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Y'know, there's really nothing profound in the text for these jackalope pictures. Thumbnails page 1 I'll include my unified field theory somewhere else instead.

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I've been asked, so...a little navigation info. There's two ways to look at the images, this is on purpose since I know some browsers are better than others, as are some network connections. To open up the images in a new window, this is good for those on dial-up connections (no need to have to go back to the main page and have everything reload, you see, a trick I used to use frequently), click on the thumbnail. To go back to the thumbnails page, just close the window. Otherwise--this one's good for browsers that don't like opening up new windows, I hear some treat 'em as popups and block 'em--click on the name of the image, next to the thumbnail, and the pic will be opened in the same window. Just use your browser's 'Back' button to get back to the thumbnails. Simple, eh? Sometimes I can actually pretend to know what I'm doing with this web stuff...

Addition.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: Addition.jpg Please don't ask me to explain the title :3 By Doug Winger, anyway, of myself and his character Androgyne.

bliss.gif (John Harrington) Image: bliss.gif By John Harrington, of myself and Oni, in a rather intimate moment.

Chessbunny.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: Chessbunny.jpg A rather interesting Doug Winger version of me, a more human-looking version...well, human-looking by way of anime, at least. What did he tell me...'Even an elder demon has to start off somewhere, maybe even in the service industry...'

Chesscheese.jpg (John Harrington) Image: Chesscheese.jpg Who says an evil critter like me can't be cute? A takeoff of centerfold-style cheesecake images, by John Harrington.

Chessdemon.jpg (John Harrington) Image: Chessdemon.jpg We go from cuteness on into nastynaughty spooginess, courtesy of John Harrington. This was described by him as me getting...interrupted, while in a rather intimate moment. Sucks sometimes to try to do anything out in public...

Chessia by Sardonyx.jpg (Sardonyx) Image: Chessia by Sardonyx.jpg Perhaps a more...traditional take on demons, pitchfork included, by Sardonyx Fox.

Chessia01.gif (Doug Winger) Image: Chessia01.gif Possibly the first pic anyone ever saw of me, classic Doug Winger spooginess. Yes, I actually do look like that sometimes.

Chessia1.gif (John Harrington) Image: Chessia1.gif It's Sailor Mouse! Fighting evil by moonlight...*ahem* Sorry. John Harrington, of my mouse-ish form. Pokemon-style eyes are purely his invention, I assure you. Though I'm sick enough to wander around in a Japanese-style schoolgirl outfit, you bet.

Chessia2.gif (John Harrington) Image: Chessia2.gif John Harrington, of my mouse-ish form again. And a peculiar-looking staff.

Chessia3.gif (John Harrington) Image: Chessia3.gif John Harrington once again. That mouse avatar is just too bloody cute for words, isn't it?

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