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It's a bunny, people, that's all.  Well, sort of... Chessia's Home Away From Hell Okay, so it's really a jackalope.  Picky, picky.


"Everybody play naughty now."

Welcome to my little home on the internet. T'ain't much, but what the heck, everybody needs a place to call their own, right? Here you'll see a few pictures (various things I've got laying around, along with pictures people have drawn of my character Chessia, that is), some of my writings, and whatever the heck else I think to put in here; plus likely learn a bit more about me than anyone really wants to know. Fun, huh?

The usual disclaimer everyone ignores: Adult material contained within. Minors should not venture farther than this point, let's use some common sense, people. Parents should especially be cautioned, and caution their kids, I'm not doing it for 'em. Many of the activities mentioned in here are likely quite impossible to begin with, but even in the remote chance they do turn out to be possible, the author (that's me, folx) will now and will forever bear no responsibility for misuse/misconduct/misappropriation/misogyny/any other misses or misters. Heavy machinery should not be operated while viewing this website (or any other, really). Use only as directed. Please obey the traffic laws in your particular state/province/country. That last has very little bearing on the material contained here, but is generally good advice anyway.

'Kay, now that that's over with...shall we continue onward? No point in hanging about here all day. Simply go on to the "Introduction," where I've also put kinda an informal FAQ containing various things I've been asked (or, if you want to skip about, use the links at the top or bottom of the page, my feelings won't be hurt), for the next part of our tour. See you there!

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Proving that even a crazy bunnydemon can write a Web page.

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