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Serving.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: Serving.jpg 'Now serving number 666...' Doug Winger.

tanyaangel.gif (John Harrington) Image: tanyaangel.gif This time, a piccie by John Harrington of my little Fallen angeltoy, Trident, or as she was known at this time, pre-Fall, Tanya. The dear one was a warrior angel, who'd've thunk it? The sword in the pic was described as one that would 'make it impossible to possibly use it as a sex toy'...not that it helped, Trident still got thrown out of Heaven on her three tails for organizing an orgy among the Heavenly Host ;3

TheYeild.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: TheYeild.jpg Doug Winger. Not quite OF me, this one, but looking at the little red bunny there, I don't think there's much doubt who's the father of this kit, and the ones yet to emerge ;3 Lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas, lie down with demons, rise up with demonspawn...

Tridentprintdraft1[1].gif (John Harrington) Image: Tridentprintdraft1[1].gif John Harrington, drawing Trident again, as she was in her life back in Ancient Rome as a prostitute named Tanya. She's shown here, waking up in the same bed she'll be using later to earn her living. I'm told John wanted to make a print series of the color version of this image, and I hope he does, still...I wanna buy a print and put it on my wall!

Onidemon.jpg (John Harrington) Image: Onidemon.jpg It's a bird, it's a's SUPERdemon! *giggle* Oni of course, dressed in a classic T-shirt...and a pair of shorts that're a wee bit inadequate for the task. John Harrington.

oninchess.jpg (John Harrington) Image: oninchess.jpg A 'found' image, that I'd...wayell...lost. Hey, it happens, y'know? It's amazing in some of these older ones, put next to the newer ones, how much Oni (John Harrington) has improved as an artist over the years, y'know? I knew her when ;3

family.jpg (John Harrington) Image: family.jpg Another 'found' image, though at least this one wasn't lost so long. Oni, rather gravid, with me either looking like the proud papa-to-be...or saying, 'You get too close to my mate in her condition, I breaka you face.' Either way, another great'un from John Harrington.

chessscouttentmate.gif (John Harrington) Image: chessscouttentmate.gif Interesting background to this one, and the other scouting piccies I'll show...wayell, I think it's interesting, so there. Sometimes, for fun online, Oni and I have started engaging in little roleplaying scenarios, kinda looks at ourselves through a mirror darkly, that sorta thing. Oni's generally the moderator of 'em, and does a wonderful job of it I must say. Ennyway, this's an image of me as I appear in one of our favorite games, as young Chess the bunnyscout, of Camp 101, pretty much the misfits camp, where all the scouts (mostly bunnies, but a few other species as well) wound up sent there for some transgression or my case, me being unable to go without coming for one minute longer one night in my old troop (young Chess has a leetle problem with those great big balls o' hers...she produces so much semen she just plain HAS to let loose some of it, preferably daily at the minimum), and wound up making a great big mess on her bed. And the floor. And a wall. And the ceiling. And at least one other girl's bed ;3 John Harrington.

chessscout.gif (John Harrington) Image: chessscout.gif Ah, washing clothes, one of the most pointless jobs ever, there's no way to ever get *everything* clean...tho' stripping down like this gets ya close, I suppose ;3 Young Chess again, the words in the pic do a fine job of explaining it all on their lonesome, so I'll let them tell the tale. John Harrington.

chesssprawl.gif (John Harrington) Image: chesssprawl.gif Did Oni ever make the color version of this image that she was planning on? Hmm... Wayell, I think she was planning to call it 'Inviting threat' if she did, and it's purty in black and white too, so... Me back in demon mode, looking far from defenseless, somehow. John Harrington.

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