand.  Which she licked clean again, no doubt her intention.  "We strayed from the subject...  I don't think the source of your trouble today was in-house, though.  I might be wrong, I'll keep looking here to see while you're on break for the next month.  I want you to look around in your out-of-school life.  Your troubles could've come from something back home, you know.  Where else would you go if you were expelled?"

            Grimacing, I nodded slowly.  "I see what you mean.  I can ask around."

            "That's all I ask.  Now."  She didn't just bat at my shaft this time, she curled her fingers around it, beginning to stroke up and down.  "I haven't been well-used by a powerful incubus in quite a while, so...I want you to not hold back in the slightest with me.  You're not being graded, no one will ever know what happened here if you don't tell them, so I want all your skill...and ALL of you."

            "All of me?"

            "I know you're a gemini demon.  I made sure of it while you were unconscious, in fact, I confirmed it with my power."  She giggled at my blank expression.  "That's one term for an incubus who has two of these," she gave my cock a squeeze.

            Blinking, I could feel my ears going straight up.  "How'd you find that out?"

            "Oh, some of the signs...these are one sign," she cupped one of my lower breasts.  "Secondary sexual characteristics often double up along with the primary.  I'm also good friends with the school nurse, I have access to your records.  You produce more estrogen and testosterone than any one demon should...you know what those are?  Yes, I see you do...the nurse believes you're one of those rare succubi who have four ovaries instead of the two most have, which I've confirmed; since your body seems to be balanced well, amazingly well I must say, between the male and female sides, it stood to reason you'd have four testicles too.  Even if you only possess the one womb and vagina, there was no reason you couldn't have two of these," she squeezed my member again.  "And you do, concealed cleverly inside your crotch, is the second one.  You can bring it out at will, can't you?"

            Nibbling at my lower lip for a moment, I gave a half-shrug and decided to show her.  With my breasts in the way, I couldn't see what I did, but I knew by feel when my other phallus slid into my sheath alongside the first, soon pressing out into the open alongside its mate, swelling from the tiny size it had been until it was a match for the other cock.  My ballsac, meantime, became heavier as my other two testes descended, taking their place with the first pair.

            "Amazing," she breathed.  "I've seen others like you, but few looked so natural this way...one cock above the other, more convenient than some who've got them side by side.  You're the only one I've met who didn't at least have some sign that he had two penises, even when one was retracted...most can't become aroused without having both erect, in fact.  I can't tell the difference between them...do you always show the first one when you have only one out?"

            Sheepishly, I shook my head.  "No, I take turns...sometimes the one, sometimes the other."

            She laughed, shaking her head in apparent disbelief.  "Clever girl, one gets sore and tired, you just pop out the other and keep going, I take it?"  She laughed louder at my nod.  "No wonder I've heard so much about your stamina."  Both her paws were in use by now, stroking a member apiece, slicking them down with my own precum, the crimson cocks glistening.  She then seemed to flow toward me, then over me, with a grace I could only hope I'd someday match.  In less time than I could imagine, I was on my back, her sitting astride me, one of my members deep in her rectum, the other lodged inside her sex and womb.  She shuddered atop me, her tail beating against the bed.  "Oh, yes, I can feel you swelling inside me...that's it, fill me up, I don't care if you come out my mouth..."  Ferret that she was, she bent her torso in a way most anyone else would find impossible, letting her stay upright atop me but still bend down to capture my lips in an open-mouthed kiss.  "I may not be grading you, but I still want your best," she warned me after breaking the contact a few minutes later, her muzzle nuzzling against mine.  "You're not going to break me...well," she giggled, purring in one of my ears, "perhaps you might, who knows...that would be entertaining to have happen, really.  You won't kill me, let's leave it at that.  No holding back, I want everything you have to give."

            "Yes, ma'am," I answered with a grin, before levering myself upwards, unwilling to be flat on my back and let her do all the work.  Giving someone my all while using my male side always meant, to me, being in the dominant position, so I pushed her back into the bed where I could have the leverage.

            She laughed when I tumped her over, the sound turning into a trill of pleasure as I immediately began pounding away at her hips, mine moving forward and back as my heavier-than-normal ballsac slapped into her rump, both my shafts gleaming as they were revealed, then crammed back into her.  "You don't fool around when you fool around, mmmmmmm...ooo, still getting bigger, I love it...good goddess, how much precum do you have?"  She giggled.   "I feel my womb sloshing already, and you've only started."

            I didn't answer, let her find out for herself.  She, apparently also not content to let me have all the fun, bent her body double, those lovely sharp teeth of hers nibbling at my ballsac, worrying the flesh of my scrotum in ways a non-demon would likely find fear-provoking.  Me being a demon, the small pains made my cocks lurch inside her, and my ramming into her become more profound.  Many would find her squirming about like an eel with fur more than disconcerting, really, but it added an interesting new dimension to the lovemaking.  I would change position slightly (sometimes at her moaned suggestions, she having more sexual experience than I yet had), and find her nibbling and suckling on my nipples, or leaning way up to kiss my lips...at one point, I felt her teeth along my tail, even though I was kneeling between her thighs.  It was like fucking a rope, but I loved it, a new incident to revel in.

