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I do hope you're not looking at these naughty images while at work ;3 The management (me) takes no responsibility for any difficulties arising from other management (yours, if you're at work) seeing these things over your shoulder, you're on your own for that one!

ChessiaLatex.jpg (Dracmore) Image: ChessiaLatex.jpg Our first 'exclusive' pic comes from Dracmore. To my knowledge, this one only appeared in a newsgroup I used to belong to; if Dracmore has a web site, I don't know about it, anyway.

ChessiaRiff01.gif (Doug Winger) Image: ChessiaRiff01.gif One of three, by Doug Winger. First one to show my second cock in action.

ChessiaRiff02.gif (Doug Winger) Image: ChessiaRiff02.gif Two of three, by Doug Winger. You might be amazed to know just how many people told me, after seeing this naughty li'l image, 'I wish it was me there on that table...'

ChessiaRiff03.gif (Doug Winger) Image: ChessiaRiff03.gif Three of three, by Doug Winger. In this case, bunches of people told me they envied that little squirrel. Lotsa masochistic people out there, huh?

ChessiaUndressed.jpg (Dracmore) Image: ChessiaUndressed.jpg Another 'exclusive' from Dracmore. Wonder why so many artists seem to see me sporting a phallus that's equal to or greater than my body weight, hmm...

ChessiaUnicorn1.jpg (Dracmore) Image: ChessiaUnicorn1.JPG Another 'exclusive' from Dracmore. I've never been too satisfied with my unicorn form, if you want the truth...form's too busy for my tastes...but a good many seem to like it *shrug* What do I know. This is the only pic I have that shows the tail decoration I always wear, anyway.

ChessiaUnicorn2.jpg (Dracmore) Image: ChessiaUnicorn2.jpg Another 'exclusive' from Dracmore. And now, the undressed version of the unicorn body.

chesslay.gif (John Harrington) Image: chesslay.gif Line-art version of the 'chesscheese' from before. John Harrington, of course. I do like this image, I must say.

chessnoni.gif (John Harrington) Image: chessnoni.gif One of my favorites by John Harrington. Sweet, tender, romantic moment...between two demons (myself and Oni) who're chained together at the neck, and who could scare heifers away with their cocks...ain't romance grand?

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