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chessnorm.jpg (John Harrington) Image: chessnorm.jpg John Harrington. To date, the most 'normal' image of me to date (hence the name, 'Chess Normal'), at least if one discounts the vinyl dress that I'm falling out of...

chessrope.jpg (John Harrington) Image: chessrope.jpg John Harrington. Alternate titles, at least in my mind: 'Rein that rascal in!' 'Why hyperendowed herms shouldn't jumprope...' or, 'You should see how big it'd get if I DIDN'T tie it down!'

ComeAgain.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: ComeAgain.jpg A Doug Winger image that I'm not sure is available anywhere else. Not that I have anything a'tall against the pic, of course, but still...I honestly think the caption in the lower right-hand corner is about my favorite part of the whole image :3

curruptoni.jpg (John Harrington) Image: curruptoni.jpg Surprise! Not one of me this time, but one of Oni, just getting used to her corrupted (or as she always spells it, 'currupted' *giggle*) demonic form, as shown by her creator, John Harrington.

ElectricBuzz.jpg (Dracmore) Image: ElectricBuzz.jpg innocent little comment after some speculation on a newsgroup about the possible sexes of Pokemon critters...well, as innocent as any comment of mine is, at least...resulted in this. Naturally, I said I could imagine 'em as herms (I see herms in everything, seems like, it's a sickness), and so... Me being in the middle was just an added bonus :3 'Bunachu! I choose you!'

HereOften.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: HereOften.jpg Doug Winger. I always seem to imagine this image as a precursor to the 'ComeAgain' shown earlier, can't imagine why...

Hntsad.jpg (Dracmore) Image: Hntsad.jpg The title refers to 'How Not to Summon a Demon', if anyone's curious. Dracmore's rendition of the first meeting between myself and the 'bunny sacrifice', Dianella, in that tale.

Lamiavix.jpg (Dracmore) Image: Lamiavix.jpg One of my more unusual bodies, as seen by Dracmore, a lamia vixen. Four armed, with a giant python-body instead of legs, it's an odd shape, but I kinda like it.

madeinusa.jpg (John Harrington) Image: madeinusa.jpg Another pic that's not of me. John (Harrington) says he doesn't like this pic much...but I do, so nyahh! Patriotic bunnies, the world will never survive...

majandchess.jpg (John Harrington) Image: majandchess.jpg John Harrington's Maj and yours truly. I think this is possibly the first pic of me he drew, though I'm not certain. For some reason, I look like I'm ten feet tall in it ;3

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