            She gave up with the odd wiggling about after awhile, fatigued perhaps (she had, after all, healed my wounds before putting herself at my mercy), holding onto one of the bedposts for support while I, having pulled out earlier and re-inserted myself with her on her hands and knees in front of me, pummelled her backside.  Swollen already with my preseed, her belly looked like she was carrying twins, her body absorbing the potent stuff as fast as it could but with me still pumping more in by the bucketful, it couldn't quite keep up.  Orgasms she'd had, plenty of them, the whole bed sopping wet from the backwash of her arousal (as well as some of my precum, though she did a wonderful job of keeping most of that fluid inside her), while I still worked toward my first.  Something she obviously wondered about.  "Goddess, are you ever going to finish?  It's been hours...what are you, part mink?"

            I blinked, then, in genuine confusion.  Having lost myself in the joy of rutting, I had no idea how much time had gone on since we started.  "Sorry...here, hold on tight."  The speed of my thrusts doubled, then redoubled, then still increased, going from the easy pace I'd set to something intended to bring me off quickly.  She wailed, her hips (flexible as they were) creaking from the force I applied, the bed rocking with my exertions.  A new spray of her femme-cum decorated my fur while my twin shafts grew steel-hard inside her, the bells both swelling, flaring stallion-fashion inside her, my hard blows to her innards growing ever more profound, if less controlled by the moment, all rhythm lost with the race to bring myself to climax, that happening at last with the impact of a small bomb, two bombs rather, one in her womb, the other deep in her belly, the minor swelling of same proving to be just that as twin tidal waves of semen rushed into her, making her scream in the ecstasy she was named after.  No one watching, if any had been, would've believed I'd flooded the rebuilt womb of a war demon not long before, as gout upon gout gushed into the ferret, her swollen front soon raising her up off the bed, screaming and crying hysterically as she held onto the bedpost as if it was her only lifeline.

            Yanking myself out of her before she really was in danger of rupturing, elder demoness or no, I held both my jerking shafts as they continued to spray, aiming both jets at her, liberally hosing her down with my lifeseed.  She rolled over, taking the full force of my dousing with obvious relish...to my surprise not giving back in kind, Ecstasy having only lost a tiny amount of my semen when I dragged my cocks out before both her orifices sealed up to prevent any loss of what succubi all craved.  I'd have to learn that trick.

            When my doubled climax finally ceased, only a dribble of semen spilling out and both phalluses drooping slightly.  "Mmmmmmm," the nun moaned, licking at her cum-soaked muzzle, belly already receeding and fur already beginning to absorb the huge amounts of semen into her.  "How'd you know I loved semen-baths...ahh, of course," she giggled.  She wagged a clawed finger at me.  "Naughty, reading into my fantasies while we made love, you know you aren't supposed to do that with your teachers."

            "I'm not being graded for this," I retorted, making her laugh again.  I flopped down on my back beside her, unmindful of the mess we'd made of the bed; my own fur was absorbing some of it into me, anyway, if without the alacrity of the older demon.  "I do hope we'll have more 'lessons'."  I gave a giggle of my own.  "I could learn a lot from you."


morning*:  And you certainly could...good, you have a few friends there at the school, I was beginning to worry.

Chess:  A few.  And a few outside, I hear.  '19', her name is Lysandra by the way, left me a message saying she would repay me any way she could.  I could do worse, having a war demon for a friend.  She also told me she'd Named two of the kits, to keep some part of me with her...named them after me, in fact.

morning*:  Really?  Flattering :)

Chess:  I agree!  Just as well she wasn't able to find out my last name, though...I'd hate to know somebody'd been named after my father.  One got named Chess, the other she altered my name slightly...called it Chessia.  Poor little one, getting saddled with a ridiculous name like that.

morning*:  Oh, you never know...something like that just might grow on you ;)

            Privately, I laughed, shaking my head.  I couldn't imagine living with such a name.  And certainly couldn't imagine that I might choose such a weird-sounding title for myself someday.

Chess:  Ah well, anyway, that's what happened.  Sister Terror did give me top marks, and a real apology.  I seem to've made a fine new friend I can learn a lot from, yes.  I still have to find out who's against me.  There's a few I suspect, I'll learn more later, when I can.

morning*:  I could try to find out more, if you'd like?

            Knowing He couldn't see it, I shook my head, a crafty smile on my face.  Delight, still behind me, gave my ear a gentle nip, an approving sound coming from the vulpine's throat.  I intended to ask a favor of Morningstar someday; this was definitely not the day.  Better to save His good favor for when I really needed it.

Chess:  No, that's all right, I can look about on my own, likely with Delight's help.  Besides, if you start poking around, someone's likely to notice, and that could queer any chances of finding out who's responsible for this mess.

morning*:  You're probably right.  I'll bid you good night now, I think, there's some work I need to finish up.  Thank you for the fine tale, and congratulations on keeping Mother Ecstasy from knowing how much you still held back ;)

            The icon showing Him being online faded out, and Delight murred in the ear she'd been harrassing, "What did that mean?"

            Chuckling, I turned my neck back toward her, reversing it so I could kiss her despite her clinging to my back.  Pure demon flexibility, there.  "Simple...and no surprise that He'd know about it.  I'm not a 'gemini', not really...Mother Ecstasy's not even half-right."


            Wiggling my tail against the fox's belly, I churred, "Maybe tomorrow night I'll show you, for now I wanna sleep a while.  I don't just have *two* cocks."

            Giving a startled yip of laughter, she looked down toward my tail.  "Where...no, I'll wait, you can show me where you hide them all.  How many do you have?"

            "Eight."  She yipped again, and I continued, "Unless I turn other body parts into cocks, anyway.  One of my great-great-grandfathers was a tentacle beast, I inherited a few...interesting traits from him."

            "Interesting indeed...whoo," she shook her head at me, smiling.  "Very interesting, knowing you, Chess, very interesting indeed."



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