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Oh, just make five piccie pages, Chess, at ten images per, that's more'n you'll ever need...or so I remember telling myself ;3 Shows what I know...ah well. More spooge! And there'll be more to come, I can say in all modesty, since I've got some commissioned pics I'm waiting on. Hennyway, back to the show!

chessnoni2002.gif (John Harrington) Image: chessnoni2002.gif Another John Harrington creation, of Oni and meself circa 2002. I recall her saying something like this, "I may not make a color version, since then I'd have to think about what that fluid is we're standing in."

chessia.jpg (Dreamweaver) Image: chessia.jpg John Harrington yet again...just kidding ;3 Actually, it's Dreamweaver! I was floored to get this and the next one in my email, I'd just recently discovered Dreamweaver's web site. Jonesy--Dr. Jones, that is--manages his web site for him, and she'd mentioned something to me about updating his page, so I went there, and saw a lovely collection of herm images and herm comics. Then no less than two days later, here's an email in my in-box (first one I've gotten re: the web site) with two pics from him! *giggle* Serendipity rocks, yes it does. Though I haveta say...this isn't a quibble, don't get me wrong...but since I'm 5'2" usually, it still makes me giggle how many pics o' me I've seen where I seem to be nine or ten feet tall :3

chessia2.jpg (Dreamweaver) Image: chessia2.jpg That second pic from Dreamweaver mentioned above, with Dr. Jones in a cameo. And me doing what comes supernaturally.

chessputon.jpg (John Harrington) Image: chessputon.jpg Color version of the tentmate (or as I've nicknamed it, 'tentpole', me providing the pole) picture from before, John Harrington again. I still think this one would make a great condom advertisement :3 'For the closest you can get to safe sex with a critter like this...' Footnotes...I have to reprint what John Harrington put next to the thumbnail for the pic on Velar... 'She is dangerous. She is, pound for pound, the most generously endowed creature on your planet. Her sex drive knows no actual limits. In one session with herself, she generates enough spermatoza to impregnate the combined population of all inhabited worlds. Twice. Politicians, religions, and communities gnash their teeth in terror; because they think she is what the future holds, that one day her kind will dominate. She is strong, energetic, and unimaginably sexual. She is able to mate with male or female. She is insatiable. She is your tent mate. You will be spending every single night alone with her for the coming months. You have only two choices: a. Demand you be put someplace else right now. b. Give in to her. It's your call.'

nikosbirthdaycake.jpg (John Harrington) Image: nikosbirthdaycake.jpg Birthday pic for Niko by John Harrington, where Oni and I did a small cameo. I honestly am not sure who some of these people are :3 Still tickles me, it looks like the lot of us are jumping out of Mysti's (she's the big skunk in the background) cunt as much as the cake ;3

BunnyTig.jpg (Niko) Image: BunnyTig.jpg Speaking of Niko... Here's an image of my seldom-seen tigerbunny form. Here's a chance for people to show me looking nine or ten feet tall...'cause I am then!

Tanyamorning.jpg (John Harrington) Image: Tanyamorning.jpg Gods but this image turned out great! *giggle* Pardon my gushing, just got it less than half an hour ago, so the feelings are fresh. Turned out absolutely lovely. John Harrington, the color version of the earlier Trident/Tanya pic that I commissioned.

cuddle_ruff.jpg (Niko) Image: cuddle_ruff.jpg Piccie of Oni and myself, as seen by Niko. Very cute image! :3

abyunderthedesk.jpg (John Harrington) Image: abyunderthedesk.jpg Back to the wonderful work of John Harrington. Part of me's in the image, I promise ;3 Wayell, me as in the 'Scout Chess version, anyway. Oni and I have been playing two sets of RP games lately, one involving me as a scout (who may or may not be related to a certain demoness), another with a 'rich bitch' version, more heavily endowed, strong as a blinkin' ox, and both insatiable and nigh uncontrollable. I'll have to explain about these different versions of me another time, perhaps an adjunct to the 'About the demon' page.

teenchess.gif (John Harrington) Image: teenchess.gif Speaking of the nigh-uncontrollable one... John Harrington, again, with a look at the schoolgirl either pre- or post-workout. Didn't think those big muscles just came out all by themselves, didja? Workout gear by BunnyLast, body by hard work.

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