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T'was brillig, and the slithy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe. Thumbnails page 4 Lewis Carroll is probably 'gyre'ing in his grave, right about now...

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majnonifuck.jpg (John Harrington) Image: majnonifuck.jpg Sometimes, a picture's title just kinda says it all, huh? John Harrington's Maj and Oni, well, fucking, while somebunny or other looks on ;3

majtakechess.gif (John Harrington) Image: majtakechess.gif Famous firsts, by John Harrington. Love the facial expressions in this one.

MEP.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: MEP.jpg 'My Evil Pony, My Evil Pony, you can even brush her hair...My Evil Pony, My Evil Pony, she'll even touch you *there*...' Doug Winger kinda liked my spotty pony form, I guess :3 I've been asked a few times, so...what's printed on the shirt is 'Wanna horse around?'

Multiply.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: Multiply.jpg What movie was it that had the line, 'We don't die, we multiply!'...ah, heck, I can't remember. Anyway, Doug Winger's Androgyne and meself, showing why one should always be sure your sorcerous wards are drawn correctly before summoning a demon...

Addendum to the above...yes, I know it was 'Bebe's Kids' ;3 Even if I wasn't crazy about the movie, honestly. Remembered that right after writing the above, so y'all can stop telling me, 'kay? Just left the line in for comedic value :3 Silly me, I thought saying that would be more entertaining than, 'According to the only line I remember from a gawdawful movie called 'Bebe's Kids'...

NotEasterBun.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: NotEasterBun.jpg Doug Winger at it again. This pic's kinda ironic, in a way, since every year I dress up in taffeta and ribbons, and hand out *ahem* SPECIAL eggs at Easter. I hear my aphrodesiac eggs were a hit...

notperfect.jpg (John Harrington) Image: notperfect.jpg John Harrington's Maj is the recipient of a spike ;3 'Not perfect', maybe, but still fun.

oniexpressions.gif (John Harrington) Image: oniexpressions.gif John Harrington giving the many faces of Oni. I kinda like this one, don't ask me why :3

Onihugdug.jpg (John Harrington) Image: Onihugdug.jpg A pic drawn by John Harrington, I'm told, in thanks for some art instruction Doug (Winger, that is) gave him. I personally like it 'cause it has two of my favorite people in one frame :3

RoastNuts.jpg (Doug Winger) Image: RoastNuts.jpg Doug Winger. I'll be perfectly honest...I'm not one hundred percent certain this is me in the picture. But I have it on good authority that I, or at least my squirrel form, inspired it, so what the hey, it's here!

RufStuff.gif (Doug Winger) Image: RufStuff.gif Another Doug Winger masterpiece. I'm not sure if it's the action in the image, or the artwork itself, that's supposed to be a 'rough', but either way it fits.

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