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Think I'll get to 100 piccies someday? I swear, these things multiply when I'm not looking... Ah well, like I should complain, right? ;3

moreteenchess.gif (John Harrington) Image: moreteenchess.gif Yep, *more* Teen Chess! Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the schoolyard... John Harrington again with a rather...imposing look at the teen one. Almost looks like my teenaged self is wanting to club something with that thang...and it'd probably hurt to get slapped by it! Still swear, one'a these days I'll make a button for some muck saying, 'No, I'm not a size queen! And if you don't believe me, I'll hit you with my cock.'

moreteenchesscolor.jpg (John Harrington) Image: moreteenchesscolor.jpg Sometimes, the names of the images just kinda say it all, y'know? John again, with the colorized version of the above. Turned out kewl... still mean looking, somehow, but kewl! Pah, who sez us bunnies haveta be all sweetness and light alla time anyway, eh?

NewChessia.jpg (Mia Fillene) Image: NewChessia.jpg Please don't ask me to explain the 'New Chessia' :3 Nope, still the same bunny, no added preservatives or sweeteners. Mia Fillene this time, with what's probably a more demonic look at me than most expect. That's a fireball in-paw, little homage to the fire demon side of my nature.

CLBFH.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: CLBFH.jpg Doug Winger. I keep wanting to equate the CLBH to something like BMOC, for some reason, can't think why...prob'ly more like BCOC (Big Cock On Campus) anyway.

Mazing1.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: CLBFH.jpg Now, if'n this ain't the most unusual take on the Chessia character... :3 Doug Winger, with an image I'm afraid I might've embarrassed him with, most unintentionally...I'd never heard of Tezuka when he sent this to me, you see, and this 'Mazing' I still haven't found a copy of to see what it's all about. I'm an anime fan, but there's limits to my anime knowledge, obviously... Ah well! Nobody can know everything.

wallacestarkers.jpg (John Harrington) Image: wallacestarkers.jpg Not actually *of* me, I know, but I did help create the character, kind of a collaborative effort for our games. Wallace, also known as Lacey, as seen by John Harrington. He's 'Scout Chess's brother, and a pretty good scout in his own right. Heck, looks better in the uniform than my scout-self does. At least he isn't always falling out the bottom of the skirt all the time...

JH-Chess-03a.jpg (DocWolph) Image: JH-Chess-03a.jpg I'm honestly not sure if this is mean to be the scout or the looks like the schoolgirl to me, but either works, what the heck. Anyway. DocWolph this time, a new artist (to me, anyway), I must remember to put a link to his VCL archive on the links page. He's pretty good, and a fair hand at drawing an overly-endowed herm! *giggle* Though I still wonder where the ballet outfit came from...I can picture a naughtily-interrupted rendition of Swan Lake already, when my leotard gives up the ghost on me...

JH-Chess-02a1.jpg (DocWolph) Image: JH-Chess-02a1.jpg DocWolph again, with a piccie that proves that muscular hermy bunnies not only have a right to feel pretty sometimes...but they can do pretty damn good at it!

JH-Chess-01a1.jpg (DocWolph) Image: JH-Chess-01a1.jpg Third pic of the series (actually in the numbering scheme it's the first I know, so I got it backwards, tough, I think I like this one the best of the three anyway, so *nyahh!*), DocWolph. ~/o If you go out in the woods today, you better go in disguise, if you go out in the woods today, you're in for a BIG surprise... ~/o

5KChess.jpg (Niko) Image: 5KChess.jpg When I first started up this little site, I knew full well about all the various sites that got tons of hits on their how little I knew, when Jonesy offered to create the counter for me, I was thinking, 'Wayell, it'll never show any great amount o' hits, but what the heck.' Shows what I know! Reached and surpassed the 5,000 hit mark, only about 4,000 more than I expected I'd see by now. Thanks again, Niko, for the commemoration piccie! On to 10,000 hits! *giggle* Which I'm making NO predictions on when that mark'll get reached, sometime in 2004 at the earliest, surely...still, I must be doing something right, eh?

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